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ዕላል ጴጥሮስ ሰለሙንን ብርሃነ ገረዝጊሄርን ምስ ዳን ኮኔል – ትርጉም ብ ሩት ሃብተማርያም (2001)

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Review overview
  • habtom negasi September 10, 2015

    we were thinking that we had a revolutionary struggle forthe liberation of Eritea and its mankind. In reality it was a sell-out of its people and land to unknown future. All the evil action and dark future was being masterminded by the super-powers, with a very cunning agent Isayas. The only solution is to dissolve him and his cronies as a revenge for the lost – nation.
    Eritrea has nomore future. Its existence is only provisional. CIA,Mosad,Ethiopia, a veryweak so called opposition all have contributed toits permanent loss-
    Cry my beloved nation. I will only take a revenge.

  • awget September 10, 2015

    simon.G Do you understand haw it was GEDLI,when you are in GEDLI there is no candy there ,it is not a heaven,In that circumstance any good or bad things can happen.DO you know haw money spays were send by ethiopia to destroy GEDLI thousands it is not a joke.This is the time the secretive party guard theGEDLI and it works we liberate our country,thanks GOD.This is the time when our president Essayas played a big role to safe guard the GEDLI.So please try to understand the situations before you run your comment .

    • Simon G. September 10, 2015

      awget: The secret party was protecting and advertising Isayas as a one and only one true hero. It was killing every smart and brave Tegadelti, by labeling them many things. Sometimes Kede’at, hasussat, etc. The secretive and killer party’s job was there to do that. Nothing more. Look what have created. Look what happen to our beloved country. Was this your expectation.
      By the way, that old secret party is gone but there is one more dangerous now. Guess who are some of those members? Hint: it includes some Demhit members, Monkey, Kisha. The rest, fill in the blank.

    • Hard to Swallow September 11, 2015

      Awget ,

      The idea of a secret party came from a communist party of China . That is what Mao did during the revolution . But there is always accountability for your actions . whether it is Issays or the EPLF they are responsible for murdering innocent Eritreans . If your idea is much better than mine , you have to build your case to convince me .

      Look at what the TPLF did , they were more matured and cultured than the EPLF in managing their differences .

      To kill a person or a group of people is not a justification for an independent Eritrea . Look at what they are doing now . EPLF/PFDJ has an addiction to eliminate people if they don’t like it . I don’t think this can create a healthy environment as a government .

      I better be a state less than an Eritrean with out a justice.

      We Eritrean must start to think out of a box . The old generation is so out dated to cope with the 21st century .

  • hmam lbi September 10, 2015

    I do not agree with Isaias’s ideology ,but, I respect him for being consistent ,a brute from A to Z .The problem with people like Petros solomon is they swallow a camel but objecvt of swallowing a needle. THE WORST CORRUPTION IS WASTING PEOPLE FREELY OR WATCHING IDLY WHILE PEOPLE BEING WASTED.FINANCIAL CORRUPTION IS DISNEY LAND COMPARED TO FORCING PEOPLE TO DIE FOR DESTRUCTION:

    • Fethi September 10, 2015

      Its well said. I couldn’t agree more. “Without him we couldn’t talk about his Eritrea” Its true and he made us talk about the poor nation he created for us where “ONLY” he and his family alone have the final say about the poor nation and its pathetic people. Issaias is a real leader who could motivate people to fight his unjust and unholy war. He used our poor people as a Trojan horse to reign on never ending power. We as Eritreans should be ashamed of being incapable of producing a leader even in the face of the untold proportion of atrocities unleashed by emperor Isaias and his henchmen.