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  • gasha October 3, 2011

    You can talk about human right and stick just to that and that will be realy good thing at any time for eritrea and eritreans. However this disrespecting eritrean woman and you are a woman that is shame.

    • Selamawit October 3, 2011


      You miss the point. Decoring with the utmost traditional(like Komarit mesilki) and denial of their sistern languishing in jail. The mothers you claim that I offended could not find time to acknowledge their sistern in the deserts of egypt on way to israel. Denying 300+ youth perished. No society would celebrate and hypocratically present like we did in New York….zero, zip.
      Do you understand what state of denial we are in….Quesiton for you ? don’t you think some of the people who enjoyed all that glamour to be on the same hall with the president are culprits that are exporting their young ones via Sudan. That is what I mean we are in denial…Zemach and Komari behaviour( my gain and will climb the track going goes tough jump off the track, my beauty and stature is more important than what is on the ground respective behaviours). That is what it means no demeaning anyone.

  • tesfai akalu October 3, 2011

    Time is gold pls dont lost your time to be write internet i wish to thing for the future how to live.and our goverment is live today tomorrow untel the end never down

    • Huluf October 4, 2011

      Tesfai Akalu,

      “Free yourself from mental slavery”….I am the governoment. An individual is soverisgn not a state. It is the indivdual who empowers the state and allows it to be a soveign. You sound like those chauvinist Amharas of the 60-70s who were brought down by derg…You might as well crown the king….unfortunately Eritreans could not accept that.

      I challenge you to ask your kids(if you have some) how many years should a president rule….then tell them how long our PIA has ruled, do not engage them in politics if they are not adults…but watch their honest reaction…..You know the difference between them and you- they are FREE. But they love their country and a President of a country or a governorment.

      Time is catching up buddy, do not be left behind.

      Wish you well.

  • YONAS October 4, 2011

    This is not Funny. Try some thing else. Are u Insulting Yemane, Eritrea or Yourself. 1. Yemane acted professional in Manhattan Unlike Selemon and his followers shamefully run after this guy like a lazy dog… I used to feel they represent the people’s opposition but nomore, I believe eritrean people is cool. 2. Eritrea has athlets to represent… not an old yemane. If some athlets run away from the country because of diffrent personal and may common political reasons; it doesn’t mean Eritrea doesn’t deserve better than Yemane. So U boy.. from Atlanta you watch what u post. This is not funny @ all.

    • Hawun Kalu October 6, 2011

      Cheer up, it is both creative and funny…You see every dog has his day…It has been the Top Political Adviser and Political Secretary of the Higdef’ moment….Hope Yemane quesitons his conscience since the incident in New York, unless he does nightmares will haunt him.

  • henok October 4, 2011

    selye arkey abey koinka ketewdiko ab internet ab eritrea tekawemti zibehalu infelitin eye tifeltom teleka kea habrena

    • henok October 4, 2011

      nay behaki neti kalsi kenedeldilo hahahahahahah

  • be smart October 4, 2011

    aye megeremat kab srah kolut tserhu gda gziekum ab tmhrtn thelotn zeytewelwo enber esus kndakum kelo menti nathsnet ab berekatat jgnnnet yserh neyru…….amlak nab lbkum ymlesekum entay ybehal koynu!

  • bisha October 5, 2011

    antum biaklitsibet techenikum zelekum hanti neishtey mikri kihebekum.endeher dea nai behaki deki adena wei bifrki malet bebo wey bede misana zeri alekum koynu ane bezuh shigher zelewo aymeslenin.kinbel belember aytedefen kemzibehal mhret hatitkum hade negher ghiberu. tezeyelo hansab tigrawot hansab bandera ertra hiska nab tsirghia kem nai adkum cherki asirkum ab risekum kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bejiakum kab kulu mot alo ghelelo adkum afliti resakum abey kiatu u.Nehna eritrawian malet etom naibehaki umbula hiwas zeybelna tsiruyat mies deki ERI metkelna ab hade regitsna kinmkit ina. antum nay 2 hiwas kea kabta mis weyane mis tebeasna zikehadkum eta siga kentiatikum ajiokum aytihferu tegaru mikuankum aghdwo kab bandera eritrea mihaz kea eta nay adekum hizu.Ajiokum biadikum aytihferu 2011 ina zelena kedem keymeslekum.

    • Hawun Kalu October 6, 2011


      Then you have to start with PIA and cricles , they are busy wiping out Higi Indaba and replacing it with communistic paterns.
      Pretty soon everyone will claim he or she is from Maekel Zoba.

  • lcj kredyt October 6, 2011

    I agree with you – 100% +. Thank you for the information

  • samrawit October 6, 2011

    atum sebat tselim hindawi (baynan) ab marathon kigoyi riena aynifelitin ina monkey (yemane) kihisu tiray iyu zikiel