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27,500 Nigerians, Eritreans, others arrive Italy illegally in October

About 27,500, mostly Nigerians and Eritreans, arrived Italy in October, the European Union’s border agency, Frontex, said. The agency said nearly 27,500 migrants arrived in Italy in October, an all-time monthly record fuelled by favourable weather

About 27,500, mostly Nigerians and Eritreans, arrived Italy in October, the European Union’s border agency, Frontex, said.

The agency said nearly 27,500 migrants arrived in Italy in October, an all-time monthly record fuelled by favourable weather conditions.

It said on Wednesday in Rome that the figure was the highest monthly number ever recorded in the Central Mediterranean and more than twice as many as in the previous month.

The agency said that the arrivals surged because, after “relatively poor weather conditions in September, people smugglers loaded more people than usual on unseaworthy vessels before winter makes crossings impossible’’.

It said that it led to a very high number of deaths, reporting that 127 bodies were recovered on the sea stretch between Italy and North Africa and that it was likely that many more persons drowned.

“Tragedies were continuing in November as the Italian coastguard recovered one body and 580 migrants were rescued in Wednesday sea operations.

“This added to seven bodies recovered and almost 900 saved Monday and Tuesday,’’ it said.

Frontex said that most migrants who landed in Italy in October came from Nigeria and Eritrea.

It said that the year’s provisional tally of arrivals was nearly 159,500, up 13 per cent compared to the same period in 2015.

The agency noted that Italy became the main entry point for EU-bound migrants in the first half of 2016, after the so-called Balkan route via Greece was closed by an EU-Turkey repatriation deal and tighter border controls.

“Greece recorded 1,700 landings last month, compared to more than 170,000 in October, 2015.

“Migrants mostly came from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq,’’ it said.

The thousands of Nigerians who seek to enter Europe through Italy via the Mediterranean has been a source of concern to both the Nigerian and European governments.

The Nigerians often travel the rough and risky road route via Niger to arrive in war-torn Libya where they join others to try to cross the Mediterranean.

On Tuesday, the Nigerian anti-trafficking agency, NAPTIP, said it intercepted 50 Nigerians who had embarked on the route.

“There are males and females as well as three minors in the group and they all fall within the ages of three and 45 years,” a NAPTIP official said.

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  • Samson Agazi November 19, 2016

    How is it possible for an entire people – and I have Kebessa Eritreans, in particular, in mind – to fail to see that they are heading to the edge of existential disaster, as they die in their tens of thousands in one war after another; as they perish in their thousands in the savage evil moslem Arab Passage, in the Sahara Desert, in the Sinai Peninsula and in the Mediterranean Sea; as their women are singularly targeted for fighters and fighter – incubators, with all kinds of demographic consequences that these two entail; as their village, towns and cities are being emptied of their most productive population group in epic proportions; as their youth are made to flee their country in their hundreds of thousands ; etc?
    How is it possible for an entire people to blissfully march for half a century towards mass suicide, even as the tell-tale signs were there from the very beginning, given the evil alien nature of the mission that their elite of the savage all-alien-loving evil ghedli had embarked?

    I would only accept and respond accordingly to “genuine dekebat” Kebessa Eritreans like the respectable gentleman Mr Teclay, other rootless immigrant nomads posing as Eritreans with multiple pen-names such as Sol, Habtu, Robel, Mehari Woldegabir, Ghebrehawariat and etc would be ignored as the normal foreign trouble makers moslem NEFAHITO mercenaries.
    Last but not least, a people with such intense determination to continue the evil savage ghedli journey that eventually leads to mass suicide.No other people have worked for so long, so hard and with such consistency against their self-interest again, this remains especially true of Kebessa Eritrea unfortunately.
    Yet, this savage evil ghedli generation had the audacity to refer to the Haileslassie era as that of colonial oppression as it started its savage mad evil ghedli journey – and with that notorious labeling, Kebassa’s march to mass suicide began in earnest. The rest is sad evil ghedli history.

    • Samson Agazi November 19, 2016

      The most productive population group of Eritrea or any other nation being the young generation

  • Hadas November 19, 2016

    Here is a news of Eritrean women who escaped from the slavery of the Jehadist Islamic State in Libya:

    Yudit Tasfadit, an Eritrean woman who was captured by ISIS in Libya
    after fleeing Eritrea, recounted that she had converted to Islam out
    of fear that otherwise, she would be slaughtered, and was used, along
    with other women, as sex slaves. “They want us to bear children so
    their numbers grow,” she said in a TV interview that aired on Alaan TV
    on November 2. “ISIS are bad people. They slaughter, and they chop off

    • Samson Agazi November 19, 2016

      Brother/sister Hadas
      Well said and please keep up with your positive inputs and contributions.
      The great assenna is infested with rootless immigrant Yemeni nomad moslem cancerous of poor Eritrea. If we analyse the evil savage nature of the barbaric totalitarian cult called evil Islam, their savage evil beast moslem men are allowed by their negis Mohammed to have sex anytime with female slaves – Surah (4;3, 4:29, 33:49). According to their savage evil barbaric Islamic tradition, people at the time of their capture were either to be killed, or enslaved (especially on Jews, Christians or none Muslims). It shows you that they were at the bottom of the barrel to start with. The barbaric Islam followed by the savage evil barbarian Rashaidas and Bedowins, who are savage moslem Arabs through and through. The types of barbaric crimes they commit on our Christian refugees are typical trade marks of moslem barbarians : abduction, extortion, rapes, mutilation, beheading, organ selling and murders. All these atrocities are in the genetic code of the stinking shit Islam.

      • Samson Agazi November 19, 2016

        The great assenna is infested with the old useless losers cockroaches and sadly it is losing its appeal. It is well over time to use our exterminator to eliminate (burn them alive if necessary) all the foreign moslem cockroaches and TebeKhat that are contaminating our peaceful green, clean organic and God fearing civilized Habesha population.

        • sol November 20, 2016

          Mr. Multiple
          What you are telling about assenna is the truth but your intention is evil.
          You are just a frustrated supporter of injustice, like HS and DIA, you clearly see the elephant but your socially sick nature is driving you to stab its tail.

    • k.tewolde November 20, 2016

      What is your point Hadas,we have witnessed so many recounts like this ,it is gut wrenching,but who delivered these young women into their hands like a wrapped gift from Macy’s ? How do they get there?and why? ISIS is not singling out Eritreans only,it is an equal opportunity slayer that beheads anybody who doesn’t abide by the rules of Al Bagdadi.How hard is to trace your true assailant back home?Why are you falling short of recognizing and addressing the brutal armed gang in Asmara for the miseries that engulfed our people?Why,why…..???? until this questions are answered truthfully,the Eritrean saga continues.

  • andom November 20, 2016

    Samson agazi
    U should not blame moslems. They are in ethiopia and are ethiopians whether u like it or not. They are in eritrea whether we like it or not. As to libyans and egyptians, we went to them. They did not come to us. This fact no one can deny. U should focus on the root couse of the migration. I am not saying it is not crime what is happening in both countries. But they are not the root cause. The root cause is aregit iseyas, hagos kisha, seraki abraha kasa, seraki gihila philipos, nefahito hasawit yemane monkey and few other criminals. And then u have ignorant illitrate blind supporters mainly from kebabi asmera.

  • sol November 20, 2016

    This guy is a frustrated supporter of injustice, he is mission is to pollute assenna by his hate mongering comments to create enmity among Eritreans. Many frustrated supporters of DIA like the people in are struggling to find some credibility to the mafia regime in Asmara.

  • sol November 20, 2016

    correction ….
    read as …………….his mission is ………

  • T belew November 20, 2016

    Why is we never hard about ethiopian people? let’s accepted the 28k for now & pray for them for the Ethiopian ‘s.

    • andom November 21, 2016

      Because This is not ethiopian website.

  • AHMED SALEH November 20, 2016

    ahlel ya NEFAHITO
    Samson Agazi , my heart goes to AGAZIAN people from attacks of DEKI SEBEYTI who have no shame to
    distort their ancestors positive history . Agazi force used as a killing machine in Ethiopia is an insult and
    may create dangerous consequences . Ruwanda is good example to learn a lesson .
    Going back to our own issues ;
    Ahmed saleh says loud and firm to assure you that he is proud Muslim , proud Christian and proud native
    from highland-lowland regions when it come on my Eritrean identity . Weyane or Hgdf agents does not
    matter but our people proved you that your message is foreign to our ears .
    NIHADNETNA SHET MEANTANA has its root in Eritrean social fabrics where external and internal enemies
    tried and failed to conquer , my friend . I am sorry if I am wrong but you don’t sound Eritrean .
    You will dream until you die to see divided Eritrea the way your fathers passed away in agony they brought
    to themselves . Myself I will die peacefully the way I sleep every night free from feeling of guilt .
    For that I can only say; Praise to lord – Alhamdulillah – Temesghen fetari

  • Grar November 20, 2016

    Why are Eritrean Christians suffering this much humiliation in the bloody hands of the Jihadi Islamic Arab world? This is horrible that some Jihadi apologists would like to skip or cover under their prayer rags.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 20, 2016

      Because of cowards who lost their soul for material interest . Either in Eritrea or Ethiopia
      who you think is criminalizing the whole population ?
      HGDF blame CIA , WEYANE blame Arabs . Pick one that suits your ego .

    • k.tewolde November 20, 2016

      Grar,I answered that question a few posts above.

    • sol November 22, 2016

      Because the monster DIA has turned their country to a hell hole.

  • andom November 21, 2016

    Tell us. We do not know why?