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  • Hama-sinai April 3, 2012


  • yafet April 4, 2012

    አቲ ዝገርም ከምዚ ሞካኑ አንዳፈልጡ ብዕውር ኣዕንቶም ዝድግፉ ምህላዎም አዩ። አቲ ዘሕጉስ ከኣ መንእሰያት ነቲ መዋአል ሂወቶም ዝጨቆኖም መላኺ ብግቡእ ፈሊጠምዎ ካብ ሱሪ ኪበርቑቅዎ ተበጊሶም ምህላዎም ፡ ሃብሮም ኮርዒዳ ማሕበር EYGM, ዓለምለኻዊ ምንቅስቃስ መእሰያት ኤርትራ, ኣጆኾም, በርሚንግሃም ናይ ዓባይ ብርጣንያ በንቃዚ ግበርዎ።

  • Zeray April 4, 2012

    HIGDEF – this is sad, sad, sad and yet it is so true. Well said.

    In another note, look at the picture. It is a class setting. The dictator is dictating and the class better take good notes. They will be tested. They are not there to think and share their ideas, they are there to take the message from top to the people (down). There is no such thing as communicating from down to the top which is a good recipe for Zero Accountability. A group of elders at one time were told “you are not allowed to ask” by one of Issayas stooges in a village. That is PFDJ system.