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  • Hazhaz August 7, 2013

    ርሑስ ዒድ
    እንቋዕ ጾመ ልጓም ፈትሓልኩም ።

  • Said August 7, 2013

    + happy happy eid I wet the hole years to pay a new shos, unfortunately I cannot find one this year ether to big or to small, happy holly day now I can eat, in the day time , to those who don’t now meaning, fasting is over. is this sounds alien to you I hope not.god bless you all.

  • ahmed saleh August 7, 2013

    Happy Eid Al-Fetr to you all .
    May Allah bless Eritrea and protect our people from evils.

  • August 7, 2013

    Thank You Assena Admin. I hope we will celebrate the next Eid in Eritrea with peace and harmony with all our country brothers and sisters in Eritrea regardless of their religion and Tribe. Eritrea is blessed with harmonious population however the current regime triesx to saw the seed of division.

  • Gobo Soira August 7, 2013

    Happy Eid to our Moslim compatriots.