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ዝረኣየ ዓይኑ ይብራህ – ተስፋጋብር ገብረኣምላኽ ገብረሚካኤል ( ተጋዳላይ ተሓኤ ነበር)

Review overview
  • hgdf 0000000 February 27, 2018

    ኣዝዩ ደቂቁ ጸልሚ mignify ክዓቢ ዘይክእል page..

  • k.tewolde February 27, 2018

    The whole nation is on a BOLO (Be On the Look Out),her children ventured out never to be accounted for.The vultures keep on dismantling the nest because that is what predators do.

    • shilan February 27, 2018

      You seem to know so much about predators, were you once a savage evil Islamic ELF predator yourself robbing our poor peasants, burning villages and also burning our languages/text books just to obey and please your savage moslem barbarian Arab slave masters??????
      In a free democratic Eritrea or Agazi in the future you’ll be a prey that would be hunted and dismantled savagely even while on your filthy barbaric ELF mendef beggars wheel chair..
      We advise you to start looking out and sniffing around as ever!
      I very much hope the missing person/brother gets recognized and all the help sooner than later,

      • shilan February 27, 2018

        Sorry I just read the additional info in bracket that he was actually a former ELF shifta/bandit so what difference would it make to find a former shifta/bandit crock? He would probably be still serving his savage evil moslem Arab slave masters in one of their jihadi deserts, I really thought they were looking for a normal human being not an ELF beast.

  • Sol February 28, 2018

    Shilan Tekhlay, are you just a sell out agent of the mafia regime or you are also a socially sick person?

    • shilan March 1, 2018

      Wedi Halima ROOTLESS CANCEROUS (the most vicious and poisonous Saho whore snake), I don’t really know whether to cry or laugh on pathetic but savage evil muslim/Islamic gimmicks.
      Why do you freaking have to always manufacture a little fake Eritrean outrage, is it just to show that you actually belong to us???? And did you get this act training in one of your evil savage Islamic jihad madrassas in Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Afghanistan???? Your savage evil muslim slave masters and the barbaric evil Islamic ELF mendef beasts must have trained you well as you are deceiving a few gullible assenna readers like brother Michael Tesfamariam but not all of us.
      Now, savage evil muslim Arab dog, what was your pathetic dog’s question/request apart from left overs of your barbarian Arab slave masters halal meats, am I an agent of the mafia regime or a socially sick person????? Well, we know who is socially sick – the savage evil muslim Saho whore snake who can’t use his vicious Islam’s shit pen-names and who unashamedly uses our beautiful Christian names. I am not an agent of the mafia regime but I would be proud to be an agent or representative of the Agazian but are you also still a foot soldier and mercenary of the barbarian Arabs and how much do you get for your barbaric dirty works? In short, brother Ghirmay has described you rightly as LEKHBAT TEGONBAHI muslim jerk.

      • k.tewolde March 1, 2018

        “…. I would be proud to be an agent or representative of the Agazian…….” so this is how Agazian sounds and thinks? Houston we got a problem! Let’s bring out the Tabot,we’re going to war.