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My fellow Erireans, I am so proud to join the Global Initiative! I urge you to join! Please do so!

  I joined the Global initiative, after I read the global initiative’s initiated call in Asseana, and I become one of the first in the list of hundreds of signatures for the initiative. I joined the


I joined the Global initiative, after I read the global initiative’s initiated call in Asseana, and I become one of the first in the list of hundreds of signatures for the initiative. I joined the global initiative simply because, I humbly acknowledge the lack of leadership in the Eritrean Diaspora justice seekers crucial for the success of our mission to end dictatorship and for a peaceful democratic transition.

I sincerely believe that having a global leadership will break the status quo; the paralysis of Eritrean diaspora politics and discourse, promote a new political environment more conducive to democratization. It will take our demonstration induced unity and solidarity, to a more tangible action oriented, to reach our ultimate goal, remove the evil regime, by bringing together a wide spectrum of  Eritrean nationals of different political affiliations, last but not lease, I simply believe that I am accountable for failing to do my part not only to facilitate to promote a global leadership, but for its success, after elected.

Nobody disputes the dare situation in Eritrea and of Eritreans, the respected author, brother Futsum, just rightly expressed in his previous article in Assena that the degree of suffering, to which Eritrenas are subjected, in all forms; cultural, political, economic and social and religious oppression, in a way never seen before by other past and present oppressive dictators on earth. Issaias has changed Eritrean into some sort of a concentration camp. We just don’t know the number of people dead in the slave camps of Gelalo, Wia, all over the country, dead by extrajudicial killings, died in the hundreds of prisons, disappeared, committed suicide of the economic hardships as a result of the regime’s policy and killed by the shoot to kill order while escaping the regime. Under this regime, what is committed in Eritrea is not simply crimes against humanity, but it amounts to genocide. Let’s be honest!

But to address this, we, Ertireans needs to have an honest leadership elected by us that serves from within us not above us. Alexander the Great once said ‘I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion”. And I don’t think, we, Eritreans miss the importance of honest leadership for any group at any level to meet its goals. And this is what exactly happened in the Eritrean opposition in the Diaspora, in fact, every person in the opposition is no less than a lion, because he/she has liberated from the tyranny of fear, and is at the forefront in the fight for justice and regime change. But she/he is also responsible to make sure that we have a leadership, elected by us to lead us on the mission not only to get rid of this evil regime, and save the wounded nation, before it succumb to its wounds, but beyond, for a peaceful transition in Eritrea.

People across the board agrees on the need for such kind of a global leadership, but blessed they are, few people took the courage and initiative to facilitate for electing a global leadership. It is worth to mention their names in this piece, not only for their brilliant and courageous initiative, the outmost important issue for every Eritrea concerned about Etireean, but for their decade long service to Eritrea and Eritrerans before and after independence, including the current struggle for justice, human rights and to end the suffering of Eritreans. Prof Araya Debesay, Ahmed Berhanu, Amanuel Eyasu, Ibrahim Mohammed, Dr. Solomon G.Ghebrezghi and Teka Yohannes. Words are inadequate to express their service.

The art of the state of the Ertirean opposition in diaspora is very clear, one that political parties blaming each other, including the different youth movements, out of pity politics. And all of them unites when it comes to demonstration on issues against the Ertirean regime, even working together on planning, and making sure the demonstration goes peacefully, but the next day goes to the normal routine, blame game. One that the grassroots blame the elite for failing to take the lead, and the elite blaming the grassroots for its arrogance. This is the status quo, this has been the case for more than a decade.

There is no such a deep political or ideological divide in the Ertirean political parties in the Diaspora, definitely should not be in the different youth movements, which many of them are not even political parties. In fact, the problem within the Ertirean opposition is that every conceivable group, some deserving, others less so, has demanded legitimacy, parity, and often preference. Without out even bringing a tangible ideological or political road map that convinces people to join them. Which ultimately fails to forge a successful leadership, but instead subject themselves into endless self victimization and blame game.

It makes no sense at all for us to have several tens of political parties and youth movements for standing in solidarity when it comes to demonstrations against the Eritrean regime, when it comes to mourning on the continuing tragedies of Eritreans. While we don’t listen one another, directly or indirectly, to do much more than that, and end these tragedies. While we suspect one another, but did nothing about it, and waste time and energy bashing colleague, and finger-pointing. A tired excuse for inaction, ducking of responsibility, and redirection of blame. And we are stuck in this situation.

We just can wait and see if things will somehow get better by themselves. That somehow, the questions what is next after New York? What is next after Geneva? Would be answered. We just need to act and work together, and the first step is to elect the global leadership, through the grassroots movements to get us out of the current situation, to break the status quo, to break the political paralysis, upgrade our unity more than solidarity for demonstrations. Which ultimately supports the goals of political parties, civil societies, and other grassroots movements.

The last but not the least, I simply believe that I am accountable for failing to do my part to facilitate to promote a global leadership, as an Eritrean who stands for the rule of law, democracy and justice in Eritrean and end suffering. But this needs not only my individual responsibility but also a shared accountability for the global initiative to succeed. It is not enough for me to go to demonstrations, to speak and write openly against the regime, or call for justice, but I need to work with others, and acknowledge my shared accountability to end the rule of the evil regime and bring justice.

That is why electing global leadership must be embraced by all Ertrean justice seekers, political parties, and civic organizations for the sake of Eritrea and its people! And that is why I am urging all my fellow Eritreans in the Diaspora to follow suit, take individual responsibly and shared accountability.

Let’s elect our global leadership!

Review overview
  • Araya Debessay August 8, 2016

    Dear Mehari,
    You have done the right thing to join Global Initiative to Empower Eritrean Grassroots Movement. This is the most expedient, most inclusive and most democratic way that will channel the tremendous energy of Diaspora Eritreans to end the suffering of the Eritrean people. Every Eritrean in every corner of the world, who is saddened by the dire situation in our country should do what Mehari has done. Join other Eritreans in your locality and elect your leaders. This process will help us to elect legitimate Global Leaders who will represent us, speak for us and strategize on our behalf to end the tenure of the dictatorial regime in collaboration with the opposition political parties and forces of change inside the country.

  • demer August 8, 2016

    No leader ship will be effective if it is a game of are doing for your sack.evey eritrean is smart ,need no any dictation.Eritrean people is maker and braker of imposiblities.go back and contribute your duties in your home land. Or use your time to help the family of one hero that saved your life.Dont forget the breast of your mother was thrown like an animal dung..Do wat you sing”true leader ship” saved it.No eritrean people who designs its own leader ship saved it.And makes you to be able to write and read ,what your older brothers and parents donot posses.But you areusing these grases against you people.aDonkey is always guided by its owners.

  • wedi Toronto August 9, 2016

    Dearest brother Habtom Mehari (HaMe)
    I almost missed all the excitement that has been going on without my participation or in my absence (work related). Now, Habtomay Arkey, very sorry if I offended you (I must stress ‘unintentionally’) in my last hasty comment/post. I must also blame the couple drinks I had prior to my post.
    You see sometimes, it is NOT evil intentions but frustrations and our deep convictions in our views and opinions that lead us into irrational arguments. All justice and peace loving people get frustrated by the slow pace of change while endless punishments are meted out against our people. However, it is in times of frustrations that cooler and intelligent heads (like that of the brilliant Prof Araya Debessay) must prevail.
    Habtomay Arkey, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck and success for the future and let me join you in GIEEGM, and contribute as much as I can to the group. Btw, you should also see my “ugly” monkey looking face!!!
    Many decent and hard working Eritreans have been conned and swindled for 30 yrs (and still counting) into buying a moonshine project called “independence”. Now, they have become trapped between hell and high water. On the one hand, you have drop-outs, drunkards, serial killers and escaped convicts masquerading as “liberators” who are squeezing the life out of the population like a tooth-paste tube; while on the other, the dinosaur followers of a Seventh century moon-god cult Islam are waiting in the wings to take the poor country back into the stone age era. In the meantime, a few ignorant and useful idiots cheer on with their cheerleaders., the rest will follow.

    • HaMe August 10, 2016

      Dear Brother Wedi Toronto

      I am not offended at all; it was not intentional that somehow my name was not mentioned. And you are right that the photo is so ugly! thought the idea is not ugly, which is initiated by the minds of smart and honest people like Araya Debesay. Indeed yes, it is extraordinary privilege to work with those people. I hope this time; we, Eritreans in Diaspora would be able to create a global leadership which would lead the train into its destination!
      Dear Brother, I am so proud that you joined the Global initiative! I believe that it is the best way possible to bring us together, channel our energy and resources to bring changes and end suffering in our beloved country.