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Uganda: Eritrean Businessman Robbed of Shs8 Billion, Killed

By Joseph Kato Kampala — A UPDF soldier at the rank of captain has been arrested in connection with the kidnap and murder of an Eritrean businessman with the intention of stealing 2 millon euros (Shs8

Kampala — A UPDF soldier at the rank of captain has been arrested in connection with the kidnap and murder of an Eritrean businessman with the intention of stealing 2 millon euros (Shs8 billion) from him.

Capt Hakim Mangeni and his alleged accomplices; Mr Ben Lumu and Rucy Katuramu were arrested by the police Flying Squad Unit (FSU) at the weekend over allegations of killing Deniel Weldo.

Mr Andrew Kaweesi, the police spokesperson said the trio duped Weldo, a former South Sudan businessman that they would help him to get a visa to German from where he could transact business.

 Mr Kaweesi said the suspects, under the guise of securing Weldo a visa, realized that he had over 2 million euros on his Ugandan accounts and hatched a plan to eliminate him.

“Weldo was reported missing on October 27. The police mounted a search. He was on weekend recovered murdered at a farm in Busia District of Kenya. Three suspects have been arrested and charged with murder,” Mr Kaweesi said told journalists at the police headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

Mr Kaweesi said the suspects connived with two local banks and transferred Weldo’s money. He, however, declined to reveal the banks for fear of litigation.

“This racket involved two commercial banks. We have learnt some employees of local banks conspire with criminals to defraud foreigners who have a lot of money on their accounts,” Mr Kaweesi said.

He said criminals and some bank employees have resorted to killing clients who have big amounts of money on their accounts and withdraw the money expecting nobody to tress the crime.

He said Weldo was the second Eritrean to be targeted by criminals this year although the first one survived being killed and his about Shs7.5 billion was never withdrawn.

Weldo was a 32-year- old man who operated his business from South Sudan. He relocated to Uganda after an armed conflict between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and his former First Vice president Riek Machar.

Although Mr Kaweesi could not divulge how police got information linking the suspects to the crime, a police source said the Eritrean envoy and Weldo’s relatives presented his cell phone and other documents which FSU used to extract call printouts from local telecom companies.

“We have credible information that the murder was masterminded by Capt Mangeni. He is the one who gave orders that Weldo be crossed to Busia in Kenya from where he was killed,” Mr Kaweesi said.

The body has since been brought to the City Mortuary at Mulago Hospital

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  • Teclay December 22, 2016

    ኣምልኽ ንብሱ ይቐብላ፣ንቤተሰቡን ፈተውቱን ድማ ጽንዐት ይሀብ።

    Silmon G
    “Wow, 2M Euros? Isn’t this a lot of money for 32 yrs old Eritrean refugee? But hey, this could be one of the HGDF General’s money.”
    ቑሩብ ዘይትሓስብ ፣ኣብ ኣሜርካ ኣብዚ. ዓቢ ዓዲ እናተቐመጥካ ቑሩብ ኣይትምሃርን……….Your brother Daniel ,is said to have been murdered …So,respect your brother ,the family and friends ………You surprised that Daniel ,a 32 year old, had 2 mil??? what is here surprising ??…You said ” HGDF General’s money “..Do you have any evidence ??? መሳርሒ ጀሃዳውያን ምኻን ይኣኽለካ።
    To the Eritrean diplomats = Good job

    • Asmerom December 23, 2016

      It is a legitmet question to ask where and how a 32 years old Eritrean made this much money at this time and in such a situation without any know resource..It is known that country is controlled by a group of thugs who own basically everything in the country. These Thugs are known to invest the money they rob of the nations wealth in the name of their relatives and individuals who are connected with them. We would like to know the source of his wealth before we are obliged to feel empathy for his death. According to the writer, he was trying to make an illegal deal with the killers. Plus, the writer implied the role of the Eritrean gov representatives in finding the killers. Eritreans are not strangers to death anymore. And we should know where to put our empathy.

    • Jon December 26, 2016

      Silmon ,I do not know what kind of breed you are or what kind of creed you believe in -but for me you are just a fucking asshole worst than the perpetuators of this crime .Just have a little decency for humanity and a bit respect for his family and his loved ones and friends,I do not give a fuck where and how he got the money ,it just make me sick how his life is cut short .Butbdo not worry life is a karma what goes comes around and hope the last days of your life is terrible and miserable as hell and above all you rot to death .

  • Destaa December 23, 2016

    Sorry but the 2 million euro was blood money from kidney business and our 2% contributions
    From all eritreans abroad..
    U can ran but u can’t escape from justice….. But still rip to him..

    • Jon December 26, 2016

      You fucken bastard this is not the time to talk about kidney and 2% money we are talking about a young man life cut short .Asshole

  • andom December 23, 2016

    What is the eritrean government envoy doing here. Government has never reacted or acted before when thousands were killed. A refugee. 32 yr old with millions of euro and erirean government envoy involved. Simply this is not his personal money. Sorry he lost his life but he was being used by higdef clearly like the ones who are involved in money loandering in the usa that we know.

    • Jon December 26, 2016

      You sick motherfucker we know that thousands of innocent Eritreans have died crossing the Sahara and Mediteranian sea and many of their organs harvested and men and women been raped and killed uniformly by savages but the government has no jurisdiction to bring these animals to the court of law because they function outside the same ,But with this particular case the government through its diplomatic mission has the power and diplomatic avenue to bring the savages where they belong .But if you are wondering how this 32 years man can amass 2 million euro -Fuck you .If you are smart ,know what you are doing and have great connection even you can turn the million in to a billion . Dumbass

  • AHMED SALEH !!! December 23, 2016

    Our people know well who control the activity of business enterprise inside the country and about
    illegitimate practice of money launderings in neighboring countries . According their investigation ,
    bank employees and government employees ( police plus army officials ) are involved in this kind
    criminal activity . A South Sudan business man with bank account of $ 2,ooo,ooo.00 dollars deposited
    in Uganda lost his life . We are witnessing the proven truth that money is the source of Evil .
    It is wrong to justify murder at any circumstances but remember some of our people inflicted us pain we
    never forget deep to the bone by their cruelty to engage on their brothers/sisters inhumane miseries in exchange dirty money .

  • Teclay December 23, 2016

    You said “devout christian,however,even in my wildest dreams,I would never call the prophet Mohammed a terrorist nor viciously a fellow……”
    ንስኻ ናትካ ዘይትገብር ኣንታይ ኣእተወካ ናይ ካልኦት።ንሱስ ቛንቊኡ ቛንቋ- በደዊን ከማን ብሓሊ ኣስፋሕፊሕዎ ።ንስኻ ኸ ኣብቲ ናይ ጅሃድ ወድብ ጀብሃ እንታይ ትገብር ነርካ ,ብዘይካ ራዕዲ ??ክንደይ መጽሓፍቲ ግእዝ ኣንዲድካ ንዓርብ ክትመስል ?? ሙሽሙሽ ።

    • Simon G. December 23, 2016

      Why are you wasting time here when you can use it to build your country?
      You are here bothering us, cursing us, and belittling our country. We don’t do that to your country.
      Would you please leave us alone.
      Btw, by “us” means both Muslims and Christians.
      So, please go away.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! December 23, 2016

        Teclay hassawi dimu
        One time you accuse for burning Tigre language books and now you jump
        to GEEZ language books . Ill-will to divide and conquer .
        Everybody know where your thoughts came from . Thanks God for that
        because even HGDF supporters do not speak same language .

    • Tsehaye December 26, 2016

      Dear Teclay,

      Daniel is a close relative of mine. The business in Uganda is run by his family and not just himself.

      I read many of the comments here, and I am so much disgusted to say the least. Any business man with the name Tesfay or Girmay inside or outside Eritrea is often associated with the PFDJ mafia by the rascals commenting in this website and the oppositions. I know there are many Eritrean Muslim businessmen in South Sudan and other African countries, and if one of them was to face the same fate that the young Daniel faced, the outcry by the fanatical extremists and the useful idiots would have deafened our ears.

      May his soul rest in peace, and those who committed the heinous crime get the punishment they deserve.

  • Jon December 26, 2016

    Dear Tsegaye , you do not have to prove the late Daniels success to the Pirates and hero’s of social media .There is a saying in our culture ” mewut ay kesesen eyu ” I have never heard in my life an Eritrean at the age of Daniel who have amassed that much wealth but here we go ,people instead of appreciating him they are trying to degrade and disgrace him by calling him an agent of PFDJ .Shame on you ,because to break the circle of PFDJ at his age even needs a big balls and determination .you checken head

  • girmay December 27, 2016

    A single life of a human being should never be lost without trial, whoever he is whatever he did. Onething must be clear. IF YOU ARE NOT RESPECTED IN YOUR HOMELAND, NEVER EXPECT TO GET PRIDE AND GRACE IN ANY OTHER LAND. We should focus at the devil at home and do any possible means to dismantle the evil instead of talking on trifle points.