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Review overview
  • Hbun Ertrawi February 29, 2012

    The relation between NAIZGHI & MOHAMMED HAGOS ( ENDA OMO) was since long time back in Mendefera. Mohammed’s family had helped Naizghi a lot and for that reason, they had good relation. Even the Naizghi had helped Mohammed to get Enda Omo, as a result Mohammed bought a Flat ro Naizghi in asmara. When Issaias knows these two men with relation, then he ordered to kill him and he did. the reason was because Issaias afraid that naizghi will give some secret information about his criminal actions. Mohammed was killed and Naizghi died and Issias is really happy than anyone in Eritrea.

    God bless Eritrea!

  • GOOD MAN February 29, 2012

    The numbers of people killed as a result of this regime is unknown, estimate range from 50,000 to 100,000 The youth are forced to work in collectively slave labor, malnutrition, poor medical care,and executions it estimated to have killed around 50,000.

    Our country is suffering from misery and injustice. The time has come for us to unite against dictatorship and state terror. It is time to push in and to take the vampire out. Enough is enough. the people of Eritrea need to be free,the only solution is to kill the vampire. change is coming. SMERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!