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African refugees in Tel Aviv assembling to prepare their Freedom Strike

Review overview
  • Paradiso January 4, 2014

    Thank you, תודה Toda, avi blecherman for supporting the African refugees and the video work.

    This is a good start and best wishes to all Eritreans and Africans in Israel. As a signatory to the International convention to protect refugees and as a country that claims democracy and rule of law as its basic law, Israel needs to show the true colours by providing protection and transparency in its asylum procedure. Though Israel has a major security concern in its geographic region, Israel should still stop its discriminatory practice against African political refugees, and Israel needs to uphold the decision made by its own Supreme Court that had said Israel should follow the law to protect the refugees.

    I was delighted to hear Eritreans include their own languages in the demonstration beside all regional languages: Tigrinya and Saho.
    For your information: there are more than one thousand Saho Eritrean refugees in Israel.

  • ELPA January 5, 2014

    There is no soccer in Eritrea today. During Derg (late 80’s), there were 8 strong teams.
    ELPA – was a true Eritrean team. It was cslled shaebia. Great players like Bereket, Tefera, Isak, MeHari……
    Walya – was a true Ethiopian team. The coach, Haile Duba was Eritrean. I think.
    Chipo – was a mixed of Eritreans and Tegarus. Every Tigraway supported them. Playesr like Desalegn, Negash, Kerkasa, Amanuel….
    Adulis – mostly Eritreans. Players like Cici, duqa, wedi Esey.
    Melloti – mostly Eritreans. Good players like Pache, Karate, Alemtso, CheAy and Breta….
    Police – mostly Eritreans. Players like Keshi, Yohannes and Efrem (RIP both), Kiros…
    Kiray Betoch – mostly Eritreans. Players like Tripa and Mussie.
    I forgot the 8th one. I think it was Midlaw Megbi.

  • Shlomo January 5, 2014

    We dont want infiltrators to live here, why dont they get it ?
    We have serious security problems to deal with and complete strangers roaming in our cities is the last thing I personaly want to see. Please leave, thank you

    • selamawit January 5, 2014

      “Antisemitism…is prejudice, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage. A person who holds such positions is called an “antisemite”. It is a form of racism.”
      shlomo, if you call the refugees “infiltrators” and treat them like “infiltrators” so how can you blame the nazis for beeing rasistic against your people??? you are taking a similar direction…

      by the way: living in europe i don’t support antisemitism at all. but what you are saying is gainst humanity and that is worse since your ancestors went through hell because of racism.

      of course it is not easy to have thousand of refugees in such a short time. but life is a challenge that should not be met with the cheapest way – blind, stupied racism.

      try to make “nomen est omen” become true,shlomo. one day you will leave this earth and your actions will make your poestrity ashamed of their heritage.

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 5, 2014

    What does he mean when prime minister Netanyahu if really said, “these demos won’t change anything?” does he mean, “the regime in Eritrea is untouchable,it is so strong? Or he is talking about internal policy of his regime that has towards refugee? In my view, Israel as tiny nation to afford such numbers of refugees alone from tiny nation Eritrea; i would say Israel´s problem is understandable and justifiable fairly to speak. But, if Israel wants to solve African refugees problem specially Eritreans, instead of attack or discouraging the helpless poor refugees, they should to focus at the regime of Eritrea, to which is the root cause of the problems. This is which morally acceptable keeping the good reputation of the holy land, specially which pleases Almighty God Lord Jesus Christ.
    The bible tells:-
    Defend the rights of the poor and the orphans.
    Be fair to the needy and the helpless.
    Rescue them from the power of evil men.
    How ignorant you are! How stupid!
    you are completely corrupt,
    and justice has disappeared from the world.
    you are gods i say….
    all of you are the most high.
    But you will die like men….
    Come, O God, and rule the world
    all the nations are yours.
    (Psalms 82)