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  • HAILE February 9, 2012

    i am not here to support or oppose tefeno . you guys said in your statement that “ተፈኖ፡ ድሕሪ ነጻነት፡ ሃገርን ህዝቢን ከዲዑ ኣብ ኣሜሪካ ክነብር ዝመረጸ ክነሱ፡ …” really? it makes you traitor to come and live in America? the word ” traitor” is usaully used by PFDj to any one who leaves eritrea “illegally” ..BUT it amazes me so much the so called oppostion group use same PFDJ words. You guys live in America too …should we call you traitors too? what a contradictions!!! if he was a “traitor” why was not he arrested when he returned to eritrea?

    • kabUK February 9, 2012

      I agree with you Haile. Let’s get rid of all the PFDJ terminologies that were coined up to instantly label people without justification. the opposition websites (literature) should not be victims of the cultural revolution waged against our society in ghedli times against our customs, mannerism etc. Tefono should be ashamed of himself for siding with the dictatorial regime though.

  • February 9, 2012

    I am so sorry to wast my time with you brother. You don’t know what you are talking about. I can see who you are from your writings, and if I start to say something about you I will be like you, so let me leave you here about who you are. To have your own political stand is your right, but doesn’t spread a gossip that you don’t know about. I have know his father and his grandfather for years, his grandfather Ato Debesay was one of the influential fathers in his village and he is 100% Eritrean. I don’t like his stand because I don’t agree with the PFDJ, but I don’t have to spread lies to strengthen my case.
    As with all Eritrean Cities, Mendefra has a unique value, that is, all its people are from different regions of the country and even some are from our neighboring countries but we live together with love and respect.
    You can say what you want to say, but Tefeno has played a great role during our revolution but now he choose to serve PFDJ, and hope one day he will change his mind and serve his people.

    Leave him and his family alone and come with a strong case to convince him that he is not doing righ

    Tecle A

    • Haqqi Nezareb February 9, 2012

      Hi Tecle,

      I agree with you Tecle that Akililu is an Eritrean. His family was a neighbor to my uncle in Enda-frustale (Park-rangers) and his father was a close friend to my uncle (RIP) a long time ago. I don’t like him serving the lunatic leader Issais, though that is his right to do so. However, fabricating some body’s origin is a crime. We better be careful before we propose such character-assassination.

      • Dan Nomav February 9, 2012

        Tecle2100 and Haqqi (Hebe’i)
        How you two bafoons master the nerve to lecture me about my KANTRY of Mendefera is beyond me. Mendefera is not only my place of birth, it is the only KANTRY I recognize in that part of the world. I don’t see myself as Eritrean/African but rather as ‘wedi Mendefera’. You two monkeys are shameless liars to say that Aklilu’s family are Eritreans. I know Aklilu the rat’s family from A to Z. So, if you two little mice have any self respect you come out tell the truth about Aklilu the traitor gojamies and apologize to me for protesting my brave move to expose this bastard for what he is, a little prostitute who has always been for sale to the highest bidder…

        • Haqqi Nezareb February 9, 2012

          Dan Nomav aka wekaria

          Usually people like with identity crisis are quick at labeling endogenous Eritreans. I am quite sure your parents are originally from Ethiopia and planted latter in Mendefera. Stop this nonsense.

          • February 9, 2012

            Haqqi Nezareb,……………. We told him that Aklilu is from a well respected Eritrean family and if he doesn’t want to listen let him yawn…….., he reminds me the proverb ” Tsemam Hade Derfu”

          • Dan Nomav February 9, 2012

            Haqqi Chenawee wedi komareet…
            You hurted my feeling…how dare you call me ‘wekaria’ when you know that you’re half ‘Wukaria’ with a druggie for dad. Now, Aklilu is and will always be wedi BUTANNA Roma ‘gual bidama’. I know Aklilu from Mendefera…Tecle sounds a little smarter albeit he is also half Wukaria like you….Now go and kiss your own rear end…hara’e wedi za korchach…

          • Mr. T February 10, 2012

            Dan Momav,

            Why can’t you respect your own dignity by respecting Tefeno’s parents? What happened to badge of Eritreanism: respecting the elderly? I am in fact surprised with Haqqi Nezareb’s reply to you. This is the first time I see him saying something that is worthy of his pen-name. What shocked me to near death, however, is that this is also his first time he did not apply the word “zombie” to insult others who don’t subscribe to his views. I think you should thank him for that. What is so hilarious is that you also called him “korchach” as if Haqqi Nezareb has any leaf of hair left on his head. I thought he was completely shiny and bald. (I am kidding. This is just to create a smile on your faces, gentlemen).

        • Haqqi Nezareb February 9, 2012

          Hi Dan Nomav,
          You said”How you two bafoons master the nerve to lecture me about my KANTRY of Mendefera is beyond me.”. Is Mendefera a Kantry (you mean a country)? I never heard of country. Please cut out being nonsense in the forum.

        • HGDF February 10, 2012

          Dan Nomav
          እንታይ ዓይነት ስዲ ዘረባ ኢኻ ወደይ ተስምዓና ዘሎካ፧ ዋላ ወዲ መንደፈራ ኩን ከምቲ ኣብ ታሪኽ ንሰምዖ ገና ዱር ከላ ሰብ ከይደፈራ መጺኡ ዓዲ ዝገበራውን እንተኮነ ንካልኦት ድሕረይ ስለዝመጻእኩም ደቂ ዓዲ ኣይኮንኩምን ኣይብልን እዩ። ካብ መሬት ዝበቆለ ሰብ የለን። ካብ ዝመጽ ይምጻእ ብዘየገድስ ኤርትራዊ እዩ። ኣብ ኒክ ነይም ተሓቢእካ ክብሪ ሰብ ምዝላፍ መግለጺ ዘይስድራቤታዊ ኣተዓባብያ እዩ። ሰብኣይ እንተኮንካ ሓቀኛ ስምካን ገዛውትካን ነገር እሞ ደቂ መንደፈራ ይህልዉ ይኮኑ ኣብዚ ንሶም ክፈርዱካ።

          • Dan Nomav February 10, 2012

            Next thing you are gonna say that Isias wedi Medhin Berad is Eritrean. I don’t need a history lesson about my KANTRY of Mendefera from a monkey from Adwa. Go shine the criminal dictators shoe. In fact you the above two monkey sound sane..ta ta for now…If you want more of my wisedom you’ve got to be nice to me…

  • Haqqi Nezareb February 9, 2012

    Hi Dan aka Wekaria,

    Truth hurts. I feel your frustration of having identity-crisis.

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN February 9, 2012

    “ዘይእዋንኪ መጺኡኪ ምሽክነይቲ ኣደ
    ዓደይ ዝሓደግኩ ፣ ኣነ´ውን ተገዲደ
    ኣእዳወይ ሓንቕዎ ኣይኮነን ውላድኪ ዝሞተ ”

    ብዓልቲ ጸሊም ነጸላ ኣደይ ፍረወይኒ
    ከም ጠቢብ-ቡዳ ብዓይኒ ሓሳድ ኣይትጠምትኒ
    ወድኺ ዝፈልጦ፣ ኣብ ናይ ቀበሌ ሪጋ ባኒ
    ደፊኤ ኣየውጻእኩዎን ንዓይ ኣይትሕመይኒ
    ሓኒቔ ኣይቀተልኩዎን፣ ብደም ከይትሓትኒ
    ዓደይ ዝገደፍኩ ፍቕሪ ስድራ እናሃለወኒ
    ካብ ኣስቤዛ ዝተረፈት 100 ናቕፋ ኣላትኒ
    ደንጊጸልኪ እየ እምበር እንታይከ ትብጽሕኒ ፧ ፧ ፧
    ጨኪነ ኣይኮንኩን ሕልና ኣጥፊኤ
    ስደት፣ ሱዳንን ኬንያን ሓመድ ድፋጫይ በሊዔ
    ካናዳ እዝጊ´ሃቦም ምስ ርኣዩኒ ተወጺዔ
    ብሰብኣዊ ርህራሂኦም ንቶሮንቶ መጺኤ….continues

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN February 9, 2012

    ብሰንኪ ዋህዮታት-ዋይጦታት ሰበይ ጸሊኤ
    ከም ዓባቕ ጤል ሓዅሪ ሓዅሪ ተጸጊዔ
    ባርነት ጉንበት ´91 ምስ “ተወልዔ”
    ገንዘብ ኣዋህሊለ፣ስድራ-ኣዝማደይ ሪኤ !!!
    ናፍቖት ከይወጸለይ ኣሜሪካ ተመሊሰ
    ስንኩል ወዲ ጓልኪ፣ ማይ ሓባር ብጥይት ከምተባጣጠሰ
    ዘዕበኽዮ ወዲ ሓውኪ፣ “ውግእ ዶብ” ደሙ ከም ዝፈሰሰ
    ጓልኪ ሃዲማ ፣ sinaiንጽህንኣ ብሓይሊ ከም ዝተጋህሰ
    50.000 ናቕፋ ቀጺዖምኺ,ሰብኣይኪ ከም ዝትሓበሰ ……!!!
    ሰሚዔዮ ብዕላል Star Bucks ኮይነ…continues

  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN February 9, 2012

    ዓገብ እንተበልኩ ብኣኺ ሓዚነ
    ክሓዲ ኢሎምኒ ,ቆምሽጢ ወያነ
    ካብ ድምበዛን ኣውጺኦም,ዓዲ ግራት ዓጋመ
    ብሰንክኺን,ከማኽን፣ በዕሩኸይን ደቂ ግራተይን ተኾኒነ
    ኣምላኽ ይሓግዝኪ እምበር፣ምስ ህዝበይ ክጽለል ወሲነ
    በትሪ ሓቂ ትሰበር፣ሓሸምሸም ትበል ወሊደያ ዶ ኣነ ፧ ፧ ፧ !!!!!!!!!
    The almost talented ,Eritrean mothers´ party supporter,the almost great intelligent SINGAPO-ERITREAN !!!

    • hggum brhan February 10, 2012

      wow!!!!! only tefeno?what abaut other singers,can any body tele me for those who call them seif appostion, do they have telented one?kkkkkk i dont know….meybe singapo and cmbo kkkkk dabble acters.all singers are working with their gevermet and with people of eritrea.This singers are not barrowing from weyanes beth gitar watta or advice like appostion grup, they do not like telented HAGERAWI singer.becouse they are NTFATN NWRDETN bweyane temewilom yserhu slezelewu aye baal adde elka mhlaf tray eyu zedli.

    • HGDF February 10, 2012

      ከምዚ ሕጂ ኣዋሳ ዶ ኣዲስ ከይተጠላቀዩ ጀብሃ ቀደም ነዞም ጎረቤትና ኣይፈትዉዎምን ዝነበሩ። ሓደ መዓልቲ ሓደ ኣካይዳኡ ደስ ዘይበሎም ሰብ ጸዊዖም ኣበይ ዓድካ ኢሎም ይሓትዎ ንሱ ከኣ ደምበዛን እምበይ ይብሎም ንሳቶም ከኣ ትቅብል ኣቢሎም “እምበይ ወሲኽካላ እምበር ዓዲስ መሪጽካ ነርካ” ኢሎሞ ንብለካ. ኣነስ ኤርትራዊ እየ ጥራይ እንተበልካ እኹል እዩ ምኽንያቱ ኣብ መንጎ እምበይ ከይትሞልቀካ

      • hggum brhan February 10, 2012


      • simon haile February 10, 2012

        kkkkkkkk you are so funny keep it up I’m Lovin’ It
        Good day to you HGDF.

  • Zemuy February 10, 2012

    Who care if his ancestors come from Gojam he is Eritrean but he loves more Isayas than Eritrea. This guy is a bragard and a lier years a go he was interviwed by VOA and he claimed he is going to teach music at universty of on earth illitrate person can teach music in a higher education.As seb Keren how he was chasing women and abusing them . Those who served in the war Zone never brag like this Thanks to His mentor semere rusom. He left Eritrea while others are still serving the dicatctor he choose to come here to live good life.Privetly he complain about HIGDEf to some of his friends wishy washy aportunist

  • HGDF February 10, 2012

    Have you read this at “ጉዳይ ኣኸባ ለንደን ሓቅን ሓሶትን እንክፋጠጣ። ጸብጻብ ኣሰናዶ ወይስ ስእላዊ ጭብጢ፡
    ሕጂ’ውን ህዝቢ ይፍረድ።”

  • Helen Gebre February 10, 2012

    hey everybody how are you doing? i am new fro this site, just come across to get some info
    My mother is Eritrean, and my father is Ethiopian.
    i was born in Zalanmbesa, then i went to Australia when i was 6 in 1999 and lives in Australia, i don’t know who to support, the Eritrean or Ethiopian , I know that these two countries are enemy but i wonder how my parents are still live together who are from Ethiopia and Eritrea.
    wish good for these two countries… i have never comment on any issues related to these countries.. good or bad.
    Just i dont know

    • kaguui February 10, 2012

      Then you are ethiopian and support ethiopia. By the way are you Amharay or agame?

    • Abnet Tesfai February 11, 2012

      dear Helen Gebre
      don’t worry. the two people are brothers. both leaders of the two countries are headache for both people. they want to alienate both people, want to start war and kill people. but the people of both countries love each other as brothers. the only advice to you is to support the people not the two bullshit governments and you have to help any individual or entity who works for peace, democracy, thrive for both countries.
      use your skill and education to serve both peoples.

  • Marosso February 10, 2012

    well let me tell you who this idiot tefeno is first at all I grow up with him and use to spend night in our home 2nd we were in one Haylee 78 till he moved to les les beli spagheti my grand father heard him to say anta neti gojeme tedahayo (grand father of( tefeon Debeysay xegede) his family came a place called xegede i heard it but don’t know what it mean in Gedli i find out that it was in tigray and the family are tigrayns what next? dunzuzat search.

    • HGDF February 10, 2012

      Hey what is wrong with you guys? There is no reason making him less Eritrean than anyone of us here. Make him gojame, gonderie, tigrie or showa. He fought to make you free while your parents were sending their kids to study to Addis and some of you were hiding under your mothers’ ቆሚሽጢ. መሬት ምስ ወግሐ ጅግና ምኻን ቀሊል እዩ። ኣበይ ዝነበርኩም ኢኩም ንባዕልኩም ፈቀዶ ጎጃም ተሓቢእኩም ነርኩም ሕጂ ጀጋኑ ከተናሽዉ መን እዩ ክኣምነኩም:: ካብ ጎጃም ገዲፉ ዋላ ካብ ወለጋ ይምጻእ ሓደ ካባካትኩም ልዕሊኡ ንኤርትራ ዚገበረላ የለን።እዚ ንምክፋኡ ዚግበረ ዘሎ ጎስጓስ ካበይ ከምዝምንጩ ተረዲእናዮ ኣሎና። ክንዲ ቅንጣብ ፍረ ከምዘይብልኩም ግን ክትፈልቱ ይግባእ። ናትኩም ናይ ሽም ምጥፋእ ወፈራ ንተፈኖ መሊሱ ከም ዘሐይሎ ሓንጎል እንተ ኣለኩም ምፈለጥኩሞ።

    • hggum brhan February 10, 2012