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African migrants are painting their faces white to stop Israel from deporting them

Israel stayed true to its promise of arresting and expelling African migrants last week after it detained seven Eritreans who refused to be deported to Rwanda. Two refugee rights groups, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants

Israel stayed true to its promise of arresting and expelling African migrants last week after it detained seven Eritreans who refused to be deported to Rwanda.

Two refugee rights groups, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants and Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylums seekers in Israel (ASSAF), said authorities handed the asylum seekers “deportation notices” and imprisoned them at the Saharonim prison in the south of Israel.

To protest the deportation, inmates at the Holot prison in the Negev desert first embarked on a hunger strike. African migrants also went out into the streets, protesting in front of embassies like that of Rwanda, and hoping to pressure officials to end their expulsion. Some of those demonstrating also painted their faces white, suggesting they were being sent into danger because Israel didn’t believe their black lives mattered.

The current deportation plan threatens to remove thousands of Africans, many of them from Sudan and Eritrea. The United Nations refugee agency estimates there are 27,000 Eritreans and 7,700 Sudanese in Israel, who say they fled war, persecution, and conscription. Officials, however, call them “infiltrators” in search of economic opportunities, and who constitute a threat to Israel’s social fabric and Jewish identity.

The government has proposed giving each migrant $3,500 to leave, with the option of going home or to a third country. If they don’t leave by end of March, migrants face indefinite incarceration. Immigration officials are also hiring civilian inspectors to help investigate and arrest the migrants.

Israel’s plan to return refugees has drawn criticism from human rights advocates both in and outside the country. Academics, activists, and prominent Israeli writers have called on prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to deport the asylum seekers, saying the nation has “no refugee problem.”

Rwanda, where many of the migrants are being reportedly sent, recently said that it was “wrong and offensive” that asylum seekers were being given the option of going to Rwanda or to jail. Research has shown that those previously deported to Rwanda and Uganda continue to face danger and death, even risking their lives by taking perilous onward journeys to Europe.

Both Hotline and ASSAF criticized the recent arrests, noting that two of the detained Eritreans had their asylum requests denied even though they survived torture. “This is the first step in a what is a globally unprecedented deportation operation, a move tainted by racism and complete disregard for the life and dignity of asylum seekers.”

Source: Quartz 


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Review overview
  • Hadgembes February 28, 2018

    Go back to Africa and fight your dictators. Then you will have your own country. Cowards!

  • shilan February 28, 2018

    But Eritreans are supposed to be Italians as they eat spaghetti, lasagna and macaroni all the time, they also live in villas with swimming pools and tennis courts in all Eritrean cities/towns so the racist Israelis must be looking for trouble or third world war with the black Italians!!!
    Could the super hero Eritreans also be black Singaporeans who just happened to be in Africa educating/training black Africans how to wage a guerrilla fighting games, in other word, an evil ghedli of shifta/banditry destruction!! Alternatively, the confused all-evil-alien-loving ghedli shit mendef with the savage rootless immigrant muslim so-called Eritreans could be barbarian Arabs as they fought for an Arabic language and to become a member of an Arab league!! Where is the so-called fake Eritrean heroism then chicken cowards, Ethiopian and other African youths are fighting ferociously for changes inside their countries while the opportunist Eritreans are playing with white paints, let’s just hope that they don’t try to paint their backsides with white paints as well!!!

    • k.tewolde February 28, 2018

      Italians,Arabs,Singaporeans….and now a newly manufactured superimposed Agazian concept, it is a heck of a mix,what kind of a human you get out of this,look no further,the model is looking back at you carrying a placard. The factory which made this model is trying to sell it at a bargain price and the Jewish state is too smart,it is not buying it. Shilan don’t keep your hopes up,this has nothing to do with your anti Eritrean envious and venomous attacks.

      • shilan March 1, 2018

        k.tewolde aka Khaliffa bin tekebre/tegaHfe al evil Mecca, the whore mouth of ELF shit
        The bogus identity borrowed from fascist Italians and the savage evil backward brutal moslem Arab beasts is the main cause of today’s Eritrean miseries and destruction.
        Since when is calling a spade a spade has become a statement of hate Wedi Amate Komarit diKhala scum bag??? Now, have a glass of your diKhala camel’s piss and take this bitter pill first thing in the morning. You will be cured in no time, I promise!
        Fascist Italian created poor Eritrea by an act of Surgery; by severing it’s different peoples from those with whom their past had been linked (this is apart from your type deKhalu and the rootless cancerous muslims) and by grafting the amputated remnants to each other under the title of new Eritrea. Capito ELF stooge whore mouth!

        • Michael Tesfamariam March 1, 2018

          Read the message below is for you little can’t.

    • Michael Tesfamariam March 1, 2018

      You are just one of the poorest wannabes I have ever come across on the internet. Just because you were coerced to eat their Spaghetti or live in their villa you should look like Italians? How anyone with a right mind could possibly process what are you waffling to look like white? You are a duffer indeed, don’t you know what the Italians had been doing in Eritrea for 50 years plus? Oh, I got you now, that is why you are desperate to look like them coz they had already hammered you down till you loved them.
      Try to look like yourself, be proud of your yourself no matter how ignorant and empty you are. I could make you feel proud of your country and identity if you let me pump you from behind. I believe that is the only remedy I got for you, which can easily make you love your country and yourself. .
      Israelis are nor racists by any measure though I doubt you have a clue what racism is meant in the first place. They are just exercising their constitutional rights, like or lump it, Israel is the only beautiful country from the entire region which deeply value and respect human rights not just for Eritrean asylum seekers but also for its vehement Arab enemies. Don’t try to eat more than you could chew, go out and learn something before you leap and dump your babbles here.

  • Ghirmay February 28, 2018

    If the Ghedli identity is to be credited for chasing away the poor unfortunate Warsai generation all the way to Sinai and Mediterranean – the Arab identity – was lying there in wait to complete the farce of the Ghedli journey madness.
    What the Ghedli identity has done to the poor Warsai generation is obvious and extremely sad to say the least.
    Twice uprooted – first from their natural habitat in the villages, towns and cities across Eritrea and then
    altogether from their country, NEVER TO TURN BACK or return to their home countries.

  • rezen February 28, 2018

    Subject: “African migrants are painting their faces white to stop Israel from deporting them” Febbruary 28, 2018
    Commentary, 28 Feb 2018
    A white-painted masked man had a poster with these words >>> NOW I AM WHITE WILL YOU DEPORT ME ?
    If one is to express his/her honest view — based on the concept of freedom of expression — the answer to the above question will be: NO, NO, NO. The foundation to the whole problem is COLOUR AND RACE.
    .The present Israeli Government is vehemently opposed to having BLACK refugees because of deep hatred and fear towards BLACK RACE of that magnitude. The present Government of Israel will undertake anything, under the sun, to prevent future generation of Israelis from being contaminated by BLACK RACE. By the way, this is not a new phenomenon on Planet Earth. The contempt and consequential fear/hatred towards the BLACK RACE has been glaringly and cruelly expressed around the Globe.
    Now, to the other plate of the SAME scale: It has to be acknowledged, with admiration, that there are quite a number of conscientious Israelis who opposed the inhuman treatment by their present government towards the unfortunate human creatures, labelled as destitute refugees of BLACK RACE. With such humanitarian citizens in our World, the sanity and benevolence characteristic of humanity give credence to our HOPE for our fellow human beings.
    History never forgets the PAST and definitely shall remember the Action of the present Israeli Government on the same weighing scale.
    As to the courageous Eritrean Refugees who are determined to be heard [rightly so] and accepted as refugees of the time [similar to other Nationalities of the PAST who were also in the same situation]. As any ordinary person in freedom and tranquility, one can sympathize and pray that their voices would be heard by Israel and the International Communities, represented by the UN Organizations and other Humanitarian Organizations. It is only FAIR to do so since magnanimity and humanity should NOT be restricted to selected few, based on RACIAL and SKIN COLOUR prisms.
    Finally, I cannot terminate my opinion without mentioning (with sadness and embarrassment too) that Eritrean Communities around the Globe, living comfortably in affluent societies, are NOT ABLE to form civic organizations so that they would be the FIRST to handle the matter of their own country people to the best practical ability. IT IS SIMPLY A SHAME. No wonder the Dictator and self-appointed president of Eritrea takes the people of Eritrea [inside and outside] for granted, according to his own absolute whims.
    I must also explicitly mention my usual ‘swan song’ i.e. the shameful failure of Eritrean Intellectuals of the Highest Order, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from Ivy League Universities in the Western World, are glaringly unable to come together and come to the rescue of Eritrea. To give them credit: THEY CAN’T HELP IT, as they too are also inflicted by the two legendary internal cancerous diseases >>> RELIGION AND REGION,, supplemented by personal ambition. No wonder the self-appointed president of Eritrea specifically has hateful opinion upon the high-level strata – though he used it himself effectively as a ladder to become the Absolute Dictator of the hapless country >>> exactly as he promised: “ከርእየክን እዬ “ = I will show you. ‘Son of a gun’! INDEED, HE DID IT!!! THE END

    • Hade March 5, 2018

      Who in his right mind welcomes blacks into his/her country? You would have to be an idiot to do that, and a jew is NO idiot. Even blacks don’t want to live under other blacks.

  • Nahon February 28, 2018

    Girmay, Shilan, Mendef .. and all “seb beles” who write hate comments on this forum.

    Insulting Eritreans makes you feel good. That is why you are here day and night making fun of Eritrea and Eritreans. But no amont of insults will break our spirit. Your cousins in Asmara sooner or later will not be there.
    As Eritreans we appreciate the brotherhood that links us to all our neighbors, in particular the people of Tigray, with whom we share culture and language.
    A bunch of rootless who hate their own Tigreyan heritage, who are ashamed to be known of Tigreyan decent, will not be allowed to spoil our relation with the people of Tigray.
    No one in his right mind hates the people of Tigray because of you, and people like you, who are a bunch of losers.

    • shilan February 28, 2018

      Nahon aka Sol, amanuel, Almaz, Kalighe, Aba thimmer, keshi mars, Keshi Marsallo, alem, Duri Mohammed, Hamid Ibrahim, Mohammed, Khalid, Abdurobo TeraAraA, comedian Iraqi Ali, Wedi Halima savage evil muslim Arab dog, ROOTLESS CANCEROUS mushmush Yemeni nomad saHab gimel, stinking Saho whore snake/rat, illegal immigrant muslim kondaf saHsaH aslamay NEFAHITO and so on. In short, baAl bizuHmushmush meliHas ab hade mushmush re’isi gimel.
      Wedi Halima mushmush ROOTLESS savage evil muslim barking Arab dog, you are simply an imposter and a pathological muslim savage liar we have all come to ignore you as an old toothless savage muslim Arab dog all the time barking but can’t bite hard enough. Just for a change next time come with your stinking vicious Islamic your negis monster Mohammed father’s names so that we would take you seriously but you seem to be so much ashamed to use your barbaric evil Islamic and your savage barbarian Arab slave masters muslim dogs shit names as you keep coming back with our beautiful and human Christian names, WHY do you freaking keep using our beautiful organic Christian names like “Nahon”, Is your savage evil stinky Mohammed’s names too disgusting and too evil names for you rootless cancerous muslim shit? Your intention must be to deceive and create ambiguity but your evil Qu’ran also supports you to lie and to kill savagely innocent non-muslims (poor Christians), doesn’t it? You are well versed inin the Muslims “Hadiththat reads: “The Prophet (your monster savage evil one), “If I take an Oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my Oath”. (Bukhari: Vol.7, Book 67, Number 427). Your evil Qu’ran also says the samething: “evil Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations) – Surah 9:3 and Surah 66:2.
      Now, why do CANCEROUS ROOTLESS vicious nomad muslim mercenaries fume every time we say something, vicious lowland immigrant savage barking dogs muslims without their own language, identity, history and real country, “but of course they have Arabic as their own……).

      • shilan February 28, 2018

        correction/addition: but of course they claim out of desperation and identity crisis to have Arabic (weirdly) as their own language!!!!!!! and to be (again weirdly and out of sheer desperation and identity crisis) ARABS!!!!!!! Their barbarian slave masters who treat them as savage wild dogs and not as humans. We’ve to feel sorry for these savage dogs.

  • meretse February 28, 2018

    Warriors have to treat each situation as a unique. Warriors should never be afraid of a dead monister. I understand some people are still using a dead monister as a scarecrow and trying to ill advice. the youth to run away is the only solution to their problem. I say wrong to that because such an advice –is an identical to Sckar’s advice. By the way unless these unknown bystanders have a hidden interest they wouldn’t have opened their mouth as wide as a hungry hippo..
    The are trying to advice the youth just to keep run away from the dead monister as fast as their legs can carry them. But holdon to the following –despite of the ill-advice of Skar remember —- Simba finally returned home to fight back and won the priderock.

    • shilan March 1, 2018

      Keshi kushet meretse Gonderiye Asmelash, can’t you come up with one of your lousy poems to describe our sad but brilliant youths painting their faces and backsides with white paints??? If you have run out of new ideas to bore us with your old kushet poems then this is a unique opportunity for you to make a big name/fame to yourself! Awate.Islam didn’t treat u well, did they?

  • Ghirmay February 28, 2018

    You are just one of those opportunist LEKHBATAT TEGONBEHTI who bend all the time for left overs. You must be suffering from severe identity crisis and self confidence you son of a bitch loser jerk.
    Your kind of archaic thought of righteousness while absolutely wrong is what destroyed a once promising Eritrea to the ground and is driving its youth to the desert of Sinai and to the Shimelba refugee camps.
    As long as there are opportunist LEKHBATAT TEGONBEHTI people of your type around who are the exact mirror of DIA in power, there will never be an Eritrea worth living in, the next struggle should be to eliminate your LEKHBATAT type for once and for all.
    I like Samuel Johnsons’s “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scounder”. When one citizen accuses another of betraying or for not loving the country the way he does, it is always to cover something.
    In Eritrea, DIA and his cheerleaders are the most patriotic but their brand of love is based on brutalizing the innocent people while worshiping the shell that contains them.
    Similarly here, with your criminal barbaric Islamic ELF garbage shit, you must have a lot of evil savagery past to cover/hide and as a result and hence you keep blaming others and also you keep barking non-stop.

  • rezen March 1, 2018

    An Honest Appeal to Assenna Readers

    1. Expression of Appreciation
    First of all, I wish to express my deep sense of appreciation to the Management of for providing us with generous space to express our opinions/feelings/dreams and care, in particular about OUR ERITREA.. It is a gem of a gift to exercise our natural freedom of expression to our delight. That takes me to my second point

    2. Freedom of Expression
    It is natural gift that we take for granted and easily abused by people on power. Let us concentrate on OUR ERITREA. As Eritreans, we ALL have deep feeling for the well-being of our society and its future. The present situation of Eritrea can be seen by a segment of the society as being shocking and horrendously dreadful situation; while others may have completely a different outlook—180 degrees out of phase of the first group. How do we handle such a situation and retaining ONE Eritrea.? If we desire to maintain ONE Eritrea, there is only ONE option. That option, needless to say, is to have DEMOCRATIC DIALOGUE in fraternity without abusing the dignity of the others. There is no other option to maintain ONE free, independent, viable Eritrea. NONE.
    If we continue with the behaviour that we are displaying, the disintegration of Eritrea can be taken care of by interested foreign parties, without ‘a sweat’. Don’t forget, Eritrea is in a “strategic” location, always attractive to a number of forces, while the cohesiveness of ONE ENTIY of Eritrea depends solely upon Eritreans. I T IS OUR CHOICE. Which one shall it be?

    3. Appeal to ERITREANS
    May we, ERITREANS, take a moment to examine our behaviour in the Internet and judge by ourselves, for ourselves, whether or not we are actually in tune with the much-tooted desire of true independent, liberated and democratic country that we tooted so much, for so long. Are we dreamers? Or has the psychological deep effect of being deceived, after thirty-years of struggle and sacrifice, by an indigenous, crafty, cruel, dictator and self-appointed president for life LEFT US BEING NUMBED and lost our direction of purpose? It is the greatest crime, among the few in the annals of human history, that has been perpetrated by a single creature to some five – six million people – including the highest educated renowned Eritrean Intellectuals as well as their foreign seasoned friends. Psychologically, it is then no wonder that Eritreans are snarling at each other ad nausea, but not at the common enemy! Perhaps the Tigrigna wisdom (that we were made to sneer at by ‘modern education’) may come in as handy reminder of this situation: ዓንጺ-ዓንጺ ንማዕጾ ። And that is EACTLY what we wound-up being in the entire Continent of indeed “DARK” Africa. THE END

  • David March 24, 2019

    Hi Amanuel(,
    1) Would you please present Mihreteab Michael’s song (Tew Tew) in one of your programs of your TV so that many Eritreans can listen and see him. it. It is very agitating and can raise the awareness of many Eritreans.about the recent development of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    2) Also would please Samson’s speech delivered in Frankfurt last week. His speech is very convincing and important and can help raise others’ awareness about the dictator..
    I hope you will accommodate my questions
    David, from one of’s supporter and sympathizer