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  • Tesfagiorgis April 14, 2012

    ዝገርም እዩ ዘይስንኻስ ሑጻ ቆርጥመሉ በለት ውኻርያ!

  • Semhar April 14, 2012



    Shame on you to support the tyrant dictator instead of the Swedish government who saved you from the tyrant dictator!

    You should all be deported for supporting and harboring the tyrant dictator Isayas and his followers!

    Shame on you to support the tyrant dictator, the mad dog, the terrorist who terrorize our people, who destroyed our culture, our land and our people!

  • Semhar April 14, 2012



    Shame onyou to support the tyrant dictator instead of the Swedish government who saved you from the tyrant dictator!

    • April 14, 2012

      Right on, they live in the very country that saved them from the jaws of Isayas but they dare to critisise it. Ungreatful, disrepectful and thankless bastards, let them go back to Isayas so those who risk their lives on the high seas could take their place.Hypocrits, they hear there relatives asking them for money to leave Eritrea but they pretend all is well.

  • April 14, 2012

    We are Eritrean first. We should not label any indivisual Eritrean with his political believes. These young kids went to this meeting because they love their country. This is the organization that will connect them to their people it does not matter what the name of the organization is. They go there because this is the only positive organization that connect them with their friends and people. If we want to bring change to Eritrea we have to go to their meeting as an Eritreans and have debate about our views because we all live in free country that has democracy and we all have some kind understanding of democracy in the west. We can bring talking point to the meeting but if we do not involve ourselves we will not make any change.

    • ahmed saleh April 14, 2012

      If you manage to have an open meeting within YPFDJ to debate in Eritrean
      issues freely, that is great. But we all know for sure it is impossible to
      happen. The organization have it’s own secretive agenda to how could
      manage the movement. So unless they want to party nothing positive
      educational experience do benefit. HGDF spoiled the mind of their parents
      and this is the continuation of their old tactics. Myself I push the youngs in
      my familly members to concentrate and study hard to excell in their education
      at this young age than expose them to those low-life selfish arrogants. We
      should create an environment for the youngs how to find a support system
      for higher education instead always exploit them as clowns for political interest.

    • April 15, 2012

      I think you are a wolf in sheep skin. Unlike other Isayas supporters whose emotions take a good part of them, you come as a sweet sympathetic person with a desire for dialog. One must be crazy to go to a meeting with fanatic supporters of the rigime. If Isayas believed in dialog, there would have been no need for Assena, Asmerino etc….the same with his supporters. Isayas like many other dictators, has blood on his hands, he would not negotiate his way out of power to land in jail later on. The rigime’s supporters like you are very rare and cunning but I am sure all of us here are smart enough to see the real you. Nice try though.

      • April 15, 2012

        Think positive. We do not live in Eritrea so we have more freedom than our brothers who live in Eritrea. We do have friends and families members who are part of this organizations. We can have a constructive discussions with these people without labeling them as HGDF or others. They are Eritreans just like you and I who care so much for the people’s freedom and democracy. We have so many organizations that trying to spoil our UNITY by sawing hate between us. We all have one thing in common which is to have peace and freedom for all the people of Eritrea. we need to understand that we do have people who want destruction of Eritrea those people have some blood relations with Ethiopians. These people want one Ethiopia and they are here in all of our websites sawing hate between Eritreans.

        • ahmed saleh April 15, 2012

          How come to defend the defendless is sowing hate. Ethiopia have no blame to the suffering of your young friends in Eritrea. You want to ignore the real situation of our people back home just to protect the integrity of some family members in YPFDJ, how coward can you be.

          • April 16, 2012

            you are ignoring the main issue here. HGDF is using young Eritreans to implement the ruling party agenda but we as free people who live in diaspora should have some kind of debate with this organizations by involving our views in this organization as Eritreans. I have my own opinion of the government but we Eritreans who live in diaspora have more freedom to say anything about the HGDF government how they treat our people. We should not just be against everything but we should involve ourselves to make a difference in this organization as Eritrean who care about our people.