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ቅንጸላ ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ጀርመን

ኣብ ጽባሕ ሓድሽ ዓመት 2014 ቅድሚ ሰለስተ ዓመት ምዃኑ እዩ፣ ሓደ ካሕሳይ መኮነን ዝተባህለ ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ‘ቡርገር ፓርክ ‘ ተባሂሉ ዝጽዋዕ ቦታ ኣብ ብረመን (ጀርመን) ዝርከብ ብኣግራብ ዝተሸፈነ ጫካ ተሓኒቑ ተረኽበ። [gview file=""] Oneworld.NL. YouTube Video:  

ኣብ ጽባሕ ሓድሽ ዓመት 2014 ቅድሚ ሰለስተ ዓመት ምዃኑ እዩ፣ ሓደ ካሕሳይ መኮነን ዝተባህለ ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ‘ቡርገር ፓርክ ‘ ተባሂሉ ዝጽዋዕ ቦታ ኣብ ብረመን (ጀርመን) ዝርከብ ብኣግራብ ዝተሸፈነ ጫካ ተሓኒቑ ተረኽበ።

Oneworld.NL. YouTube Video:

Review overview
  • Asmerom January 5, 2017

    The writer gives no information to why Kahsay would be a Target of assassination.If Kahsay told his lawyer about the people who wanted to kill him,did he also mention why they wanted him dead?

  • Khaled January 5, 2017

    Most probably, what Kahsay Mekonen used to do back in Eritrea will help to find out who is interested in silencing him. The nature of his work may lead to his killers.
    Was he an intelligence officer, a military radio operator, a prison guard, a member of the notorious Halewa Sewra … etc.
    If he wanted to commit suicide he did not need to go in a forest for that. Some one hanging from a tree in a forest is a clear sign that some one wanted to hide the crime. And that means the criminal is some one who is trained to carry out a horrible crime like that, and go unpunished. Some one who is ready to take a huge risk to kill someone, in a country where there is rule of law, could be a agent of the State who wanted to silence some one who knows too much.

    • Daniel January 6, 2017

      You must have been with the criminal halewa sewra killing our innocent people and now you are acting as a fake expert behind screens and in hideaways. If you have any balls or courage of a real man then come out clean and admit your crimes against humanity and Eritrean people.
      Otherwise, your fake analysis and your fake speculations are merely misleading and bogus. As with old saying, it takes one criminal crock to know another criminal crock of his kind.

      • Khaled January 7, 2017

        “Woyo Nata Ni Xamata’

        • Daniel January 8, 2017

          You must be an outsider Arab killer and agent still learning our language, did you mean to say “Woyo Nata Ni Hamata”??
          Use our Tigrigna properly before denying your crimes against our people.
          You may run and run but you can’t hide and hide indefinitely.

          • Khaled January 8, 2017

            I don’t blame you, I blame DIA who gave Eritrean IDs to people like you who never felt they belong to Eritrea.

        • Daniel January 8, 2017

          Who should we blame then your Arab killer sponsors or your Islam killing mission? And do you really want us to believe that you belong to Eritrea??
          Go on use your own Sudanese or any Arab IDs and carry out your muslim duties of destroying and killings of innocent people and nations.
          But in the end you will pay for all your evil crimes against humanity of this world. In the meantime, continue to learn our tigrigna language properly so that you’ll continue to act as an Eritrean!! We’ll catch you soon though.

  • k.tewolde January 6, 2017

    Nothing is a mystery in Eritrea anymore,it is crystal clear who is doing what,to who,and for what reason.People are dying everywhere in their homestead,trying to escape from the country,in refugee camps,in the desert,high seas………… don’t need forensic experts to demystify the crime scene,HGDEF’s fingerprints is all over the place visible without the magnifying glass. The sad thing is, it is a familiar fingerprint- your brother’s.

    • k.tewolde January 6, 2017

      continuation- ‘HADHID QUINAT” continues in its highest form under the supervision of the man who pioneered it without a glitch. It is self consumption. Awiat nhafash!

  • Gezai January 6, 2017

    I agree with Khaled, his previous work back in Eritrea may shed light to what happened here.

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