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A saver now or NEVER; a cry for help

A saver now or NEVER; a cry for help The so-called peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia, I would rather call it the unauthorized peace agreement between Isayas and Dr. Abi brought more delusions and dilemmas

A saver now or NEVER; a cry for help
The so-called peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia, I would rather call it the unauthorized peace agreement between Isayas and Dr. Abi brought more delusions and dilemmas among Eritreans. The Eritrean people watched the peace (love affairs between Isayas and Dr Abi) meticulously with every action, emotion and word matters, as compared to the Ethiopians. For Ethiopians the new peace initiative is a matter of expanding the trade and exciting opportunities, on the contrary, it is a matter of death and life for Eritreans.
All the peace processes between the two leaders, has created mixed reaction among the Eritrean communities, a sense of would this be a reality. From the beginning the problems in Eritrea are nothing to do with the border issues with Ethiopia, iy is more to do with the ruling party. Though many mis understood this fact, the dictator himself tried to sell it to Ethiopians and the international communities, as if the peace agreement was a key to the problems in Eritrea. During all the peace processes in Asmara, Addis Abbaba and Jedda, the Eritrean people are carefully watched footsteps and all word of the Asmara leadership. And a big question hangs over, whether Isayas will open the big prison like country, whether he will relief the people from their burden, people tired and bored of his reign are desperate for change now or never. The worst scenario is what if he uses this opportunity to iron feast his grip and strengthen his power.
People are desperate for a saver, to bring them out of this darkness and hopelessness, with quickly deteriorating situations, A SAVER IS IN NEED, NOW OR NEVER. The old slogan by several opponents of the regime “Eritrea by only Eritreans” looks fading, with looming extinction of its citizens. The blunt argument among the so-called Eritrean opposition forces, whether to use Ethiopia, as a base for fighting against the dictator, is now a fairy tale, with changing dynamics of the region. All tried method have failed and now with this new world order in our region, a new model is in urgently needed to fight the dictator.
The hope of many that the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia as an anointed one to bring justice not only for Ethiopians but also for the poor Eritreans is remained only a good hope out of desperation. Though Dr. Abi may be a person of good values, the current political platform in Ethiopia, the need to please many of his diaspora communities, the appetite of his supporters on Eritrea and its ports, is so high it is foolish to expect him to compromise all those, to help save the Eritrean people. Expecting him to face the dictator on behalf of the oppressed people is not going to happen at this time, however, many still expect him to fulfil what he calls his Godly calling, and raise those issues and be a voice for those oppressed under the dictator. Otherwise, the stability, economic prosperity dreamed of in the East Africa is not going to happen. The Ethiopia media outlets (like ESAT etc), they call themselves a voice for the victims, but when it comes to Eritrean(s), have thrown all their journalist/activist ic values, though goldenly written on their websites. This is a direct or an indirect endorsement for the actions of the dictator on the people. How can one call themselves a peace and human rights activist and is racist or biased.
The Western countries, US and European countries, are busy with their own problems, migration, unemployment, deteriorating economic situations. This added with the fear of chaos of post-authoritarian regime changes that engulfed many countries, have no appetite to remove authoritarian regimes at this time. Hence, the dictators as Isayas are enjoying on the suffering of the poor people with no one dare to challenge them. It is bad luck to, the East Africa dominated by rich authoritarian gulf regimes, is creating a good fertile ground for dictators.  The Gulf countries with no democratic principles and no regards to the rights of their own citizens and no one expects them to respect the rights of others. The unsolved mystery of the Yemen conflict is also pushing them to sniff anyone who can help them.
Who will deliver this poor people from the grip of this barbaric leader?
Some years ago, there was a wise joker known for his creative jokes, one day he asked a question like this;  “The Eritreans lost hope, no one can save them from the dictator, but there is only one hope left, what is it?”  He then answers himself saying” The mosquito”. He meant there is no one who have a courage or boldness to face the dictator Isayas, only a mosquito is found brave enough to face the dictator, to the extent it can attack and cause malaria and other sicknesses. This though a joke, really happened, and Isayas was admitted in Israel hospitals for Malarial related sickness. I not wishing him death, but still expect him to open his eyes and feel the suffering of the people under his grip.
Now the poor Eritreans forgotten by all, this reminds me when I spoke with a German engineer about the Eritrean situation back in 2001, he said, “no one can fight for you, you need to fight and defend for your rights”. He was and is right, no one can do for us, if we do not wake up for our rights and the rights of our fellow citizens, and it will be too late.
The neglect by international communities, the blind-eye by UN, the wait and see by the US, and fear of migrants by Europeans, lead to more deterioration of the Eritrean situation. The recent peace agreement between Eritrea-Ethiopia, does not look to consider the pressing need of the Eritreans, it was neither the border issue nor any other issue among the people in the border. The peace agreement if it does not result peace full environment for Eritreans in Eritrea, have no use. If not addressed urgently it may probably backfire and create a more dangerous situation. It may look good for a short-term gain but not in the long term, even Ethiopia will not get peace and the desired economic development by Ethiopian politicians should respect the need of the people of the north. Hence, the Ethiopia PM himself should be careful in handling the Eritrean situation.
We are living in a world of unfair in its entirety, crying for justice, the poor Eritrean are still under extreme oppression, under solitary confinements, jailed in steel containers, in underground prisons. While the dictator who is the cause of all the misery happened on the people is praised as a peace maker. What a crooked world, a world of selfish desires, with compassion fading away.
Still we ask the international communities, UN Security Council, US, European countries, African countries, in particular the PM of Ethiopia to look carefully into the Eritrean situation. If a solution is not coming now to Eritreans, it may be result in deteriorating conditions in East Africa. Hopelessness and disappointments among people may open gates for opportunistic evil players like terrorists.
As to the Eritreans inside and outside you, have the responsibilities and duties to bring change now or never.
 A saver now or never.

Review overview
  • Wedi Hagher October 8, 2018

    He is the enemy.
    He is killing Eritrea.
    The sooner people realize that the better.
    It’s the duty of any Eritrean to do the right thing, before it’s too late.

    • Tsehaye October 8, 2018

      Dear anonymous,

      You do not seem to have the urgency of time. You think he is killing Eritrea while he already killed it many many years ago. You encourage others to take action while you have lost your manhood to do it yourself. You are extraordinarily PATHETIC. It is not the time to outsource your responsibility to others. It is time to lead by example. መቋጽርቲ!

  • Hagherawi October 8, 2018

    He is the enemy.
    He is killing Eritrea.
    The sooner people realize that the better.
    It’s the duty of any Eritrean to do the right thing, before it’s too late.

  • Amlakaman October 9, 2018

    What happen to the “”Eritreans”” ???
    They lost their History and they died
    The saying goes :
    If you do not know where you come from , You definitely do not know where you are going as a people
    The Gedli Doctrine is dead and killing the Eritrean people along the way slowly .
    How could one man destroy a nation beyond repair where the people themselves are an accomplice to the destruction of their country by not standing up after liberation and beyond ?
    There has to be a nationwide apprising like the one in the Philippines against Markos , Ghadaffi or even Facist Mussolini ..