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A Swiss court has ruled that the nation’s policy toward Eritrean refugees needs tightening.

The Federal Administrative Court’s decision handed down on Thursday says Switzerland will no longer recognize Eritreans as refugees solely on grounds of having fled their country illegally. The policy automatically granted refugee status to some

The Federal Administrative Court’s decision handed down on Thursday says Switzerland will no longer recognize Eritreans as refugees solely on grounds of having fled their country illegally. The policy automatically granted refugee status to some Eritreans.

However, the court decided, “The illegal exit from (Eritrea) cannot in itself justify recognition as a refugee” because of some recent cases of Eritreans returning safely for short home visits after gaining asylum status in Switzerland. The ruling came on Monday and cannot be appealed.

The government’s policy for processing asylum requests from Eritrean refugees is important because Eritreans make up the largest single nationality among asylum seekers in Switzerland – some 5,000 a year.

Human rights

Eritrean refugees are one of the largest groups trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to start a new life in Europe, where more than 47,000 Eritreans applied for asylum in 2015.

Last year, a U.N. commission of inquiry said the small Horn of Africa country’s “systematic, widespread” human rights abuses should be referred to the International Criminal Court as crimes against humanity that include enslavement of up to 400,000 people among Eritrea’s 6 million population.

Eritrea and Ethiopia feuded over their border ever since Eritrea gained independence in 1993 after a 30-year guerrilla war. The United Nations sent in peacekeepers under a 2000 peace agreement that ended a 2 1/2-year border war in which at least 70,000 people died.

Review overview
  • Z.Hagos February 5, 2017

    To the agents of the tyrant,
    You are multicolor claiming you have religion or that you love your people and your country. You can only be haters of their people and their country because day and night you are working to hurt your people. You are being sent to wherever the victims of the tyrant are. You are being implanted to disrupt, distract, and take advantage of the weak Eritrean. Simply, you are criminals but you cannot be clever than the Eritrean devil in Adi Halo. The Eritrean devil is already tired and almost dead. He doesn’t even know what he is saying.
    Whatever you do to hurt more, the victims as victims will continue to fight back and expose you to face the host countries’ rules and laws. On your ashes, when you are caught and deported for being agents of the tyrant, the refugees will then have peaceful days and nights. The refugees will only then smile, laugh, help each other and heal. When you, the agents are brought under control by the host countries, that is arrest and being deported to where you came from, the refugees will be there at the airport to spit in your ugly faces.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! February 5, 2017

      For some reason WEYANE AND HGDF puppets disconnect themselves to give deaf
      ears to those unfortunate in need for help . Their masters propaganda outlets became
      their choice of knowledge on leading their daily life verses holy book teachings to
      help the poor and the weak . Satan find volunteers to laugh when their mothers/fathers
      and brothers/sisters shed tears .

  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 5, 2017

    Fools might fool others while they comfort their arrogance but reality in the backyards shows
    different scene . We Eritreans refuse to sow hatred in our backyard in defiance of past foreign
    colonizers hidden agenda . Eritrean revolution proved our people solidarity to fight against any
    forces attempts either internal or external who dare promote social ills .
    Ethiopians are experiencing social unrest in Welkait , Gonder , Gambella , Oromo-Amhara
    regions from the seeds of hatred and divisions brought by your crooked leaders . If it makes
    you feel comfortable to see the same chaos spread across the border in Eritrean land , we
    need to go back in search of your elders past mistakes that hunted them down until they
    fell in the grave they dug themselves . Naturally people learn more from life experience than
    education , books and mouthpiece ideologies . My advice to empty head commentators ;
    Now which nick-name is in line to curse , go ahead spit it out your venom . IDIOT .

    • PH February 5, 2017

      AHMED SALEH!!!
      This people are going anti clock wise to the back ward their forward is twisted. In reality, eritrea was simply created by many addressed points but Ethiopia is still fake country on the road of nation hoof.

      • adhanom February 5, 2017

        Tesfazien is weyane. Why do i waste time to listen to weyane. Kkkkkkki

  • Daniel February 5, 2017

    Egyptian Al Azhar is one of the evil moslem production lines or conveyor belts for the production of savage evil moslem terrorists. The illegal immigrant moslems who used to reside (as refugees) in Eritrea went to Al Azhar to reaffirm and re-pledge their eternal loyalty to the savage evil Arab supermacy and domination.
    By doing so, these rootless evil moslems entities brought bereavement, grief and sadness to the indigenous Eritrean highland population. This savage evil moslem act has nothing to do with love of freedom and democracy. How can someone who considers negis monster beast evil Mohammed to be “perfect human being” rebel against dictatorship??? Evil Mohammed was a crafty, sly, slave trader and the ultimate dictator beast.
    Does anyone think that savage evil vicious cancer Islam is like any other peaceful religion focused on spirituality and philosophy? NO! It is an ideological and evil political program; a blue-print for savage Arab chauvinism and supremacy. The rootless savage evil moslems rebelled in Eritrea because they hated the very idea of a Christian king ruling them. This is as per the commandments of their savage evil Quran.
    It is in such kind of atmosphere that the war (of evil-ghedli shefatus/bandits adventure) was conducted devoid of any rational discussion on the future of Eritrea with all the stakeholders (mainly the highland Christian genuine dekebat) taking part in its formation. The biggest beneficiary of the savage evil-ghedli shifta/banditry adventure were the rootless evil moslem immigrant nomads as they got their Arabic language in Eritrea temporarily that is until we get rid of the obidient Arab slave DIA and til we destroy the savage evil lowland Arab dogs for good.

  • Gebre February 6, 2017

    What is the reason that US, CHINA, FRANCE,JAPAN, SAUDI all wanted Djibouti, but no one wanted ERITREA??? Eritrea has only one Investment company(Nevesum) and one Citizen Wedi Medhin Berad. The rest is living with rights of refugees!!!

    • Eri February 6, 2017

      It s sheap country like woyane the y prostitute themselves in world politics for money,no eritrea
      Woyane will his mother for some recognition

  • Semere February 6, 2017

    Kenya’s Lamu port-Ethiopia_South Sudan Multi faceted project has been launched in Kenya and named “LAPSSET”. The project is integrated Petroleum pipe line to port Lamu, to Ethiopia and then to Port Djibouti and along with it High speed rail train track that connects Ethiopia-Kenya-South Sudan-Uganda-and Central and West Africa countries and an Asphalt highway(intercontinental) and 400KV high voltage electrical transmission Lines to Export power from Ethiopia to East-Central and West African countries. It is a project that will kill four Birds with one throw. The main drive of the project is the petroleum from South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda and the Ethiopian Electrical power Energy. Kenya and Uganda have recently uncovered Oil reserves, whose drilling wells are ongoing. Djibouti- Ethiopia pipe line will be used to export Ethiopia’s natural gas reserves from the Ogden region, while petroleum exploration in regions that are adjacent to South Sudan and Kenya have yielded promising positive result which will enable it to join the pipe line network to export its own Petroleum in the near future. It a game changer project that will enhance the economic dynamics of the countries. And Somali land Authorities are with project proposals to connect the Barbara port to the Network.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! February 6, 2017

    We observe equal wrongs if you allow to parade opponents of nation of Eritrea interests . For a while
    your silence on suspicious elements attempt to use racist and religious sentiments will effect your credibility within justice seekers camp . The symptoms of fake identity to spread hatred , division and suspicion to facilitate
    their agenda had been ignored for some time . If we can not take the walk our talks become a cheap shot .
    Many of us began to feel concerned and confused by this change of heart . You guys need to clean up the
    mess before it gets out of control . Show aspiration to your supporters the courage to stand firm against any
    propagandist forces particularly for these young generation . Recently we identified common enemies worst
    than HGDF region and they advocate for WEYANE interest in our own house ( BAYTO ) , Shame on us .
    UNITY AND SOLIDARITY require strong principle , persistence and determination ,

    • Eri February 6, 2017

      Why you feel confuse ??
      They will achieve nothing,Eritrean will never be fooled by such cheap tolk
      Islam is one of the jewel of Eritrea no one will change that ,
      Let them digg dipp it will be soon their own grave .
      TPLF will be remove soon no other option for Eritrea,we can not live with sick neighbor

  • Godaif February 6, 2017

    This way or that way Eritreans will always be proud of their own main history, languages of Tigre-Tigrinya and identity. They will not sell their own identity nor will they burn their own languages to Arabize Eritrea.
    A nobody who just arrived from Shire or an Arabized kedami will not tell me what my own languages and identity is supposed to be, I know who I am because my main languages are Tigre-Tigrinya.

    • eri February 6, 2017

      So what? ?
      Who told you don’t speech tigrigna? ?
      Why is ethnicity is so important to you? ?
      Look what you did to your own country ethiopia,
      Is not going to work in eritrea, all faith are united to defend their country ,you don’t fool no one here

  • Fisehaye Weldu February 7, 2017

    TO Ahmed Saleh,
    Eritrea needs a new direction. The Ghedli culture is fake and the Heroism that came with it totally distorted. You look to feel an secure with the Merger of the Tigrigna speakers, but that is inevitable,, what is your Identity? if you answer is Eritrea that is Jebha/Shaebya distorted Arab implanted Mentality. The Tigray- Tigre people have lived together for thousands of years and will continue to do So forever. You can earn security at the expense of some body’s loss. I am saying point blank the the is one Tigrigna people- not two so they must merge and consolidate their power. We should not remain subdued with the evil deeds of Menelik or Europe. It is up to US the Kebessa and Tigray people to decide on how we want to pursue our future . If you want to create another Jebha against the merger of the Tigrigna people go ahead, else the Kebessa people had enough of deception of 70 years and Now we are saying enough. If you are from the fringes of Eritrea you can choose to go to Sudan, that is your right, else do not revive Jebha/Shaebya propaganda which has no relevance to the fact on the ground!!!

    • eri February 7, 2017

      Hey is son of the land ,you should go back to were you come from ,agameland. We will never never give be back stubbed again, we will allie with the devil if needed to destroy you,.also
      According to western travel, the beharnegasi was more closer semhar sultanate than abyssinia for trade and alliance even.
      We follow his legacy