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10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the Problem. – New York Times

New York Times 10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the Problem. Basic supplies like oxygen and soap are needed first to slow the spread of the coronavirus.   Practicing social distancing at a public health

New York Times

10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the Problem.

Basic supplies like oxygen and soap are needed first to slow the spread of the coronavirus.


Practicing social distancing at a public health awareness demonstration this month in Juba, South Sudan.Credit…Alex Mcbride/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

By Ruth Maclean and Simon Marks

  • April 18, 2020

DAKAR, Senegal — South Sudan, a nation of 11 million, has more vice presidents (five) than ventilators (four). The Central African Republic has three ventilators for its five million people. In Liberia, which is similar in size, there are six working machines — and one of them sits behind the gates of the United States Embassy.

In all, fewer than 2,000 working ventilators have to serve hundreds of millions of people in public hospitals across 41 African countries, the World Health Organization says, compared with more than 170,000 in the United States.

Ten countries in Africa have none at all.

Review overview
  • k.tewolde April 20, 2020

    ((((“Everyone doesn’t feel like the health system is made for them to get better in,” said
    Adia Benton, an anthropologist at Northwestern University whose focuses include
    global health. Often in Sierra Leone, where she has worked extensively, people go to a
    hospital to die, Ms. Benton said — and this will not change with the coronavirus
    outbreak.))))….and the authoritarian bloodsucking few at the top go global hunting for the best healthcare consumption in their private jets and stay in their chateaus to recover under the close watch of a private duty nurse and a doctors visitation,rings a bell??!! The dark continent is her children’s worst enemy–she eats them.

  • Danilo April 20, 2020

    K.tewolde ☆☆☆☆☆ commentator, say 《the dark continent is her children’s worst enemy – she eats them.》thus means exactly as a say ” revolution eats its children ” hgdef is doing the same but how comes a cat eats her children? Mistry isn’t it? I know or at least understand presidents do what they should do but they are not. Now days, the only humans are who care patient’s on the first line especially anesthesiologist side by side intensive carenurses .yours ex RN in middle east.

  • FAKE GOLD April 21, 2020

    እታ ኤርትራናኸ ሰለስተ ደይኮናን ደለውኣ ወይሲ እቶም ዶሮና ባዶ ሰለስተ ከም ቬንቲሌተር ተቖጺሮም እዮም ?

  • Gezae April 21, 2020

    Eritrea had 19 china made ventilators before the so called Corona virus and plus one month ago l believe 7 after totally 27. But these are still enough and propasional; certainly a lot of them and financial aid.

    • Danilo April 21, 2020

      27 dams out of use. No water nor electricity. with care less rulers, putting people in quarantine could you provide 27 billion dollars is a question.

      • Socrates April 21, 2020

        So ignorant and so backward foreign Italian call servant boy,
        Eritrea not your dam business or country. Eritrea belongs to Eritreans.

    • k.tewolde April 22, 2020

      You must be the regime’s resource officer to know with this specificity of national ventilator inventory.(((But these are still enough and propasional; certainly a lot of them and financial aid.)))….hmmm…proportional to the sick or per capita? all of them donated? Is this something to be proud of after 29 years of nationhood? if we had an authentic Eritrean and competent leadership who cares about the well being of the people first,Medeber would have been the Silicon valley of our nation churning out digital ventilators and exporting them abroad today-made in Eritrea Cpap,Bipap and yes ventilators made by the industrious and can do people of Eritrea.Brother wake up ,aim high don’t settle for donations and the number 27,the vision and life of the fallen is worth a whole lot more than that,don’t let them down by succumbing to the enemy’s empty propaganda,unless you are one of them.

  • Gezae April 21, 2020

    Please read as certainly needs a lot of them and financial aid too.

    • Socrates April 21, 2020

      Mr Gezae,
      I also agree with about Eritrea definitely needing
      so much foreign assistanceof financial, medical and other aids.

  • rezen April 22, 2020

    Subject: 10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the
    Problem.”By Ruth Maclean and Simon Mark April 18, 2020

    Commentary, 21 April 2020
    First and foremost, I apologize to the Authors for any statement that I make that may appear to be criticism on their Paper. I am NOT. My commentary is NOT directed at their Paper. But as an African, my prism is directed against African Dictators and African Intellectuals with the highest distinction of Doctor of Philoosophy Degree (Ph D) from renowned universities around the Globe. Warning: I am NOT including in my criticism the ordinary Africans who are doing their best — according to their capability— to manage their Life and admirably sending their children to the so-called ‘modern’ education,

    The aim and the consequential result of “modern education” in Africa and the sordid outcome of which is for another time and space. Suffice to say here that AFRICA HAS BEEN A PLAYGROUND OF EXPLOITATION and, in tandem, the disfunction-ability of the African. Let us enumerate the mechanism by which AFRICA was, and still is, manipulated:

    * United Nations: What did the UN accomplish to help Africa to stand by itself and progress independently.

    * African Union: It is almost sixty years(60) old. What did it achieve for the benefit of ordinary Africans?

    * African Schools: Do they ever emphasize, in their curriculum, the AFRICAN HISTORY against the onslaught of European history, thus inculcating inferiority complex in the entire African Continent where Africans end-up in the struggle to emulate and imitate European culture for acceptability in European milieu

    The ‘brain washing’ and accordingly the rising of ‘deep inferiority complex’ leads African Leaders, as well as African Intellectuals and, as a consequence, the entire African Continent to what it is TODAY >>> the object of discrimination, ridicule, and in general negative attitude to BLACK AFRICANS, where ever they are.. I hasten to add: Unnecessary TANTRUM is not going to help Africa but, on the contrary, it only strengthen the belief and attitude by the discriminators..

    I believe, I know what I am writing as I have gone through it — and still encountering it at every level of societies . As one Radio Host, daringly and sympathetically, put it the ugly characteristic will always be with us. And if I may add, as an African, OUR Africa will NOT change for the foreseeable future. In the mean time, we can keep on pretending that we have freedom, liberty, equality,, non-discriminatory soiety and glorious pass time on the Internet , insulting each other, OF COURSE.
    Thank You, for the opportunity to express my opinion. . THE END

  • Gezae April 22, 2020

    First of all I wish you to stop your nonsense name colli g. If you want to know about me as a person or want to disclose myself I am not a member of eplf/pfdj or the government and I do not have association as well as affiliation with any Eritrean political organization/s for almost 25 years As a matter of fact I was a member of elf and then elf sagms central I am an exempt politician interested and intended to see things independly.

    In this regard the critical and important aspect to me are to respect and tolerate one another, all of us apply our logical reasonings inorder not inordinately to successfully find solutions to any challenges that may encounter; instead complains, lies and undone political propagandas that never serve for the common people and the country.

  • Gezae April 22, 2020

    My message is to k tewoldetewolde

    • k.tewolde April 22, 2020

      No cursing or name calling brother,regardless of your background,the unwavering support of you and people like you for this brutal regime in Asmara has a devastating generational effect in the Eritrean society.I say this with all due respect,unless you are reading Tsehaye’s or Embaye’s posts.

      • k.tewolde April 22, 2020

        APRIL 21, 2020
        Coward !! who are you after all. Could you please disclouse your name and where you are at?
        I assume you are/may one of the woyane dogs barking for your/their masters. Do you comprehend no matter we had/have plenty of differences we Eritrean are with the great president and hisvisionary leadership in time of peace and crises/testing periods
        Do not worry this crises will evapor soon like never seen as usual. So you better close your troublesome mouth

        Long live Eritrea>>>> who’s talking?

        • Gezae April 22, 2020

          That is me. So what??

          • Danilo April 22, 2020

            Yes you are. Archived on the list of betrayals thanks to assenna. We will see you tomorrow facing justice. Not only you as a puppet of one man ( isayas or tigray) but also those insulting people and religion. Be aware brother, see you soon, time is approaching your humiliation.

  • Gezae April 22, 2020

    Are you kidding you said to morrow facing justice. Do you know what justice mean to you? Throw away your nonsense provocation If realy have the will or decision i wish you to see you not tomorrow just and just to day. But if you really mean see you to morrow in Eritrea or at Asmara it a day dream let me assure you one thing, if you do not make changes or corrections in your way of opposition and still resistig to serving bthe enemies of the people and country Iam 101 percent sure you will never and ever see eritrea.

    • Danilo April 22, 2020

      Brother, leave aside un sustainable calculation of dictation. I am telling you a must of due all suppressed eritrean will actually act inside & out side. You also trying to ease your stand by blaming opposition bodies which agree but by not using options of merit is a damaging factor that all i can say.

      • k.tewolde April 24, 2020

        Dany,no need to argue this issue,this is the pandemic of the Eritrean society and Gezae is one of the victim,it is virulent in some and latent in others,it is called ‘Hegdefetitis’,the cure is yet to be found,in the meantime the vector rides the wave claiming more lives. Because you have a child you can’t hug and kiss held for ransom back home except occasional face-time/Skype and a little 2 bedroom stanza to be the reason to support the regime and a myriad of other opportunistic and irrelevant motives,you are empowering your captor with more munition.National liberation is deep,broad and profoundly trans-formative,we are worth more than a few nacfa in the bank,a little villa,stanza and SUV or a neighborhood watchdog for a meal coupon……we deserve better,demand more,fight for what is righteously ours,fulfill the vision of the fallen….and get rid of anyone who get in our way.We deserve to be in our homestead safe with our kids and grand kids watching them grow and blossom,go to the house of worship without being followed by informers,gather and celebrate holidays,birthdays and funerals without pulling a permit from the autocracy>>>>>>last but not least,be able to elect and be elected to lead and participate in decision making of your nation for a limited period of time and give a chance to other fellow citizens. Is this too much to ask? Or is this ‘woyanes’ or ‘ELF’s’ view?.Home is where the heart is,we all want to feel at home where we were born and raised and we don’t have to pay a fee to get that,IT IS ALREADY PAID BY THOSE WHO FELL ON THE RIGHT AND LEFT IN FRONT AND BEHIND US.

  • Hagherawi April 25, 2020

    ኣቶ Gezae

    ኣባል ጀብሃ ነይረ እንተ እለ ፥ ንስርዓት እሰያስ ምሕላቅ ፥ ካብ ኣባል ሻዕቢያ ሙዃን ፥ ዝተበገሰ ክመስል ኣይኮነን !!!
    ክንድዚ ምቁጽጻይ ማኣስ የድሊ ኾይኑ ፥ ስርዓት እሰያስ ፥ ንእትገብሮሉ ኣገልግሎት ፥ ጹቡቅ ይኸፍለካ ካብ ኮነ ፥ ሕልና ካብ ዘይሃለወካ ፥ ንመን ከተዕሹ እኻ ጀብሃ ነይረ ትብል ? እንተ ነበርካኸ ፥ ገደደ ።
    ነዚ ኣረመናዊ ስርዓት ዘገልግል ኣይተሳእነን ፥ ጀብሃ ነበር ኣሎ ፥ ደርጊ ነበር ኣሎ ፥ ሸኽ እየ ዝብል ኣሎ ፥ ቀሺ እየ ዝብል ኣሎ ፥ ሕልና ኣልቦ ኣብ ኩሉ ኣሎ ።
    ስለዚ ፥ ኣቶ ገዛኢ ፥ ሕልና ያሃልኻ ፥ ሰብ ኩን።