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  • Semere January 24, 2017

    I do not believe that human rights watch stands for human rights. It is an evil Organization whose mission is to instigate riot and chaos in developing and third world countries to diver them away from development.
    Having said that, the Eritrean dictator could top the list of World tyrants, and will never let power slip away from its grip eve at the expense of the whole Eritrean population. He is born stubborn and since his days of high school he was know for trouble making and believe it or not he is going to die that way. You could see having some trouble in Ethiopia, he comes out of his den started gathering some energy that took him to some of the middle east countries including Egypt. The Eritrean people could have expected him to be refreshed and energized upon transforming Eritrea in to a prosperous nation but that is not the emotion of Issayas. He does not really care about Eritrea or Eritreans. Eritrea that was on solid ground with human resource potential when Shaebya took over Asmara 26 years ago is wasted unused most of the highly skilled professionals that could have transform the nation now aging and dying in exile with out being able to see their dream of transformed Eritrea. Eritrea has regressed so badly that life in Eritrea is almost below poverty line, in all this is a sicken dictator who is self centered with complete disregard to the whole population. Eritrea trapped in the Jaws of unyielding dictator, its future remains blurred and its hemorrhaging youth migration is certain to remain a way of life.