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Fetsum: On Tesfatsion G/Selassie in “Oritawiyan TV፡ ቃለ መሕተት ምስ ሓው ተስፋጽዮን ገብረስላሴ ፡ ቀዳማይ ክፋል”

Fetsum: On Tesfatsion G/Selassie in “Oritawiyan TV፡ ቃለ መሕተት ምስ ሓው ተስፋጽዮን ገብረስላሴ ፡ ቀዳማይ ክፋል” Life is a function of space and time. Neither can its time frame be fully experienced without freedom nor can freedom be experienced without time. Once you take freedom

Fetsum: On Tesfatsion G/Selassie in “Oritawiyan TV፡ ቃለ መሕተት ምስ ሓው ተስፋጽዮን ገብረስላሴ ፡ ቀዳማይ ክፋል”

Life is a function of space and time. Neither can its time frame be fully experienced without freedom nor can freedom be experienced without time. Once you take freedom away from a person, you have reduced his/her life to time alone, thus killed the person in this condition as so has been the stolen life of brother Haile Weldetensaie who was already dead 17 years ago when they took him away for his tragic death in custody. Congratulations my brother for regaining your life through mortality to enjoy your next brand new existence with absolute space and silent meditation; and my condolence to your family and the entire Eritrean people.

Some people want to be modern and very few others to remain ancient as the Agazians openly declare of being proud “Oritawian”. The problem is misery needs company and they want to form a primitive Tigrigna Christian nation with all people from the ethnic group in the dangerous pool for their drowning. The mouth piece of this group Oritawi ተስፋጽዮን ገብረስላሴ had recently had few sets of interview through the YouTube technology and here is my opinion on the first set with clear mind that I have no intention to waste my time on the follow up interviews. I am sure he had a lot more to say about his savage political philosophy but I have had enough to reject the rest for his confused comrades to enjoy in their privacy.

 Interviewer: Do Agazians have supporters from the educated class of the people?

Oritawi: We have thousands of followers across the globe but we reject highly educated people in favor of authentic wisdom. We believe in instinctual knowledge instead of the academic to lead the nation of Agazy.

Oritawi: “The Jewish state is our best role model of the society we will create because of fundamental similarity between our proud people and the Jewish people.”

Comment: The Jewish question is universal, needless to mention what they faced in Nazi Germany, Poland and all over Europe, the former Soviet Union and the entire Middle East conditioned them to accept anyone from the community to earn Israeli citizenship upon contact with the authorities. Even Ethiopian Jews were included in this bracket obvious saying their difference with the Arab world is more of political and territorial than religious. Further, they are highly educated with the caliber of Albert Einstein who once said I am by heritage a Jew, by citizenship a Swiss, and by makeup a human being, and only a human being, without any special attachment to any state or national entity whatsoever.” They also have first-world standard technological and economic power incomparable with any other communities in the world and the best military with nuclear capacity to defend themselves from any threat. Yet, with all the problems they have been facing from all angles of the planet, a significant percentage of the population wants to peacefully live compromising with the Palestinians.

Where are the similarities and resources for the Agazians to compare themselves with he Jewish people? How can they glorify the State of Israel that is currently holding thousands of East Africans for deportation?  

Oritawi: “The history of EPLF is the history of people of Tigrigna”

Comment: This is a lie. EPLF’s history is the history of all Eritreans that equally paid the price for independence. Not only did all of them as a unit sacrificed for it but also equally participated at leadership level of the relationship. EPLF’s leadership from 1977-1987 was composed of Ogbe Abraha, Ali Said Abdella, Sebhat Ephrem, Haile Woldetinsae, Petros Solomon, Mohammed Said Bareh, Mesfin Hagos, Al-Amin Mohammed Seid,Berhane Gherezgiher, Ibrahim Afa, Romedan Mohammed Nur, Isaias Afewerki and Mahmoud Shrifo. How can Agazians deny that some of the fighters and brothers that led the front were neither Christians nor from the Tigrigna ethnic group? This is a biased assault against the Eritrean people in general. You cannot morally go lower than this incredible ethnic chauvinism and self betrayal to say the least. This man wants to divide the unity established by the respectable fathers (Ato Weldeal and Shek Sultan) with Ato Weldab’s picture in the background of his interview. Ato Weldeab was a symbolic unifier that has nothing to do with the Agazian insanity that I advice the dead heads to remove his picture from their vicinity. They want to divide our artistic heroes of the likes of Yemane Barya, Gual Ankere and Tiberih Tesfahunei from Usman Abdurahim, Alamin Abdulatif and Gual Fatinga who equally sacrificed their youth for the Eritrean independence.  

Oritawi: “Meninet is more important than economic stability”

Comment: Eritrean Meninet as a unit could have been more important than economic stability in the absence of nationhood because a society must first survive before stabilizing its economy as has been our history during the struggle for independence. But to extract one ethnic group out of the nine in the society as the most important of them all through narrow ethnicity is ignorance and arrogance to their best. The Tigrigna meninet is equally important to all other meninets in the country for this shallow group to miss this elementary truth because of lack of intelligence and education. Meninet in singularity vis-à-vis our people cannot be more important than economic stability. Believing in this at the time white societies with long racism and slavery experience accepting the equality of their citizens and illegible immigrants is simply despicable. No enemy in our past history from Egyptian and Ottoman Turks to Italian and Ethiopian colonizers can exceed the degree of animosity this group displayed against the people because they offended all of us as a component.

Oritawi: “We cannot talk about freedom until our fighters from the peasantry class earn benefits for their national service with their retirement secured; until we secure retirement with full salaries and benefits to all fighters above 55 and the current Eritrean army in service.”

Comment: A group that prioritizes ethnic identity (meninet) to economic stability to suggest this idea must be a fluke derivative of unstable mind. Where are the resources going to come from in the would be war ridden Agazi in the absence of strong economy, technology, massive education and employment capable of assisting the government through taxes? How can the utopian nation generate the funds and what may be the row materials in the uneducated, poverty ridden and drought stricken Tigrai and Eritrean Kebessa that can be used to generate foreign currency for this project that requires huge amount of reserve in the federal government? How about the fighters in this category from the other ethnic groups of the society? Will Agazi help them out, at least through the anticipated future borders if not from within? But dreaming on reducing this vision to practice without viable economic structure and respect of the people almost exclusively depending on subsistence economy and massive illiteracy of the Agazians is like trying to fly without wings needless to say the Eritrean and Tigrian societies must first feed themselves, educate their citizens and create a highly technological ambiance before doing anything in this regard. You just don’t say things you cannot do for the sake of public consumption my friend and I advice you to cool down and face reality for your own sake. It took the Europeans and Americans centuries to succeed doing, that our poor people cannot even imagine accomplishing from the lowest socio economic stratum by African standards. It will take decades for our people to catch up with the rest of Africans in the areas of stability, education and technology given they stop everything waiting for us to do what it takes getting there let alone to actualize this impractical agenda using division, war and hatred. Unfortunately, the brother calls this JUSTICE which I believe but only if practical. Not only do our fighters of the struggle deserve respect but also do all economic assistance they need from the State which did not even try to do. The degree of confidence he showed on the matter reflects his level of ignorance and ridiculous commonsense. I don’t think he is educated enough to depend on research oriented substance but certainly thinks he was too intelligent to teach the crowed in dramatic fashion as such. This is blind imagination that can only emanate from arrogant ignorance, needless to say humble ignorance is blessing to the self and society at large.

Oritawi: “We should prioritize the interest of tegadelti to that of the refugee’s allover the place including the Sudan. Because we are in State building stage not in Nation building.”

Comment: What a trip!! The struggle was for the people to begin with and the refugee crisis its derivative. The regime’s immediate responsibility after independence should have been rehabilitating our refugees scattered everywhere in harsh living conditions. Condemning them to life in asylum by prioritizing the condition of the fighters that dedicated their lives for the people cannot be done without totally missing the essence of the Eritrean struggle for independence. This is a unique outlook in conflict with all liberation struggles in history because their main objective has always been to benefit the people with special emphasis on their refugees. I don’t think he understands the resources and time required to accomplish his nightmare. Neither does his future country have the resources to assist the fighters with the magnitude of his suggestion nor can the refugees wait until it develops to the economic level of advanced societies. The idea simply rejects the refugees all together because Agazi will need, at least decades to show that level of development and only in the presence of peace, higher education and technology. Agazi’s nationhood would take many years to materialize with everything going well setting aside how many more refugees it would produce because of the crisis overall. All former fighters, the current refugees and the entire Tigrians and Eritreans should already have died at that psychological time in chronicle for him to build his dream nation from the graveyard.

Here are brief definitions of his terms: State-building is based on three dimensions: a security dimension, a political dimension and an economic dimension. Of these three, security is almost always considered the first priority. Without security, other tasks of state-building are not possible. Consequently, in state-building the first priority is to create a safe environment in order to make wider political and economic development possible. Nation-building is constructing or structuring a national identity using the power of the state. It is thus narrower than “nation formation”, the broad process through which nations come into being. Nation-building aims at the unification of the people within the state so that it remains politically stable and viable in the long run.”

According to Oritawi, Agazian national identity is already accomplished in the absence of the State without “security dimension, a political dimension and an economic dimension”. I seriously believe someone hissed the expressions and he totally misunderstood what he heard to publicly ridicule himself with this degree of ignorance. He declares the completion of nation building by aiming at disintegrating the already formed nations within the concept of countries and without firing a bullet. In so doing, this poisonous individualist assumes the majority Kebbessa Christians flirting with his fantasy. We all had to prove we want independence through the UN supervised referendum that convinced all nations by scoring over 98% of the votes in favor of it and this ignorant thinks he can achieve his vision through his sole representation of the people without fulfilling the international standard for recognition probably from Debre Damo with the blessing of a Christian Debtera.

Oritawi on religious tolerance: “We are the only Geezawian and we stand against separating religion and politics like the United States and want to be like many others who mix them such as Israel, the Arabs, the Church of England, Norway, etc. No other religion except Geez-Christians should be tolerated in Agazi nation unlike today’s unbearable situation with believers of imported religions such as Islam, Kenisha, Bahai, Catholics, Pentecostals, Jehova Witness, etc. because we have 3500 years of cultural civilization and we only shall promote Orthodox Christianity that we call “Geez haimanot”. No one can compare with Tigrigna Hagerawinet in terms of achievement except the Chinese as the best societies in planet earth. Moslems never won wars with the Tigrignas anyway and we are confident patriots ready to violently implement our agenda on the ground.”

Comment: I don’t understand the similarity between the Chinese and Tigrigna speaking Christians from his words but didn’t Atse Yohannes lose the war with the Sudanese Moslems ending up killed in a battle? Did not Ahmed Gragne swept across Ethiopia from Harar occupying Shewa, Gonder, Wollo and part of Tigray by destroying many churches in the way around 1528? Didn’t the Arabs enslave all inclusive East Africans once upon an era? Tigrina and Amharic could be derivatives of Geez but Tigre is its immediate child because it is the closest to Geez based on what I was educated in Addis Ababa University by Ethiopian historians. The entire Eritreans and the Tigre people and the Kebbesa Christians in particular have been simultaneously there as family members of the same community that Oritawi defies without reservation. Denying Tigre’s superior linguistic history in relation to Geez is like a grandchild (Tigrigna) claiming to be the child (Tigre) in my opinion. All Eritreans and Tigreans existed at the same time and from the same roots. Whatever the region’s dominant faith might have been, it was commonly shared by all of them in fragmentation or otherwise. They could have started as Christians before adapting Islam centuries later; meaning they were all simultaneously ancient East Africans or “Oritawian”.

In this regard, the Agazi Oritawian are far backward compared to their ancestors that gave refuge to the the original fleeing Moslems from the Middle East in Negash, Tigrai from where they bounced back and influenced all other Moslem communities in the world. “Negash held court and asked both the Quraish tribal members and the family of Mohammad to state their case” he notes. Sharing the exchange of words between the Ethiopian Christian King and those in the court, Samatar described how a Christian King refused bribes and granted sanctuary to the fleeing Muslims in Aksum.” The Oritawian Christians allowed Islam in our region making our colorful Moslems one of the oldest if not the oldest Moslems in the world. Considering Tigre the closest to Geez and Islam arriving to the region centuries after Orthodox Christianity, not only one can logically conclude that the entire ethnic groups in the region are equally oritawian but also that the Tigre people were the oldest Geez haimanotawian or oritawian Christians (taking Geez as the reference material) despite their conversion to Islam in time; at least in my opinion.

At the bottom line, any form of religion is an expression of respect to God through genuine spirituality not a tool to discriminate one another as the totally lost Agazians intend to do. Life is all about humanity not about the inherited religion from our parents. People should decide what faith to follow at the end of the day like I chose Buddhism to spiritually guide my life from my own experience. But this choice should not deny my Eritrean citizenship because no faith can be superior to others in the eyes of the creator, the reason religion should stay away from politics.

Oritawian: “The struggle of the Tigrians and the Eritreans is an extension of the cause of the Geez ChristianTigrignas”.

Comment: Both are Africans but one is Ethiopian and the other Eritrean. One was national struggle for secession and the other people’s struggle for independence from colonialism with no relationship or extension of something whatsoever. Their struggle had no relationship in view of political strategy and quality of their causes. The statement is, therefore pure fabrication worthless talking about. It is, however, obvious that Tigrigna is an ethnic group and a language of its speakers like any other language in planet earth that we should not identify with at the expense of humanity. I cannot ridicule myself more than being biased to people of my religion and language because they are something imposed on me by my parents that I did not choose to adapt. What matters most is moral integrity despite our circumstantial identities that do not even last for 100 years in this brief life. None of us can enjoy life to the fullest with out allowing universalism to unfold from the inner self. The attitude of our family members from the Agazian department is, therefore exactly similar to racism because of skin complexion. It is exactly similar to the ISIS and the experience of Buffalo soldiers in America. ”Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War. In 1866, six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments were created after Congress passed the Army Organization Act. Their main tasks were to help control the Native Americans of the Plains, capture cattle rustlers and thieves and protect settlers, stagecoaches, wagon trains and railroad crews along the Western front.” Yet, the brothers who were conditioned to defend the white settlers were slaves as well with no credit for their service because of their skin color similar to the tragic Agazian mentality that denies the sacrifice of our Moslem families because of their religion. One cannot adapt their mentality without supporting the ISIS and racism against colored people in general that neither God nor our noble Christianity can accept this satanic misrepresentation of the people.

Oritawi on how to form his dream nation“We have been telling the Weyanes to invade Eritrea and overthrow the dictator and immediately announce the creation of Agazi nation to the world before falling out of power.”

Comment: I find it important to share a bother’s view in my last forum that reads; “The so-called Agazians have already come to the attention of many Ethiopian Muslims in diaspora, in particular those of Tigray decent. Not all Tigrayans are Orthodox Christians, there are Catholics who follow the Irish Church, mainly ethnic Erob. The Tigreyan Jeberti and Afar of Dogaa region will do anything they can to stop the Agazi madness. The Oromo, Amhara and Somalis are the three largest groups in Ethiopia. Definitely, they will never allow Tigrayans to create a new country at the expense of their lands and people, regardless of it’s religion. All the three groups which together make up to 75% of Ethiopian population are very suspicious about Weyanes and it’s political maneuvering. So on which planet the Agazi nation will be created?”.

Thank you my brother Nahom for this enlightening information. There is no doubt that the Weyanes have many sick enemies in Ethiopia that unfortunately even think of revenging against the entire Tigreans by means of genocide. We Eritreans, of course cannot afford that to happen to our strategic allies or brothers and sisters in Tigrai but there are many hateful Ethiopians that entertain Hutu-style violence against the entire Tigreans. The Weyanes indeed have too much to worry about in future Ethiopia after the dissolution of their power to have no capacity interfering in our affairs. Neither does their situation allow them to do so nor do they have the exclusive power to reverse the Eritrean nationhood or to form the barbarian Agazi nation out of us, excuse my optimism that they don’t have that intention based on the record. At this testing point in Weyane experience where their safety is at stake, they need all the help they can get from the universe in general and us in particular. I pray for the wellbeing of all Ethiopians no matter how the events turn out to be. So stop dreaming the impossible, Oritawi the savage and have the courage to learn about the situation and shut-up for good. If you want to try it on your own, you are most welcome because it has been too long since I civilized someone like you through the only means you understand: serious spanking in the butt! Don’t say “our people” anymore because you are out of alignment with reality, no one is taking you seriously and I don’t even want to see you let alone identifying with you. Yet, I have the temptation to make you wear a kaffayett like me under the blessing of an Imam because that bold scull’s reflection of light through the screen was too offensive for my eyes to resist.

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