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እሾኽ ምድሪቤት – by Habtemaryam Abraha/ሃብተማርያም ኣብራሃ

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  • Jumma hassan April 21, 2017

    The sad part about Eritrea and it’s revolution and the mistake that occur during those years.I as a Muslim spent all my life fighting for ERitrean freedom.lost all my family including my dad.and the unfortunate most of family killed by Eritrean commando.we bury the dark history to have afree and prosperous land.but unfortunately many Muslim’s also died in the is not proportional.but does your gust know how many Muslim ‘s killed by lawless Christmas at time of haileselass .go back to real history when Muslim killed and inprsioned the Christmas kid’s were going to school and their families were having good life.but after all the year of fighting and loosing almost half of the Eritrean start talking about religion is shame to those encourage and support this base less Eritrean so people are in disbelief to hear this nonsense Especially in Voice of assena.that ki d of division isn’t good for our people Muslim and Christmas.Relgion v has nothing to do with our stragel.we have to work together to save our great home.thanks