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ትጽቢታተይ ካብ ጉንበት 24-25 ዝካየድ ናይ ይኣክል ዲሲ ኮንፈረንስ

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Review overview
  • k.tewolde May 3, 2019

    Brother,your contribution is priceless,my gratitude is immense,regardless of the obstacles and challenges both internally and externally,I am confident you will withstand it with grace and courage and win.God bless you and those relentless justice seeker Eritreans everywhere.

  • girmy wed Aala May 3, 2019

    Better you say my contributions to the Yaakel Project instead of my Expectations.Any way , I appreciate your lovely wishes.t

  • Fetsum May 5, 2019

    This must have taken u a long time to prepare but it is a legit suggestion to practically implement z bottom up grassroots strategy expected to e.power z people to de.ocratic success. I love and endorse it as well. Thank u for z outstanding input

  • Kidane May 6, 2019

    Dear Fetsum, ኣይፋልካን፡
    I believe, when they say “don’t judge a book by its cover” it goes both ways. My brother, “Everything that glitters is not gold.” I know you know what bottom up means and trust you that you’d impelment it. But not everyone who sings it.

  • Fetsum May 7, 2019

    My dear kidane, you know the grassroots movement has succeeded to convince many people to form their baytoes. Even the hardest challengers of the vision are now succumbing to z people,s superior power in society. We cannot forget how long it took us to get here as we move on encouraging any one to adapt the vision but with microscopic eyes. There is no room for pretention any more nor is one for attention but only for being part of the whole at equal significance with any element in z society. The people are watching and they will overcome any hurdle in z way