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  • merih April 24, 2012

    kemey wedey mot kinana neaka zeytiwesdeka hasad lekbat halami …

  • ለቲና Lettinna April 24, 2012

    Merih emo dea natka zelam kebdi n goytaka zeytehbo? hasad malet seb neseb keketel kelo ketal seb enteilkayo hasad ikka malet deu? atum kerdadat heji ewen af alekum malet deu? chekanat!!!!!

  • Selamawi April 24, 2012

    Very delicate situation in deed!

    I remember when the G13, G15, the good news papers, individuals and groups were blowing fresh 11 years ago , many Eritreans felt that something positive was coming. Unfortunately, what we got was the opposite! More incarceration, more deaths, more exodus, more humiliation, and more emotional distress felt by every Eritrean.

    Whether the satanic man is dead or not yet, his cronies and their little minded spies are watching and checking who is smiling at the news of his perpetual departure. If they seize power again, these blood thirsty and paranoid core PFDJ group will strike again, taking us to a lower level of disaster. Hence why Alen’s message is timely, respionsible, and lucid as usual.
    All wise Eritreans should exercise caution but contribute to the downfall of the PFDJ regime and its seeds/branches/roots once and for all!

    His follower were bemused by what he did to Naizghi Kuflu…what are they going to say now? If the Satanic dictator has really gone for good, how are they going to survive without his protection? Perhaps they will undrstand we have been bruising while they enjoyed… Let’s strip them of all powes.