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ዝርርብ ምስ ህቡባት ድምጻውያን ቆርጫጭን ዓንዲት ዑቕባይን – ብ ጋዜጠኛ ሜሪ ማግደላን

Review overview
  • Salim Negash October 26, 2019

    Sad to see Tesfalem (korchach) sucked in to the nasty game of regionalism. Mr. Andit Okbay had a per-existing condition of regionalism from the get go so nothing surprising about that loser. Tesfalem had fought for his country, contributed immensely to our armed forces through his artistic creativity… Hope there will be a day he comes to his senses and his country is ready to forgive him and re-unite with the land he dearly loves.

    • Daniel October 26, 2019

      What is your point? I don’t get it. These artists have one region and that’s Eritrea no more no less.

      • Salim Negash October 27, 2019

        Don’t play coy Mr. Daniel. You know what’s up & you know your people well. If you look past the facade of the opposition movement, it is nothing but scary conspiracy by those who suffer from identity crisis. The conspiracy by the few that come from villages that border tigray is to subvert our sovereignty in hopes of creating greater tigray along with their agame brothers across the border & eliminate all other Eritreans (Christians from other regions and all Muslims).