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0:01 / 1:58 ATV: News – ዜና፡ መምርሒ ኢሳይያስ ንሰራዊት – ሓካይም ኢትዮጵያ ኣብ ኤርትራ – ሕልሚ ለማ መገርሳ ኣብ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ – Sat, Feb 16, 2019

Review overview
  • Mike February 17, 2019

    The only problem in Eritrea is the idiot in power. Excuse for being blunt to authority.

    Tragedy in Eritrea,

    We made extended visited to Eritrea with my wife. We both wanted , first to find out for ourselves then support the medical community with what we could. Our trip was long stay but very much focused on learning facts on elements we heard about Eritrea from people visiting and sharing “how wonderful things are in Eritrea”. So, we decided to make our yearly vacation trip back to Eritrea this time and do some real-time fact finding.

    The findings are appalling and tragic.

    We were lucky to run in to the President whereabouts 2 times around Eritrea. He is absolutely in control of key players but not unreachable. We also were fortunate to mingle with some die hard friends of ours although several of them are in the late age of their lives. Well they are either no more die hard believers nor are they crazy about the president. With that we are able to understand the states standing. Sad part of Eritreans is that they have no spines. But they are constantly dreaming of change. Well, since our trip was to get all the information we need to assess the facts, we did not dwell long with anyone. The peace with Ethiopia is seen as hopeful sign but not a single soul in Eritrea wants to stay in Eritrea. I witnessed while we stayed in Eritrea close to 27 people leaving to Ethiopia. we knew 11 of these people first hand. My call, personally, here is – one more time , for Eritrean people to rise up take the matter in to your own hands. Many of these leading figures in Eritrea, we spoke with, are mostly old or in ailing state or stuck because they have blood in their hands. Almost everyone, we spoke (in anonymity) know of some one’s criminal act on the top tier leadership in Eritrea. Well, if that is the case how could anyone “take out” this man in power? we have to confess,

    Eritrea is destroyed and people are fleeing in thousands and Eritrea leaders are again playing game by creating all sort of cases to stretch their fate. I would not want to visit Eritrea unless there is change. I have now reached to all those friends that , for years, given us a rosy picture of Eritrea. Most of our friends now seem to have accepted our fact finding evidences.Changing hearts one at a time using facts. Regardless, Although Dr. Aby is in honeymoon stage he is doing what is best for his nation but not all honeymoon’s end well if not handled fairly and in just.

    This story forcing everyone to report back to their respective military is a sign of ailing nation – that would be an excuse now as Sudan is marching towards new chapter. To be continued

    Peace and best wishes to Eritrea

  • Temesgen February 17, 2019

    Concerned Eritreans have time after time called on Eritrean Defense Forces to Stay vigilant when it comes to sovereignty of our nation. The self elected dictator has no legitimacy to become the commander in chief and thus any order by him should be rejected by EDF. Your allegiance is to the people of Eritrea. You have seen with your own eyes what he has been doing to Eritrea under the disguise of peace, Joint Force, and economic integration with Ethiopia. This is a gimmick to disarm Eritrea and gradually hand it over to Ethiopia. Our sovereignty is in grave danger, you should disobey any order or request that tells you to lay down your arms. Who would you trust someone who is self elected president (100% Ethiopian) to be your commander in chief? Why would you trust someone who has authorized the prime minster of Ethiopia to lead Eritrea? Why would you trust someone who made mockery of the Fenkil commemoration by sending his ambassador Araya Desta and secretaries Habtom Zeray & Binyam Berhe to Addis to participate in the inauguration of the statue of emperor Haile Selassie? Why would you trust someone who keeps quite when former Ethiopian Generals/remnants of the Derge utter inflammatory language that threaten our sovereignty? Why would you trust someone who runs the country like his own property? We are now at critical juncture. It is time to act before it is to late.

  • Hab February 19, 2019

    why did you trusted him when you were told he is the spy of Ethiopia in 70th and this was evidently supported by

    old fighters at the time providing you with proof of accessing the Kagnew station, communicating with CIA and top

    Ethiopian commanders. Why did you trust him when you were told about his evil act of murdering his competent

    during the fight against Ethiopia. Why did you trust him when you were told of his secret operations using his

    lenient act of malicious crime to divide the people of Eritrea using tribes and specifically religions. Instead you had

    him as your Angel in fact some people were literally worshipping his devious personality as if he was sent to them

    as a messenger from God, especially those of highlanders because he patronised the lowlanders in everything

    they can imagine. Well! Now we, the people collectively are paying the price resulted from your stubborn

    behaviour in the past. Though the damage is done it is not too late to learn the lesson.