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ኣብ በርሚንግሃም ዓባይ ብርጣንያ ብምኽንያት ኣብ ደሴት ላምፓዶሳ ብዘስካሕክሕ ፍጻሜ ኣብ ባሕሪ ዝጠፍኡ ኤርትራውያን ንሰለስተ መዓልታት ናይ ዝኽርን ሓዘንን ስነ ስርዓት ተኸይዱ።

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Review overview
  • ERITRAWIT October 15, 2013

    Yes deki hager most of you u know this journey, Sudan,Libia, and Italy and beyond that God bless u.And u stand with u brother and Sister who they follow u roots what a tragic heart breaking!!!for those they pass all this journey and working with the dictator they will be asked by Eritrean people i will advice u to think to deep this tragic it want stop it could be member of u family there is no point supporting who dose not care for the people.