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  • Selam May 19, 2014

    Go Manchester Go!!!!!!!

  • Semira May 20, 2014

    ህዝቢ ኤርትራ፡ ብጨካናት ህግደፍ ተበይኑ

    ሰሙን ሰሙን ኣብ ዝሓለፍካዮ፡ ሓዘን ኮይኑ
አለኹልካ፡ አጆኻ ዝብሎ ስኢኑ
እንታይሞ፡ ስውእ ዘይትንስእ ኮይኑ

    ናይቶም ብሂወት ዘለና

    ዳርጋ፡ ከም ምውታት ኮይና

    ካን ብጠጠውና

    ስውኣት ሓዚኖም ብኣና

    እወ! ብኣና

  • Biniam Abraham May 20, 2014

    What a fake independence day you want to celebrate? Independence my a$$! Eritreans when we were with our Ethiopian brothers, we used to own and sleep in VILLAS. Now, equal number of Eritreans are sleeping in IMMIGRATION CAMPS in Etiopia. Narrow nationalism and extreme hate towards Ethiopians led to a social quagmire in Eritrea and the worst is yet to come so you should be mourning NOT celebrating you morons.

  • Asghedom Woldeghiorghis May 21, 2014

    Eritreans are dancing for the indipendence of thier homeland.
    if I was me I have done:
    1. Crying forvall eritrean marieris
    2. Cry fir g 15
    3. Cry for all those children who died in sainai
    4. Cry for all eritrean children finished under the sea
    5. Cry forvAll the children eatrn by bistes and wild animals to run away frim the eritrean regime
    6. Cry for All eritrean family who have lost theirr children
    7. Cry for the eritrean mother who continouse to belive in this regime and sent her sons to war
    cry, cry, cry, stop koboro and modonko which never helped eritreans.
    God bles thevHabesha prople

    • m May 22, 2014

      yesssss you are right bro

    • selamawit2 May 22, 2014

      Asghedom Woldeghiorghis,

      you are right brother and you sound emphatetic and human in contrary those (e.g. nibble etcher aka mehretu habte pawlos and his 2-3 anjal hooligans)

      1. who disprize eritrean martyrs
      2. who laugh at g 15
      3. who call those children who died in sainai “arab prostitutess”
      4. who say “all eritrean children finished under the sea” deserve it
      5. give a dman to “All the children eatrn by bistes and wild animals to run away frim the eritrean regime”
      6. disprize and direspect “for All eritrean family who have lost theirr children” and call them vomit of ethiopia
      7. who don’t acre if some “eritrean mother continouse to belive in this regime and sent her sons to war”

      who laugh, laugh, laugh sarcastically while they drunken by their cruel actions?
      Who curse our people while we say

  • Adhanom Zer'ay May 28, 2014

    The 23/5/2014 is a day of Independence for whom is it? our People are daying in Sahara, in the Sea and those got chance to dance are enjoying, this is Independence. Our People they are living under Colonialism still, some of them crying, some of them are dancing,,this is Independence, yes ,oky, a log time, they were saying – Keyfettonna Buonno is the answer. What was the defect of the Colonialist? Metahit Kebessa Medri Bahri People are under Colonialist, even the time of that years suffering were better than this time. So don’t shout you got Independence,you are under Colonialist Rule. Front Metahit Kebessa Medri Bahri is ready to give our people their Right, Freedom, Dignity, Identity, when they are under their Messeret, Seret of their Land’s Ancestors. For this is necessary Radical Revolution to safe the People of Metahit Kebessa Medri Bahri ( Bahri Millash- Weha Millash). Our Ancestors deid for their Land in 1883 in Beylul,Zulla, Massawa,Saati, Dogali,Alla. for what? So ther is not Independence if you forget ,your Ancestors.