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ኣሰር ዝኽርታተይ – ምርኢት ኣብ ለንደን ብገዲም ወናም ስነጥበበኛ ዑስማን ዓብደረሒም

Review overview
  • ahmed saleh August 30, 2013

    How nice to hear Osman Abdulrehim still active in performing . If Osman can get my remarks , I like
    him to to up-grade his old patriotic songs with modern instruments . I remember when with my friends
    at out teenage years used to listen on tape recorder hidden from our parents inside our home in Asmera,
    (Gheza banda TILIAN ) . To mention some what I remember ; SPORT , HARESTAY , ANE ….., so on , I forgot
    I am sorry , we were innocent pure Eritreans kids back then where few of us make it to survive the national
    challenge . But I am sure our young generation can connect through musical entertainment because the whole
    reality of life of now and then are comparable concerning justice issues .

    • Yohannes August 31, 2013

      Thank you Ahmed, I am with you on this. I hope he revives/ruscitates every song he sang from day one of his great artistic life and distributes them through various venues to his lifelong fans. He is, without a doubt, a living legend! Thanks

  • sara gual eritra August 30, 2013

    osman abdelrehim
    ane wn ndihrit temelise nhawey zekire
    bmot nzitefeleyeni bealbetey wn azekiruni
    hadish derfi sgab MAT’A kedom yri’ewo minbarom
    (temaharo ex bottego )

  • abdu August 30, 2013

    Osman A/rehim. the legend; the original; real musician enduring Symbol of Eritrea; and he is still an icon. Keep the spirit alive wedi abdi you are always on the top.

  • abdu August 30, 2013

    Osman-A.rehim. A man who never kiss a butt of the dictator; a man with dignity & integrity; A man never kneel down, a man who stands with justice & freedom to all Eritrean;GO OSMAN GO.

    If i only want to say same thing; i would like to transfer a message to Eritrean people in side ERitrea also.
    Plese ! Please ! and Please do not attend so call Hgerawi Fistival ; it’s any more hagerawi fistival it is(dictatrawi Festival) and it”s a anew way of collecting money from the people who are already financialy stranded. So just as you doing Friday freedom stay at home during a fistival .

    • Fithawi August 30, 2013

      Well said Abdu Hawina,

  • METO August 30, 2013

    This is a grate news “YES IT IS ABOUT TIME OSMAN YES !!!!!!” I hope you arrange a tore to the USA to. I wish you a good luck

  • Asmert August 30, 2013

    Well done Osmana we will come to London to join you

  • Morroso August 31, 2013

    Osman A.Rahaim is still singing hmmm by he should retire.