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800 Eritrean migrants begin marching from Negev to Tel Aviv

About 800 African migrants began marching from Holot detention center in the Negev towards Tel Aviv on Tuesday afternoon. The migrants called on the Israeli government to close down the detention center and release the migrants detained there. They also

About 800 African migrants began marching from Holot detention center in the Negev towards Tel Aviv on Tuesday afternoon.

The migrants called on the Israeli government to close down the detention center and release the migrants detained there. They also called for fair consideration of asylum requests.

The African migrant community have protested and held marches on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem several times in the last two months.

Source:Jerusalem Post

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  • Fanay gebre February 18, 2014

    well don sisters, freedom everywhere, you are the victims of issais and human traffickers

  • Michael Ghebre February 18, 2014

    800 Eritrean migrants in Israel are marching from Negev to Tel Aviv and they are asking for freedom in Israel. This kind of marching would have been better if it was in Asmara in order the world to know. The Eritreans problem in Israel is just the effect from the big cause of Isaias’regime. On his latest interview he called them “Eritreans in Israel’s concentration camp”.

    • Aziza Abdulkerim February 18, 2014

      One day, yes one day soon will march in Asmara at Bahti Meskerem INSHALLAH.

  • L.T February 19, 2014

    I want to pay attention to all Eritreans,if Weyane-Tegaru game being haere and there , we want to work together to put an immediate stop to it.As you all know Weyane-Tegaru’s media channels Awate,togrubu,azmarino..cultivates the image of themselves as Eritrean defenders that picture is cracking however quickly if someone Eritrean critics point out Eritreansim but must be consequenes.Weyane-Tegaru lack of self inskt takes charactetizes sometimes somewhat comedic voice..Weyane is evil and dangerous phenomenon but is it kind and is useful idiots.We may have an eye on it when only have time..

    • jaber ali hummad February 19, 2014

      Don’t blame Weyane-Tegaru,but our problem is Issaias Weyane-Tegraway in Eritrea,including you supporter.

      • Zufana February 19, 2014

        jaber ali hummad,

        Well said brother. L.T is a retarded ‘reisi tanika’.

    • Aziza Abdulkerim February 19, 2014

      Do you have any evidence the the respected media channels are Weyanme’s media? As far as I know they are the eyes and ears of the oppressed Eritreans. I don’t blame you because u don’t know what evidence is like your mad dog dictator.

  • Kiflom February 20, 2014

    All refugees in Israel have the right to demand Israel meet its obligations. Please note the following points. I can’t give you a detailed account and legal information in this little space. The article I sent to is buried by the admin. with no explanation given. Comments which are written against you are all from agents of the state who are serving as mercenary forces in Eritrea, in East Africa, in the Horn and other countries. They belong to Ginbot 7 and OLF. I have solid evidence and have contacted some authorities who kept quiet because the case has become embarrassing. There are also people who live in Europe, Canada, and the USA and who are using these social media to counter your legal activities.
    ANATOMY OF THE 1951 CONVENTION AND ITS PROTOCOL: THE ANATOMY could be divided into three main parts.
    1) The definition of refugee, i.e, Article one of the Convention and its protocol
    2) The no refoulment regime, i.e. Article 33
    3) Rights and obligations of Convention refugees and asylum seekers with emphasis on non-derogable articles.
    Political refugees could be of three types depending on the means of entrance to the host country
    1) entered illegally (the Convention says nothing about the means of entry, but it assigns certain rights for asylum which must be met by the contracting)
    2) lawfully with predetermined aim of requesting asylum.
    3) lawfully for any given purpose and stayed there with no predetermined aim of seeking asylum, but who decide to request asylum (after days or weeks or months or years of stay because of political reasons including students, professionals, diplomats, politicians, visitors, etc. All these types have the right to enter and request asylum because asylum is a right based institution.
    I would like to quote one Court case although I have too many samples. The Fedral Constitutional Court of FGR (1989) on the cases of 2B v R 502/86; 2 B v R 1000/86; 2 B v R 961/86 gave legal reasoning (here is an extract not the whole reasoning)
    “2) Persecution is political when it is linked to an individual’s political opinion. his or her religious convictions or to characteristics in the person which the individual cannot change and which make him or her differ (from the population at large); and when it involves unlawful violations against the individual’s integrity which, by virtue of their intensity, are destined to exclude that individual from the protection of the state”
    3) Prosecution for acts which in themselves constitute the manifestation or realization of a political opinion can also be political persecution, even when the state prosecutes in order to defend its existence or political identity”
    4) Effective territorial authority in the sense of factual superiority or control by the state is a prerequisite for persecution by or at the behest of the state”.

    This court judgement is supported by similar cases in the USA, Australia, the UK, Canada, etc.
    If possible I would advise the organizing committee to contact me trough e-mail to get further advice and legal information. The websites we use are now infiltrated by bought agents or else there are some who are working as double agents. KEEP UP YOUR MORALE! THIS IS THE BEGINNING NOT THE END WHICH WILL LEAD YOU TO THE LAST DESTINATION.

  • home December 11, 2016