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  • Godamat January 20, 2014

    Comparing any one with the father of Eritrea, is simply an insult and disrespect to the hero Idris Awate and to the Eritrean people

    • Tamrat Tamrat January 20, 2014

      You have to make Your self Clear here. What Idris Awate did was the beginning of the exodes life of Eritreans while the hero Wedi Ali to end the exodes life for once and good.

  • Kebiz January 20, 2014

    This is not a comparison of history but continuity. I can argue the battles Wodi Hijay led as commander of artillery from the time of anticipation until his sacrifice almost 40 years of serving his country is no comparison to Awate’ symbolic start and the few heroic battles he fought.
    You seem to know Col.Hijay Ali with the historic Forto incident. Please explore more of him.

    • Godamat January 20, 2014

      Well, in that case you should have celebrated Wodi Hajay instead of any chicken shit who fall victim of treason and religious fanaticism.

      Meaning, it will never fly with the Eritrean people or with any one with a shred of common sense, for that matter, by bringing “Deme Kentu” people to compare Awate to

      feel me?

    • Godamat January 20, 2014

      ….In other words, or in simple English this is the take away message:

      No body gives a rat’s ass who or what you losers worship or consider your hero, but the minute you equate our heroes: Awate, Weldeab W, Ibrahim Sultan, President Issayas A and the likes to your fantasy heroes, then you crossed the line…

      Feel me?

      • Sala January 20, 2014


        don’t line the organ harvesting, terrorist conduit, prostitute and alcohol addict isaias geldam with those great Eritreans. Wedi Ali is the father of our final push to trash the criminal into the dust bin. Awate is the pioneer and wedi ali is the savior and isaias is the useless garbage…feel it

  • sidi bdu January 20, 2014

    We are all Wedi Ali and we are all Wedi Awate. It is not zero sum game. Godamat, Wedi Ali paid the ultimate Sacrifice for our sake. No body has a monoply of history, and I gurantee history will remeber both and other great men and Women of Eritrea.

  • aus 17 January 20, 2014

    They are different personalities yet with similar vision to liberate the shackles of their time, one has succeded after 30 years and the other yet to see him do so soon.
    The later showed us how the regime is so weak, so fragile and so in our hands had we had a strong passion to uproot him.
    However,Please compare apples with apples, history has its specific definitions, So don’t over-ride in excesses. This said: AWATE is an Ikon far beyond the present cookies.

  • Michael Ghebre January 20, 2014

    The 2nd Eritrean Revolution.

    A revolution certainly involves force- this has to be the lever bringing about change, as the beneficiaries of the old system( PFDJ) have to be forced to give up their power and privileges, but this can take other forms than outright violence. It can take the form of mass popular pressure or of the use of the ” legitimate ” force of the state machine.

    For us, The Eritreans, the political and social revolution from PFDJ rule to free and democratic Eritrea has to be carried out democratically, both in the sense of having majority support and in the sense employing democratic means. This latter means organising the mass movements. Now, let’s consentrate on the Eritrean second revolution which started 21st January 2013 by wedi Ali and the movement must continue until the corrupt and ruthless regime is removed.

  • bariqo January 22, 2014

    I proud of everyeritrean except those support HIGDEF. But regard Wadi Ali I say he is a real Eritrean and sacrified for Eritreans I feel shy ofnot geing like him

  • bariqo January 22, 2014

    I request asena to visit far east Asia (Saudi Arabia) to awere your people because they havent any information regard opposition parts.

  • Bokre January 26, 2014

    Great job Eritreans in Melbourne