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  • oromay November 27, 2014

    ሓሰውቲ ፈሪሳውያን እግዚኣብሔር ሰላሙ ይሃበና ከኣ ትብሉ ክፍኣት እናሰራሕኩም!

  • THE NOBLE TEACHER November 27, 2014

    ከምዚ እንተቐጺሉ ከምቲ ናይ ጓይላ ቦሎኛ ዝገበርናዮ ጸረ ጓይላ ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ ፣ኣንጻር እዛ ህግደፍ ዝዕብልላ ዘላ ሃይማኖት ተዋህዶ እውን ክንቃወም ኣለና።ህዝብና እንዳሞተስ ጸሎትን ቅዳሴን ተራእይዎም ድዩ ፧ ኣብ ኣፍ በትኽስያን ተዋህዶ ኴንና ብታቤላታት ንቃወም እሞ ኢሳያስ ኣብ ሳልስታ ክግልበጥ እዩ።እቶም ኢሳያስ እንተቐቲልና ሚልዮንን ፈረቓን ዝህቡና ድኣ ድሃይ ኣጥፊኦም ???

    • ኣርዓዶም November 28, 2014

      The Never Teacher,
      ንዓኻ መልሲ ዘይግባእ እኵ እንተኾነ፡ ነቲ ጥርዙዝ ትዕቢትካ ግን ቑሩብ ክንምልስ።
      – ተቓውሞና ኣንጻር ጕይላ ህግደፍ ዘይኮነስ፡ ኣንጻር`ቲ ብስም ጕይላ ዝግበር ዕብለላ ኣብ ልዕሊ ህዝብን ሃገርን ምኵኑ ፍለጥ
      -ኣብ ቤተ-ክርስትያናት ኢዱ ከእቱ ከም ዘይብሉን፡ ዝተኣስሩ ክቡር ጳጳስና ክፈትሖም ከም ዘለዎን።
      – ተቓውሞና ልዕልና ሕጊ ይንገስ መግዛእቲ ዲክታቶርነት የብቕዕ ምዅኑ ፍለጥ
      – ተቓውሞና ኣንጽር ኩል ገባር ክፉእ ከም`ዚ ከማኻ ምዅኑ ፍለጥ።

      ፍትሒ ይንገስ፡ ምልኪ ይፍረስ። ንብል ኣለና። ንስኻን ከማኻን ድማ ክሳብ ግዜኻ ትረክብ ከተሽክዓልል ትኽእል። ግን ግዜኻ ኣይትስኣን ጥራሕ !!

      • THE NOBLE TEACHER November 28, 2014

        ARADOM ,
        My comment goes beyond the direct message ,it has brilliant messaghe of reacting as opposed to acting ,to oppose PFDJ’s agenda versus following your own agenda.Please ,when you read my comment try to go deep 98.6% fellow Eritreans do not get my intended message ,unfortunatelly n/fortunattelly the 1.4% people that get it are Tewelijes or with a grandmother from Tigray like mine.
        EmbaH Tray bel wedi Erei

        • ሓውኻ ኣበይ ኣሎ? November 29, 2014

          Mr. Many Names
          When are you going to stop beating the old drums. It is obvious for many on this forum that you are against justice and equality for Eritreans. Everyone here in assenna abhors your provocative and vulgar language. Our struggle is not about ethnicity, religion or region, which was and still is being used by the old and new tyrants to divide and conquer our people.

  • oromay November 28, 2014

    ከማኻ ዝኣምሰለ ኻኺቶ ሃገርን ህዝብን ገንዘብ እዩ ፈጣሪኹም’ሞ ካብቲ ተኽለ ነጂስ ሰባት ሸይጡ ዝኣከቦ ሰልዲ ኣካፍለኒ በሎ! ምናልባት ምስ ራሻይዳ ኮይንኻ እንተኸዲምካሉ ይህበካ ይኸውን ወጠምጠም ግን ኣይትበል መልሓስካ ከይቆርጸካ!

    • Tesfit November 28, 2014

      ምስ መን ኢኻ ትቋየቕ ዘለኻ፧

      • Dante November 29, 2014

        Bravo and thank you for the laugh about oromay weird question or talking to himself! Just like his nick name he is unfortunately a goner that is an expired one “kakhito” to use his own word.

  • Debasse November 28, 2014

    Eritrea is leading to unknow. We are busy with useless and useless issues.

  • Alem November 28, 2014

    In the name of national security when the despicable blood thirsty regime of ISAYAS ASFEWORKI inflict heavy crime on our people….
    We were silent
    1-when he brutally torture jail and kill our handicapped tegadelti
    2-when he jailed our political leaders G-15
    3-When jailed our journalists and closed our news papers
    4-when he closed our single university
    5-when he turned our youngsters life into hell on earth by enslaving them
    6-when he desecrating our church and jail our patriarch and replaced him by thieves and thugs
    My dear brothers and sisters if we do not have the guts to get up and get rid of this criminal when he is brutalizing our sacred faith institution and jailing our faith leaders I wonder if we would have the guts to stop this criminal if we had to catch him red handed RAPPING our MOMS and SISTERS. (hamotna fesisu Eritrea)

  • gerimuna November 28, 2014

    to Alem:
    I am afraid as people, we failed. A bunch of vagabonds and street smarts kept us in quagmire, manipulating a few educated sell out subordinates by dividing and rule. Irrespective, the disdained dictator will inevitably be eradicated soon in the same way as his beloved master, Kadaffi, with a few of his running dogs, as Philipos. They are already cleansed from the heart of our people. The next step is action. A morning will come when the virus is in disarray as Dergue. Just keep hope alive!

  • Eritrawi November 28, 2014

    Shame! Shame! Shame! Tewahado Church Leaders. Eritrean Population are Hungry for the Rule of Law. Orthodox Christians have a Solid Faith of Our Ancestors. CLEAN your NOSE. NO one will divide us.

  • metkel December 3, 2014

    non of this characters in this posting are tewahdo orthodox. ignore !

  • daniel December 4, 2014

    are besmeab nebel amHaru grgr lelieba yemechal kemzbehal aytetahawku
    xebah keythafru seraqn qorbetn enahadere slezfoks