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A story of an Eritrean kindergarten child and her aunt

It was told to me by an Eritrean friend, he has a very young daughter, in kindergarten, and A phone call was made to an Eritrean household by a lady, who is an Eritrean relative. Their little

It was told to me by an Eritrean friend, he has a very young daughter, in kindergarten, and

A phone call was made to an Eritrean household by a lady, who is an Eritrean relative.

Their little daughter picks up the phone and says “hello!  Who is this?”

And the lady says, “Hi sweetie, it’s your aunt …how’re you doing? ”

The daughter replies,” I ‘m fine, and you?
The lady responds, “Great! Sweetie” and adds “I’m planning to fly back home to Eritrea next week…will you go with me to see your grandfather and grandma?”
The daughter says, “No I won’t go with you”
The aunt asks “why not?”
The daughter responds, “I’m scared to go”
Again the aunt asks,” Why are you scared?”
The daughter responds, “There is a dinosaur over there… a lot of them!”
And the aunt comments” Oh! I have a change of plans…they say, little kids, see things…if my little says so, something terrible might happen…I will have to cancel the flight “.

A true story contributed by Garza

Review overview
  • k.tewolde April 11, 2018

    Kids are brutally honest,tyrannosauruses to be exact,she has been doing her homework.

  • Hagos April 12, 2018

    Indeed, Eritrean politics is full of living and politically fossilized dinosaurs.
    Just look around who is stuck in the ugly past.
    One of east Africa’s greatest political and historical observer’s wrote years back a memorable article titled: “The Eritrean Oblomov: Loving Asmara the Superfluous Way”

  • Nahon April 12, 2018

    In the Jurassic world of Higdef, Iseyas is a monster of colossal proportion.
    Hundreds of young people, among them many as young as 14 and 15 , who had gone to attend he funeral of the Hero Haji Musa in Asmara are still missing.
    Keep your children away from him.

    • k.tewolde April 13, 2018

      “Keep your children away from him”….Nahon warns,I thought that was the most over looked statement in this segment,however it strikes a chord on the plexus of the Eritrean society and sends shuddering chills down the spinal chord of every Eritrean parent leaving them with sweaty palms and tachycardia.Yes indeed,keep them away or you will never get them back,if some do,they will never be the same child you brought to this world. Parents please heed this warning,it will be the most single revolutionary act which will stop HGDEF in its tracks.

  • rezen April 12, 2018

    I am puzzled by the word “Oblomov”
    However, thanks to the everlasting fountain of knowledge Google, I have a glimpse of ‘something’. I can’t help relating to the big picture of my educational life— never deeper than superficial education and mimicking that I have gone through and wound-up with paper attesting to my educational achievement. What a charade! But, I am digressing. Here is a paragraph from Google on Oblomov – and I promise never to claim pretentiously that I know about Russian Literature – as I have done with other European colonizers’ history (not mine, shamefully)
    QUOTE “Oblomov (Russian: Обломов; [ɐˈbɫoməf]) is the second novel by Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, first published in 1859. Ilya Ilyich Oblomov is the central character of the novel, portrayed as the ultimate incarnation of the superfluous man, a symbolic character in 19th-century Russian literature. Oblomov is a young, generous nobleman who seems incapable of making important decisions or undertaking any significant actions. Throughout the novel he rarely leaves his room or bed. In the first 50 pages, he manages only to move from his bed to a chair” UNQUOTE.

    As to the pronouncement of the Eritrean “very young daughter, in kindergarten”, about Eritrea, it is a glimpse of HOPE for FUTURE ERITREA, in what ever shape that the NEW country will be forged by both body and mentally FREE generation. In the mean time, we will keep on squabbling and insulting each other on the Internet, a reflection of our incapability of doing anything better. We have proved it by ourselves. After all, we all remember the Great War among Brethren which inflicted horrendous damage of fighting each other, much more than Eritrea inflicted upon the Enemy of the Day! If in doubt, ask refugees in San Diego and in other paradise cities of the Good Old USA – for that matter, around the Globe, where Eritreans are known as ‘expert’ nomads.

    We are blinded, insensitive, stagnant and confused by the one hundred and twenty (125) years of colonization — physically and mentally. How else can one explain the everlasting squabbling against each other and in the formation of eighty to ninety [ 80 -90] opposition groups for the SAME GOAL l!!!! Of course, there is something deeply wrong with us. We know it, but it is a taboo for us to pronounce it.
    Let us admit the TRUTH that we are all skirting around ‘something’ that we never dare to admit that ‘a spade is a spade; black is black; white is white’ Without acknowledging that fact, Eritrea will NEVER amount to anything. Don’t sneer at this conclusion. Who ever thought, in 1991-the Liberation Day, that Eritrea will be under an indigenous cruel dictatorship. Any single soul who thought of such bizarre thing would have been stoned to death and hanged, upside down, in Down Town ‘Bellissima’ Asmarina.

    I close my commentary with the belief that the future of Eritrea (in what ever shape it may be) depends upon the generation of the insightful little girl of the Article. In accelerated World, a quarter of a century, Eritrea will NOT be the same. The present and immediate generation of Eritreans are SIMPLY INCAPABLE of steering Eritrea to salvation.

    Once again, I THANK for the privilege of having a space to express my OPINION as an individual. The barrage of profanity and name calling that we read [especially from university educated] against those with differing ideas, suggestions and opinions is disturbing. Imagine what they would do if they were to be given authority — just like we see the present-day dictators and their enablers. What is so frightening is that those same people who complain about others being nasty on the Internet are oblivious of THEIR OWN unacceptable characteristic against others! It is like saying: ‘my insults are sugary while yours are bitterly’!!! THE END

    • rezen April 12, 2018

      To: Assenna Manager,
      Please delete ONE of my duplicated commentaries. I have no idea how it happened. And my relationship with Steve Job’s .’wonder creation’ is way, way way down the ladder.
      Hopeless rezen .

  • meretse April 13, 2018

    …ንዓንድና ኣይከይድን። ንምንታይ? ምክንያቱ ሕንጉጉ ኣሎ ኣብኡ። ዋይ በስመኣብ ወወልድ ወመንፈስ ቅዱስ! ኣንቲ እንታይ እኪ ትብሊ? እወ፤ ኣብ ዓድና ሕንጉጉ ኣሎ። ውይ! ኣንታ እዛ ቆልዓ እንታይ ኣርእዋ? በሊ ሕራይ ኢላ ኮፍ ኢላ ክትሃስብ ምስ ጀመረት- ኣምላክ ኣዛሪብዋ እንተኮነ ኢላ፣ ኦ ይትረፈኒ ኣብ ምባል ኣትያ። ካብ’ዚ ዝጥዕም ወረ የሎን። ደቂ-ኣንስትያ እንቛዕ ናይ ሰብ ስምዒት ክሓድረክን ጀመረ። ናይ ህግደፍ ቀንዲ ሰራውር መን ምዃኑ ጠፊኡና ኣይነበረን። ከማኪ ዝበላ ይብዝሓ። ኣማራጺ ከኣኣ የብለንን ክበዝሓ ኢየን፤ እንተኮነስ ድሕሪ ማይ ናብ በዓቲ ደኣ ከይከ’ውን እቲ ነገር እምበር። ሰንባዲ ልቢስ ኣይዋሕድ ዋላ ኣብ ዘይ መዓልቱ ፤ እምበር ክንደይ ግዜ ስም እኩይ፣ ሰይጣን፣ዲያብሎስ ኢሉ ዘይተጸውዔ። ወይ ኤረትራ? መጀመርያ ባሕሪ ነጋሽ፤ ቀጺላ ኤረትራ –ከምጽእዋ ብዝወፈሩ ፤ ምስ ተረክበት ሓድስ ኤረትራ፤ ድሕሪ 25 ዓመት ኣረጊት ኤረትራ? ኤረትራ ነቶም ተተምነይዋ ኣይኮነትን። ኤረትራ ነቶም ዝሞትላን፣ ዝደመይላን ኣይኮነትን። ኤርትራ ንደቂ-ስዋኣት ክትከውን ኣይከኣለትን። ስለዚ ኤረትራ ናይ መን ኢያ? ክምልስ ክፍትን—- ኤረትራ ናይ ሕንጉጉ
    ብዝኮነ ብጣዕሚ ደስ ዝብል ጽሑፍ። ግዙፍ ትሕዝቶ ዝሓቆፈት።