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  • EUFJ October 1, 2014

    Brothers, Sisters and all family Eritreans in Bay-Area all our thoughts are with you all and our prayers are to all our people who lost their life
    to run from the EVIL dictator united we should stand and united we fight to stop this happen again. God bless you all Bay Area!
    from all your brothers the Eritrean Unity for Justice London, UK!

  • Geja October 1, 2014

    ቀንዲ መለለዪ ሕላገት ወይ ምልክት ኤርትራ፤ ዓመጽ፣ ግዱ ድ ሃገራዊ ባርነት፣ ኣባየተ ማእሰርቲ፣ ኢፍትሓውነት፣ ባርነትን ንሕስያ ዘይብሉ ዓመጽን ኣብ ሃገራት ዓረብ፣ ህልቂት ኣብ ማእከላይ ባሕርን ምድረበዳ ሰሃራን፣ ኩብለላ ስደተኛታት፣ ኣልቦነት ናይ ርእሰ ምትእምማን፣ ካብ ዝኸውን ንዊሕ ኣቑጽሪ እዩ።
    ብሓጺሩ ኤርትራ ከም ኣብነት ናይ ውርደትን ሕስረትን ቃንዛን ጥራይ እያ እትግለጽ።

    It is one of the few nations on earth that is only identified by its poor governance, number of jails, number of refugees it produces, number of prisons, number of its enslaved population at home and in the Arab world, lack of freedom of thought …
    In short, Eritrea is described as land of misery, despair and suffering.

  • zgeromo October 2, 2014

    What is te root cause of the problem?. Is it the people or a single individual?. We have to answer the cause before we solve it!!!.