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A mass grave of Eritreans found in Sinai

A mass grave of Africans, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese was found at mountains of Sinai. These victims of Trafficking, Slavery, Torture and Rape were found by a team of investigating journalists of a major station,

A mass grave of Africans, mainly Eritreans and Sudanese was found at mountains of Sinai. These victims of Trafficking, Slavery, Torture and Rape were found by a team of investigating journalists of a major station, Channel 25. Disclaimer: THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN VERY DISTURBING GRAPHIC IMAGES THAT SOME OF OUR VIEWERS MAY FIND IT DISTURBING.



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  • Tekeste Gebrehiwot October 31, 2011

    yes! this is a very terible and horendous crime by humens against their felow human beings .I felt very bad and at times ashamed about being a human .I do not think it is about arabs or non arabs.This is an example of how bad human beings can be if they follow their negative extinct.At the end of the day the blame falls on whoever was responsible for making the situation for the victims so bad at home for them to flee and face this hell on earth.

  • abeselom October 31, 2011


  • ahmed Saleh October 31, 2011

    According to the testimony of those tribes who found the bodies, they said;
    The person who commit those crimes is known on his bad reputation against the law.
    One time an Eritrean girl escaped from him, came to us and she told a bad story about what
    he was doing. When we attack them , we found more than 100 africans under their supervision.
    When we complain to the authority in the region, they didn’t want listen to us. We used to see
    some big cars with refrigerators inside and Doctors from Egypt and Isreal. The rumors obout
    the graves started in the last two months then finally we decide to go ourselves and investigate.
    One of them said” no human moslem or christian could do this”. Someone said this is an orgonized
    criminal group well connected from Sinai, Sudan and Eritrea, and they share the profit.

    • ahmed Saleh October 31, 2011

      I read an article about a business man who own buildings in USA who is indicted of crime
      smuggling human organs from ISRAEL. The reporter said he paid $10,000.00 for each
      organ and sold them $120,000.00 each.

      • Barentu October 31, 2011

        Stick to the subject. Face the truth. This is not about Israel, this about a crime committed by Arabs in an Arab nation to Eritreans.
        Only cowards are afraid to face the truth.

        • ahmed Saleh October 31, 2011

          WOW, You look you have a big problem with Arab race and don’t try to distort things
          in playing your hate. Who said about Israel, I was talking about human organ
          business. The devil starts his journey from Eritrea to Sudan then Sinai desert. You had
          been keeping preaching your negative messages, it only shows your side of weakness.
          Calling cowards in a screen doesn’t make you brave man. Just be positive. CIAO

  • aron-dj October 31, 2011

    very sad!

  • ahmed Saleh October 31, 2011

    As I promised, I contacted the media, I informed them and requested to look at that report from Egyptian news.
    I gave them our web sites as a reference. All concerned Eritreans contact any one to expose the crime.
    We need full investigation and held somebody responsibe. It is our duty to fight for the truth and to the others

  • Barentu November 1, 2011

    ስለምንታይ እዩ፥ እዚ ሞትን ስቓይን ናብ ኤርትራውያን ጥራይ ዝወርድ ዘሎ፧ ነዚ ስቓይ እዚ ብዓቢኡ ህግደፍ እኳ ዝሕተት እንተኾነ፤ እዚ ሞትን ዉርደትን ካብ መጥባሕትን መሸጣን ኩላሊት: ጸላም ከብዲ: ልቢ: ኣዕጽምቲ … ማእሰርትን ሞትን ዝፍጸም ዘሎ ብግብጻውያን ኣዕራብ እዩ።
    ስለምንታይ እዚ ውርደትን ኣደራዕን ኣብ ካለኦት ህዝብታት ከም በጃ ሶማልያ ዓፈር ራሻይዳ … ወይ ናብ ካለኦት ዘይፍጸም፧ ስለምንታይ እዮም ኤርትራውያን ነዚ ዘስካሕክሕ ፍጻመ ኣብዛ ዓረባዊት ግብጺ ተመሪጾም፧
    እቲ ዘገርም ሕቶ፥ ስለምንታይ ካብዚ ኩሉ ዓለም ንኤርትራውያን ጥራይ እዚ ክፉእ ዕጫ ይበጽሖም፧

  • Paradiso November 1, 2011

    Dear Assenna,
    If there is a single brave Eritrean, informing, teaching and mobilizing Eritreans, it is you For the last two years, you have been warning Eritreans as one of your guests did today, not to come close to or by the Sinai desert. But they have refused to listen and they are still trying to come wilingly or some unfortunate ones being kidannaped by the Rashaidas from Sudan. In one Rashayda prison camp alone that you spoke with there were more than 50 Eritreans, and there are many such camps, the Sinai desert is very vast.
    Though the ultimate solution is to prevent new ones from coming by changing the political situation in Eritrea, the only way change can come in the current prison camps is through the Egyptian government only. But this is also unlikely because the government of Egypt will not address this.
    One wonders, why is this happening mainly to Eritreans?

  • Abdi November 1, 2011

    OTHER than these two issues eritrea’s situation is very promsing, Alhamd LILAH/TEMESGEN FETARI we have a corruption free leader,who works hard to make the miracle and lets be honest and see the changes have been made in Eritrea,we are one of the only 4African nation to meet the MDG,our literacy increased to 67% from39% ,we are off the list of the aid dependant countries, and so and so andso luckily the country is rich in resources and we also need to remember what was Eritrea when we librated her 1991,we need a bit of patience to get to where we want,but above all we need to unite as ever we did in our struggle for liberation.
    An Arabic say”ana wa akhi Ala wld Ami,wana wa wld Ami Ala alqreeb”means”anen haweyen nwedi hawoboy neTqE(nzerareyelu),anen wedi hawoboyn kea nguana”

    • Huluf November 1, 2011

      Abdi Ibud,

      You are so deluded….nothing matters if you are depleting the youth by the hour…right now as we speak many young people are leaving…Have you been to Eritrea recently, there is no youth….done…those in the military will reqyire abundant training and are ageing….Wake up…stop fooling and lieing to yourself.

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