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  • Ghenet December 25, 2014

    As much as I love to hear Almaz sing, I think it is a wrong timing.
    Atum sebat lomi nay mzngae gzie aykonen. nay msrahn nPFDJ nmtfae nay meguyayn gizie eyu!
    Please DO WAKE UP ERITREANS!!!! your brothers and sisters and children are dying, languishing in refugee camp, sinking in merciless cruel seas. What is wrong with you people?
    and you are making singer rich, paying to dance? NEWRI!

  • Fitihi December 27, 2014

    Dear Ghenet,

    I read your comments. I respectfully disagree with your view. We justice seekers have to be also wise vis to use what means & when. Only emotions will takes us no where. One of the main tools used by Higdefits to hamper the sturggle for democratic change in our michiwti Eritrea is social isolation. Remember we are trying to mobilze the young Eritreans who just joined the diaspora community. Higdefites are luring them by activities such as concerts. They do this because they now the desires of their targets. Believe it or not it is working for them. Check for example the concert organized in Rotterdam on 25 dec & another concert is scheduled for 27. We should be able to used all possible means & tools to attain or objectives.

    • Ghenet December 27, 2014

      Dear Fitihi,
      Yes PFDJ uses the to of concert and dance to lure the weak and emotional. We are trying to bring change. Should we do the same mistakes PFDJ did? Should we not teach, train and inform each other now more than ever. Many of the Eritreans come from villages and have not been given the chance to know or be informed about many things. We should use this opportunity to give them some training on how to leave in the west, of what they should do and what they should not do and most of all we should teach them some politics and communication skills. Even the ones who go ‘education’ in Eritrea have very little knowledge of how to play politics and how to contribute to one’s own society. We can not deny this. Drinking, jumping and dancing will not to the job my dear Fitihi.
      Just because PFDJ takes our youth to the abyss does not mean we should do the same. I absolutely do not support dancing and what follows it NOW when our own people in and out of Eritrea are in dire situation. They are fighting for their lives in many refugee camps. We should do something new. like going there and give them hope and anything we can.
      The way we are going no one has any intention to go to shegereab or the camps in Ethiopia and kill an ox for the unaccompanied children there. What do you say Fitihi hawey/haftey???

      • Yoditta gaul Yemane December 27, 2014

        I agree 100% with you my kibriti haftey. However, it seems our respectful friend Fitihi just misses the PFDJ gayila/dance! There will be plenty time for concerts once Isaias’s regime is uprooted and joins the dust bin of Haileselassie & Mengistu Hailemariam. Brother/sister Fitihi made good points as well and God bless you both and keep it up. Indeed, judgement day is so near.

  • Ghenet December 27, 2014

    I mean kill an ox for christmas for the children.