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  • ali June 28, 2014

    Thank you our brother compatriots in assenna and Amanel Eyssau. You are icons of Eritrea’s Unit and inshaalah next Ramadan or before that in Leddet, we will all stay in our beloved country. Free of dictator Issayas afeworki and his clique. Their demise has come and they will be taken to international court of arbitration soon.

  • Selamawi' June 28, 2014

    Let’s hope Ali Salim & co do the same when our Tsome-arba’a stats:) The bar is lowered from the customary Happy Ramadan to ‘happy fasting’ or is it me? If I translate this into Tigrigna it would roughly come to: ‘happy Tsome-arba’a.’ ብሩክ ብዓል ፋሲካ ደኣምበር ብሩክ ርሑስ ጾመ ኣርባዓ ይግበረልኩም ክበሃል ሰሚዔ ኣይፈልጥን። To my understanding fasting is a period of reflection and spiritual renewal… at the end of which people celebrate, supposedly, for achieving their desired spiritual cleanliness… Therefore, this ‘Happy Fasting/Ramdan’ seems to have come about a month earlier than the Eid where Muslims will celebrate after their fasting period ends.

    Hope you will forgive my ‘hiwteta’

    Peace and prosperity to all Eritreans.

  • elias June 28, 2014

    First of all I would like to thank Assenna foundation for their wish. Ato Selamawi I do not get your point of expecting Ato Ali Salim to congratulate you in Tsome-Arbea in return for Asseenna’s congratulatory message. By the way I wish and expect Ato Ali to congratulate you, but remember he is an individual not an institution. I have some points to make. First of all I appreciate Asseenna for their all good work. Ato Selamawi you have to know that neither Assenna nor Awate is a religious institution. Personally I expect all of them to reflect the social, cultural , and religious character of our people, but it doesn’t mean they have too. Please Ato Selamawi do not go into unnecessary observation. I have friends from different faiths, and we all congratulate in our religious holidays. Congratulating should not be a reason to create argument but unity. Selam mealti nukuluna…

  • Osman June 28, 2014

    RHus romodan yigberelkum? YGBERELKUM OR YGBERELNA? DOes this mean that assenna is Christian website?? Weygud loms zeyisemuo yebileyn! Wereja zelewo zereba abey teHabiyuo?

  • Sam June 28, 2014

    Thank you Mr. Amanuel and Assena Foundation. May Allah make it a blessed Ramadan to All of us.

    Selamwi, I think you missed the point, Assenna did what they thought it is right not expecting similar
    wishes from others. This shows their greatness and they are here to accommodate everyone. It is not
    wise to bring controversial names to ruin their good gesture. Also, I wanted to point Ali Salim (if there is real person by that name) doesn’t represent Muslims nor his Ideas reflect of all Muslims. In my understanding, you meant Muslims when you said Ali Salim.

    Well done Assenna, you are the voice of the people and keep it up the good work.


  • rahwa June 28, 2014

    Romedan kerim brothers and sisters.

  • Hagherawi June 28, 2014

    Ramadan Karim !!

    May Allah make it the month of peace to all humanity.

  • semere June 29, 2014

    Ramdan Karim,
    To all our brothers and sisters Islam followers! Even for us Christians it has meaning. We help each other to praise Allah/God. We all have the same Creator and father. Let us keep this healthy tradition of our culture. I grew up in Akria where Muslim and Christians live in perfect harmony and mutual respect.

  • ahmed saleh June 29, 2014

    Time for sharing the pain of unfortunate people .
    Time for prayers and forgiveness .
    Time to cleanse and insulate ourselves from negativity .
    Time to give ( ZEKAT ) to help the poor .
    May ALLAH forgive our sins and protect us from evil .
    May ALLAH end our sufferings and lead us on to righteousness .
    May ALLAH help us to bring peace in our region .

  • Sal Naby June 29, 2014

    Ramadan Kereem. Thanks Assenna Foundation and Amanuel Eyassu. As always, you are a genuine and honest journalist and an
    Eritrean patriot. As for Salamawi, he is probably a DEMHIT sympathizer trying to create disunity among Eritreans. Too late for
    that.Eritreans have wizened up.