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100 meters long list containing the names of 17 306 people drowned trying to migrate. The list has been placed on the ground in such a way that EU MEPs are obliged to walk over entering European parliament in Strasbourg

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  • Michael May 4, 2015

    Hi Guys
    Welldone, let them punished by their guilt of conscience.

    Is there any one who can tell me how many Eritreans are out of the 17036 victims? I think there must be their identity as well if their were revealed. I heard about 350 of those who died are Eritreans, but I cant verify this sources.

  • Anti-Higdef May 4, 2015

    Eritreans were dying on the Libyan side of the sea, long before Lampedusa tragedy, but few of us heard of it because of absence of media there. There are people who say, at least one time there was a huge tragedy in Libyan territorial waters, in which about 400 Eritreans died. We heard about Lampedusa because it happened on the European side and the Italian media was very active in reporting it to the world. The over all number of Eritreans died while crossing the Mediterranean sea is so huge that small Eritrea has lost almost an entire generation of its young.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! May 4, 2015

      The same goes at unheard stories in Sinai desert until the lady from Egyptian media exposed to the world . But we became cowards to convey all the sufferings out of fear or carelessness .
      It is unrealistic expectation to look for outsiders for solution
      if our people inside the country refuse to show the world a mass
      movement against oppression and political reform . Sometimes
      change requires action and sacrifices but to wait for miracle to
      happen is a dreamer weakness to gamble in his life .

  • Janne J March 10, 2016

    Very good work to figure out all their names since 80% of the refugees has no passport or ID when they claim assylum. Really good detective work here!

  • Benis March 22, 2016

    15000 of them are named Muhammad lol – Savage Jap