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ኣብ ልዕሊ ማንኪ መጥቃዕቲ ከምዝወረደ መንግስቲ ኢጣልያ ኣረጋጊጹ።

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Review overview
  • Daniel August 31, 2017

    We have to kill him that mathefuker by any means.

    • Abrehet K. August 31, 2017

      Only a son of a bitch/prostitute uses a disgusting language of ‘mother…….’.
      Be our guest and try to kill him by any means you can! But you can’t as you are only big talk.
      Action speaks louder that cheap street ghetto words.
      Grow up fast and respect the hard working mothers. Did you ever have a mother?

      • k.tewolde August 31, 2017

        Abrehet,I don’t condone the language Dawit used,however you retorted back with the same language by insulting his Eritrean mother who has nothing to do with what comes out of his mouth.Are you playing double standard or simply defending the indefensible?

        • amanuel August 31, 2017

          Facts always betrays hypocrits.

        • Abrehet K. September 1, 2017

          K.Tewelde, you must also be son of a bitch/prostitute.
          Where did I ever mention his mother as being an Eritrean?
          Are you a mind reader or an amatuer/village comedian on town?
          Don’t get too smart or get carried away with your nonsense games!

          • k.tewolde September 1, 2017

            You must be one of the monkey’s mate,I arrest my case.They do come out from wherever they are lurking ,don’t they?

      • Abrehet K. September 1, 2017

        Yemane monkey is representing Eritrea at the highest levels of UN and EU.
        While you can’t represent your bitch/prostitute mother at any level.
        You and your useless cohorts may intimidate a few but will not succeed with many.
        Cut all your hallucinations about monkey this and monkey’s mate that nonsense.

        • k.tewolde September 1, 2017

          Correction,representing HGDEF not Eritrea.The Eritrean people are wasting away in dungeons and containers,those who managed to escape I will leave for them to tell the story.Who is hallucinating?Abrehet,you conveniently forgot your beautiful young sister who drowned with her 3 precious kids in Lampedusa because people like the one you defending deprived them a sliver of hope or space to dream.

          • Abrehet K. September 1, 2017

            You are just a waste of time and space useless attention seeker.
            Tell us k.tewolde, what you did for our beautiful unfortunate sister with her 3 kids then?? Absolutely nothing except may be your normal cheap/childish writings and crocodile cries.
            You are so obnoxious and don’t understand when people keep ignoring you son of a bitch/prostitute. Get real for a change.

  • Aron fist August 31, 2017

    ተመን ንክቅተል ሲ ኣብ ርእሱ ኢኻ ትጭፍጭፎ ወይ ነቲ ኣምባሳደር ወይ ን monkey agly face ክጭፍጨፋ ነርወን ድሓን ህግደፍ ራዕዲ ኣትይወን ኣሎ። ኣጀኹም ጀጋኑ ሮማ ብስራሕኩም ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ደስ ኢልዎ ኮሪዑ።

    • amanuel September 4, 2017

      Abrehet gahaf
      Kab xelot wey adi segdo aytihalfin eki. Tarik xelotn adi sogdon tifeltio do. Mebekolki maletey eye.

      • Gerima September 6, 2017

        Xelot and Adi Segdo are proud villages with heroes and heroines. You want mess up with them good luck!!