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Review overview
  • Wedi Godaif May 22, 2014

    While some of ur comments are right at the same time we need to have an overall wider and closer view on the problems and chalengs we are undeniabley confronted. But right here most of the comments are to an extent politicaly driven. For me a genuine solution starts from understanding the state of affairs we find ourselves now and having full awareness of the consequeces of our action.
    I believe Eritrea has complicated and multifaceted problems including but not only the pfdj leadership. And i believe the problems we have can not be solved or even eased by swift removal of pfdj leadership but rather things can get very dangerouse and no more controllable. Because that will most likely crate havoc or even the whole state may collapse and may turn into a state striken by never ending cycle of cricis. Because believe it or not tensions are there and they are very high, i.e. ethnic, religiouse, regional, global dominant powers with an intention of crippling other countries, …
    So i believe for the sake of the welbeing of the ordinary citizens and not politicians i would suggest we eritreans should put our concerted effort and start by pressurizing the current pfdj leadership to realize our goal of democratization of eritrea.
    Because for me what comes first is respecting basic human rights or social justice even before formal democracy. And for that to realize removing any government by force should be the very last option and that requires reliable and solid alternative organisation and special care. But sofar we do not have such meaningful organisation. I believe instead of being emotional and naive or driven by political motives we should start to put meaningful pressure on the pfdj leadership through concerted people based action. This option should be fully exhausted first before jumping into forceful removal of isayas/pfdj.

  • rahwa May 22, 2014

    seriously wedi godaif? you should be ashamed to say you want to give eseyas a chance when our youth is dying everywhere, when we have at least 20-30 thousand prisoners of conscience and when we have a single individual who thinks he is the law. now that our heroes like DEJEN (SEBAR-KARSHELI)and WEDI ALI (through his wife BEKITA) are giving us more facts we Eritreans are resolved to get rid of eseyas the lunatic dictator and his lawless regime more than ever before. wedi godaif this is no longer a political issue it is a question of whether we need Eritrea to go on as a country b/s that beautiful country will not be there at the rate our people is perishing.

  • Genet-orginal May 22, 2014

    Wedi Godaif
    You said, “..Start by pressurizing the current PFDJ leadership to realize our goal of democratization of Eritrea..” First, It seems you haven’t started to do anything. Therefore, you may be are part of PFDJ. Second, you honestly believe there is “leadership” in Eritrea who cares what you or the Eritrean people think. I hate to break this to you, but Eritrea is being controlled by a mad man. Isayas told the world on his latest interview, there will be no democratization of Eritrea. If Eritrea wants democratization, they have to go to the moon. If you are awake and listening, Isayas is not interested in justice and liberty for Eritreans. Dictators don’t care about anybody, but themselves. Isayas and his secret party members have to go in any means necessary.

  • wedi godaif May 23, 2014

    well, first of all what i am sharing here is simply personal opinion and i am not interested in imposing it on anyone else.
    no matter what you think i am a direct victim of pfdj’s misguided policies! i left eritrea as a little boy with my parents back in 94 and never see eritrea since then, simply because pfdj is unpredictible and it is not safe for me to go to eritrea. lost 3 brothers and 3 uncles (i believe the eplf, derg and elf are responsible for loosing their lives), never paid 2%, and ofcourse as a result i don’t have the eri id card except a german one …
    i don’t want to go much in to detail, but what i mean is i have lots of reasons to be emotional and start insulting and cursing the pfdj but then what is the out come of that? nothing! in principle i don’t really care either isayas is given a chance to stay in power or not and i don’t really care who governs eritrea it can even be Shinzo Abe or king Mswati. the point is who will treat me/us as a human and respect our basic human rights.
    the role of the oppsition in diaspora could be descisive in bringing about change for a better governance but it was not fruitful to this day, because most of the time it even misses the main concerning issue, that was the case for example when Dr. tesfamariam was trying to adress the public during one of his recent campaigns saying “we do not recognize the current eritrean flag … our legal one is the one from the time of liberation struggle …” well, i still respect his efforts, but who cares about how the eritrean flag should look like!? so, when you say remove pfdj, i say that sounds good but do we have the capability to do that? and can that leadership be replaced by any of the existing diaspora organisation? i doubt it!
    besides, what have been doing the majority of eritrean people throughout the last 22 years? it has been supporting the pfdj govt. to the full and this govt. still enjoys huge support from the people. never ending guayla and saese’it, why? the reasons can be quiet many but to mention few, first and for a most there is NO capable and RELIABLE altarnative political organisation which can replace the current government. i still appreciate some of the efforts of the diaspora political organisations (such as the EDF/mesfin hagos party) but they still have lots of works to be done ahead of them. i also believe that the opposition media is very weak in its propaganda campaign and in some cases even counterprodactive (such as the death of isayas). if the media transmits news from unreliable sources people will always question the reliability of the things being said. … like the eri tv “serving the truth” (lol). no, what i want to say is just the information being transmitted should be accurate and trastworthy as much as possible. the role the media can play is tremendouse especially in building confidence between the people and the opposition parties.
    thanks to rahwa and genet-original for sharing your thought