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  • SINGAPO-ERITREAN April 4, 2012

    We have more respect ,for the cruel Isaias than his underwear ,that is you,but if he told you to wait for him ,…you are going to wait for long time. Have a lovely time waiting.

  • Marosso April 4, 2012

    Remember Ghinayzghi is your uncle and wed mehn berad is your master, just help your uncle family with penissssssssss cents don’t habhab posting your nonsense statement kuluwlaw you were supporter of hgdef what happen now, i know you were cleaning your uncle Ginayzghi underwear you out of job but i can help you with cents as i did with you uncle.

    • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 5, 2012

      I have been commenting on this website ,maybe since I learned it´s existence. And one thing I could not be accused of is supporting EPLF/MUDADA/PFDJ ,you seem to have problem either with language or observation.My mother is from Seraye, he might as well be my uncle. Please go back to my comments & let ,someone read them for you . Fior youyr information ,if there are narrow minded people who hate Isaias because of MENKa´E ,I have the right to like Isaias because he is Hamasien, but ,I was not raised by parents of such callibre nor do I support PFDJ. If you have opinion ,put your opinion ,stop making unwise of your self ,I WOULD RATHERE BE AGAME THAN A FASCIST ,MAROSSO.

  • DELAY NATSNET April 4, 2012

    I hope that this year would be the last year of the DIA regime. He will be captured and bring him to the justice.

  • tears_of_the_dead April 4, 2012

    Afterall, “Independece” was originally meant and applies just for the PIA to be free to do his wills. The rest cooperated to make that happen. So, the only creature that’s empowered to rule upon the living and the dead is Mr. Isayas – the Sahel lunatic.

  • April 4, 2012

    ezi sebay selam hebwo plz zemte aykisesin eyu kab hgdef gedidkum eko.

  • asme April 4, 2012

    who ever praise the G 15 and condemn Naizgi for anything he has been accused of doing as a member of EPLF is a dishonest liar. The reason why PFDJ is still in power is partly because m the diaspora oppositions is stocked up with people with such mentality. people who joined the not because they are opposed of injustice by only because they are not on the side of the looters and the corrupted.

    • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 5, 2012

      Bravo/va Asme,
      The responsibility falls on us.We can not kick the can of guilt to those who did what they believed, regard less how horrible or immoral it is , the opposition are the ones sustainbning this regime .Not only the organized ones ,but many of the so called individual opposition.