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Review overview
  • Lilay June 14, 2013

    Wht rediculous you are. Please assenn don’t anounce such stpit annuncement because look on the back ground. Ertrea have alag by which it is idenified andall the countries in t world accept. What is hanging over there. Such things enlongates the life of the regime.

    Please be specified. Show what we believe andfight för. This is not the struggle to go back and rivive JEBHA. Jeha hade their own mismanagement and ocervativiim nd that is they are abolished.

    So pleae bespecific and wknow wht we aredoing. We can see in arab coutries on the cost of revolutionist yougesters other dicatorswho are worst came. So please be specific and know wat we ae doing.

    As new genration we should have to ´fighfor deocracy leave aside this OLDIS GEBHA. We don’t need them. Yesterday they have not voted even eritre to an endependent country. So Assenna you should show what yuor gål and principle. Some times you are sliding out of the main rail.

    Thank you very much.

    • Morroso June 14, 2013

      First you need to go Back to ESL school,then you have no right to talk about baito.Englizzzz gedife b’tigrgna kixihif n kiridaka,baito men iyu baito ke intay malet iyu?izen hitotat imo Nay geza sirah giberen (homework) hiray do, kab tezarabay sema’ay muquan yihish mesleni,dehar N assena intay hibka kifilit geraka do tifelit?gbri iyu zedili slezi Lilay arkey kezireka Jebha tay malet kemzikone aytifeltn ika kemu wun sewra Eritrea slezi 101 hagez wused imo kes b’kes kitmahar ika Englizz dima tezeytetekemka yihayish,fidelat atababika intay maletka seb kirdeo aykiln,n shimu xihife felite ilka ika gn ignorant/ignorante kab tibehal mixhaf teitgefo yihisheka minbab ke tkl do?AB TAHTI NATKA XIHUF RAYO IKA IMO WEY ENGLIZZZZZZ ABZEY ADA KEYDA MOYTA:

      1,mismanagement and ocervativiim ?
      2 anounce such stpit annuncement
      3, anouncement also First arabic then tigrigna. Tigringa is a national language LOOOOOOOL

      4.they send such announcements you whuold

      5,genration we should have to ´fighfor deocracy leave aside this OLDIS GEBHA


    • Kibrab June 15, 2013

      I really agree with Lilay. Although there are umpteen spelling mistakes in his statement, I have grasped his idea. The festival is held by the so called Eritrean National Assembly. Which Eritrea is this? If the one which we all know, it does not have such a flag. If our struggle is between Jebha and Shaebia, please please don’t include us. We have voted neither to the current flag nor the 1950s flag. Jebha is dead and we are struggling to kill shaebia. if you are struggling to get Jebha to the throne please with great respect exclude me from the so called Eritrean National Assembly. I am telling you Isaias will lough when he sees this poster. What a childish approach is this!

  • Lilay June 14, 2013

    Look the anouncement also First arabic then tigrigna. Tigringa is a national language wether you like it or not. But First Arabic then Tigrigna. Arabic is not national language. We don’t have any tribe who speakes arabic. So arabic is not a national language. So we are seeing what is going on.

    So be specific. When they send such announcements you whuold have to see it and respond. As far as I concerned I have zero tolerance on such things. HIGIDEF is better than this people because we know what a hiden ajenda they have. HIGIDEF kills and arrests alla and deprives the freedom of every body. But these people have other agenda worse than HIGIDEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I have zero tolerance on such people.

  • Tes June 14, 2013

    Lilay wake up please? You have problem my friend. Eritrea has one flag and it is Blue ( Semayawit Lemlem). If you think that is not right then wait the people to decide in due course when the current situation change and justice priveal. But don’t give me that rubbish iseyas’ flag which is nothing to do with eritrea and eritreans. It is GHDEF flag I have no respect what so ever?

    about the language who cares which one to come first. Both are equally official language of Eritrea. You and likes are paranoid and live in fear of unsubstantiated threat. Whether you like or not they are half of Eritreans who are comfortable with arebic. My advice for you is try to widen your horizon and live in peace with the diversity.

    Well done Bayto. Wish you a good festivity. I wish I get a chance to involve. good luck Deki Ere!!

    • ahmed saleh June 15, 2013

      LILLAY PAPPAGALLO have his own issues with various names hard to cure his own phobia mental break down .

  • hawileito June 14, 2013

    As long as Baito works to the wellbeing of Eritrean people it doesn’t matter guys. I do believe, we need to make this Baito ours and be part of it. We need a united force to overthrow the evil higdef, if not we will be servants.

  • T.G.Yohannes June 14, 2013

    Dear Tes:
    I do share on your idea of diversity and on the issue of language although later to be decided by the public after the evil regime is eradicated. However, I would not agree with you on the point you raised about the flag. As to me, although the original flag is the green one(awli’e) the later flag that came with independence is also not rejected by majority of the Eritrean people.To be honest I would not spend my time at this moment to argue about flag while our people and our country existence is under question. I would suggest for every Eritrean to discuss about how to save our people and our country leaving the issue of flag and language to be decided later by all Eritreans. It is good to discuss but we should concentrate on the priority of the priority—- to save our people! our Unity is our strength

  • Zaul June 14, 2013

    You do know “smerrr paltalk” is run by “ማሕበር ትያትር ትግራይ” right?
    Pay attention to the message of anti-EPDP, anti-implementing the constitution, anti peaceful means of struggle, the carefully chosen Akelle, Afar, Seraye nicknames, the Admins, the Participators and how they react to dissenting points of views. The “Bayto-ENCDC” is infiltrated and run by Woyane cadres.
    Try the slogan “Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans” and see how they will react.
    I have nothing against my Tigrean brothers from the south and I do admire the changes they have made in Ethiopia. But I, as an Eritrean care first and foremost about the wellbeing of my compatriots (all its region). I do not want to see my Eritrean people suffer in any hands, be it PFDJ or played around with as “Plan B” for Woyane, just in case their mortal enemies get back their power in 2015, without being consulted. I don’t wish my people to be forced into submission.

    • Morroso June 14, 2013

      Why are ashamed to say that your tigrian bro.&sisters your ppl do you really know who your father is you need to ask your mom she will tell if she knows,wake up and smell da coffee,am sure 3/4 you are sigr dob ika slezi you have no right to speak about smerrr room or Eritrea,if so you are the last person to comment about Eritrea,since you brought up ethnicity for sure you have identity crises per say but but am sure you are from across the border so shut up,Smerrrrrrrrrrrrr huqo HGDEF kisiberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • Zaul June 14, 2013

        Don’t worry, I know exactly where I come from and where I want to go. The road to Asmara is through the mass mobilization of the Eritrean Diaspora and Eritrean people inside the country to demand the rule of law and implementation of the constitution.

        There is no shortcut through Mekelle. In fact, the Ethiopian government is prolonging our suffering.

        If the Ethiopian want to help us, they can get out of Sovereign Eritrean territory, and we the Eritrean people will take care of the PFDJ and DIA by ourselves.

        What the Ethiopian government is doing right now, is trying to divide us into small easily manipulated groups. I know the trick! Some Eritrean youth are being driven into the arms of Woyane by shear hatred of PFDJ. Leave the hatred aside my brothers and think about the people and country you love.

      • Zaul June 14, 2013

        ክልተ ዓይነት ተጋሩ ኣለዉ ᎓ ነናቶም ሃገር ክኣ ኣለዎም᎓᎓ ሓንቲ ሃገር ከይኰኑ እታ ዕድል ኣምሊጣቶም ᎓᎓ ከም ጎረባብቲ ኣሕዋት ክንነበር እንተ ድኣ ኰና ግና ብዓመጽ ኣይመጽእን እዩ᎓᎓


    • Tes June 14, 2013


      You are mouth piece of HGDEF. This what HGDEF said all along. Smerrr is all round selfless patriotic youths trying their best to reverse the injustice in Eritrea. You are the most ridiculous person to insult our brave youths. If you don’t get it just shut up but don’t point finger to Smerrr. No one choice for you the method of resistance you can fellow EPDP or others but don’t dare to blame others because they choose to fight head on with any means. It is irrational to assume a beast to come down by political means as you tried to implicate in your comment. What is infiltrated by

      • Zaul June 14, 2013

        You are either too goodhearted or an imposter. The creation of religion-based and ethnic-based organizations may have come about from dissatisfaction even with EPLF or the independence of Eritrea itself. These parties may have legitimate grievances, but these grievances are being exploited and magnified by the Ethiopian government more and more blatantly. They can function as Lobby organizations in a democratic Eritrea, but not as political parties, as this would just create animosity and division of this young state.

        If the Ethiopian government wants to help our opposition and people, leave Eritrean territory. The youth inside Eritrea can be bolder in their actions against the government instead of committing suicide or “defecting” and going through hell as a consequence.
        I also know there are many Tigreans as well as Eritreans making lots of money as merchants of misery in cahoots with the Arabs.
        The Eritrean youth who are co-operating with the Ethiopian government are knowingly or unknowingly punishing the comrades they left behind, by leading an armed struggle against their forcibly conscripted little sisters and brothers.
        Not even the most sophisticated military powers can win battles without collateral damage (women and children). Even if the Opposition would win the war, how are we going to live together in peace afterwards? How can they have a common goal for the country after defeating the PFDJ, without a common agenda?

        The things they are doing to divide us along regional lines are disgusting, but they will not succeed, I know my Seraye, Akelle, Hamasien, Senhit, Semhar, Gash-Setit, Barka, Denkel and sahel people know this strategy very well.

  • ማሊሻ June 14, 2013

    ኣብ ታሪኽ ዓለምን ፣ ኣብ ነዊሕ ዛንታ ሰብን ብጭብጢ እተረጋገጸ ሓቂ እንተሎ እዚ እዩ። ዝኾነ ይኹን ሕብረተሰብ ወይ ህዝቢ ፣ ንሕሉፍ ናይ ዘመናት ታሪኹ ዝጸልእ ፣ ውርሻኡ ዝንዕቕ ፣ መረበቱ ወይ ትውልዲ ዓዱ ዝኽሕድ ፣ ቋንቋታቱ ብባርዕ ዘልምስ ፣ ቅርስታቱ ዘፍርስ ፣ ባህልታቱ ስርዓቱ ዘድፍር ፣ ደቂ ሩባኡን ጎዶቦታቱን ዘየኽብር ፣ ይትረፍ መሪሕነት ክጭብጥን ሃገር ክኣልን ፣ ናይ ገዛእ ርእሱ ሉኣላዊት ሃገርን መሬትን ውን ከቶ ኣይግበኦን እዩ።

    እዚ ከምዚ ዓይነት ነፍሰ ሙት ፣ ሕልና ዕሩብ ፣ ኣእምሮ ዕሱብ ጉጅለ ወይ ጭፍራ ፣ እንትርፎ ከም ጊላ ከዳሚ ወይ ዓብድ ናይ ባዕዲ ፣ ብናይ ገዛእ ርእሱ መንነትን ኣብራኽን ደው ክብል ብፍጹም ዝሕሰብ ኣይኮነን ።

  • Kabbire June 14, 2013

    This so called bayto Hawasa is the most worthless of all political organizations. Though more than 15 of its members are residents of north eastern Sudan, none of these so called mouth less members or their parent organization, Hagerawi Bayto, based in Addis Ababa has done anything to raise the plight of Eritrean refugees living the life of slavery under the savage Arabs in Sudan, Libya and Egypt.
    This organization is the most worthless of all Eritrean diaspora political groups. These cowards cannot even equal, as a group, to the one and only, Meron Estifanos, a brave Eritrean woman, who recently stood up in a significant African forum to expose the degrading savagery taking place against Eritrean refugees in Libya, Sudan and Egypt. Not only Meron but also other very few heroic women have done the same, but these worthless able bodied Eritrean men, do not know even how to tighten up their pair of trousers let alone to stand up like men. These are full of Jelfafat and good for nothing. My advice to these worthless groupies is to learn how to stand up and tighten their belts on their trousers like Meron, Elsa and Amanuel.
    Qdm: sre mE’Taq temeharu: jajewti: ቅድም: ስረ ምዕጣቕ ካብ ሜሮን ኤልሳ ኣማኑኤልን ተማሃሩ ::

    Here is what is happening to Eritrean refugees. I wrote this after reading this Deutche Welle report, read and judge:
    Henious crimes committed by the Sudanese police on Eritrean family who were kidnapped and sold to the Egyptian Arab Bedouins:

    Harrowing stories
    Captives were often left lying in the dirt for days or weeks, he said. The traffickers used stones, chains, or branches from a tree to beat victims on their legs, back and even his head, Mulugeta explained. The pain was excruciating, but after a while, he admitted, he didn’t even feel it, his body was numb and it all became a blur. He often went in and out of consciousness. Then I asked him, as tenderly as possible: “Were you ever raped?” Wuldu struggled translating the question. Mulugeta stared at the city lights for what seemed to be hours, though it was only a couple of minutes. Finally Wuldu turns to me exasperated. “How can he talk about these things? What can he say? His concern is not for him. He worries for his daughters.” Mulugeta pulls out a tissue and begins to dab his eyes.
    His upper body bent over, he stumbles when he tries to speak. Wuldu continued waving his hands in the air. “What could he do? He doesn’t remember much about the beatings.” Mulugeta said if wanted to see his daughters, the traffickers would bring the girls to him and rape them in front of him. There was nothing he could do. They cried for him, but he was forced to watch as they screamed and were violated, stripped and beaten.
    The traffickers demanded $30,000 for each of them. The translator explained that many people in Mulugeta’s community in Eritrea raised the funds and gave them to his wife. When she sent money, the traffickers told him: “If we let one of the girls go, we don’t know if she will make it out, she might get taken by someone else, so you go – and send us the money. Your daughters will be safe here.”
    Mulugeta arrived in Tel Aviv in November last year – forced to abandon his daughters. He was released after three months along with four others and brought to Israel where they were left out on the street. He says he is comfortable at the shelter. There are many men there who have gone through similar experiences. Wuldu expresses his admiration for Mulugeta. He often seeks his advice, his comfort and they pray. Mulugeta is grateful to the Israelis for giving him somewhere to say. “I want to give thanks,” he said.

  • Kibrab June 16, 2013

    Eritrean National Assembly was dead before it was born. two minutes after the election in Awassa, I overtly denounce the Bayto. Look to the poster. It shows clearly how small their brain is. As T.G Yohannes has said on the top comment, we are not on the position to talk about a flag and language, but if the Eritrean National Assembly is all about a flag and language why would we follow the outdated organisation. We are treading at the same area where kyada Al Ama used to tread. Please guys lets move on! Even the Arabs send their kids to UK or US schools. Why are we sick about Arabic language while the owners of the language leaving it?

    • Zaul June 16, 2013

      It’s not just about language and flag. They prescribe to a foreign (egyptian) ideology that has no chance of creating any material or co-habitual progress. It’s set out to knowingly or unknowingly eradicate (7 small languages) and dominate the remaining one.

      It’s so sad to see us try to go down the same path that eradicated many Afro-Asiatic languages in North Africa and the middle east already.

      We’ll see which powers will dominate us first

      1) Ethiopia [Cultural and Economic]
      2) Egypt/Sudan [Cultural and Economic]
      3) China/India/Gulf states
      4) The West [Cultural and Economic]