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  • Cambo April 14, 2012

    ርሑስ ኣውደ ኣመት ይግበረልኩም።
    እንቋዕ ጾመ ልጓም ፈትሓልኩም።

    • Selamawi April 14, 2012

      Dear cambo, I thought awde-amet referred to New Year (1st January in the Gregorian calander, or our Baale Yohannes).

      Today is Baale Fasika = resurrection.

      Happy Easter to you, your loved ones and all Chritian faithful.

      • Cambo April 14, 2012

        With my limited Geez, I think ዐውደ ዓመት means a yearly celebration. This yearly celebration can be በዓለ ዮሃንስ: መስቀል: ልደት: ትንሳኤ or ፋሲካ:
        The closest word for ዐውደ ዓመት in english is a holiday. The word በዓለ or በዓል may have originally been for the most frequent lesser monthly celebrations such as በዓለ ማርያም ወይ በዓለ ምቺኤል/ ሚካኤል:
        The origin is likely from our pre Christianity days, such as Judaism or most likely our Pagan era. But after years, things get mixed up and loose their original meanings. Examples are hoya hoye, the rain god aba Jigo, the alter ego Aba Hungugu, Hiyo Hyo …
        We had many good traditional beliefs with our own gods and symbols for rain, love, harvest, war, marriage …
        Similarly, to the Europeans “Christimas” was an annual pagan Winter festival which was later “incorporated” by the introduction of christianity.
        We may need to consult a languages and a folklore expert which sadly I am not.
        In any way, ርሑስ ዓውደ ኣመት:
        ርሑስ በዓል ትንሳኤ: ወይ ርሑስ ፋሲካ!

        • Hawlal April 16, 2012

          no, BaAl is the celebration of Moon god. and as such, all the celebration started to be called baAl, which is just a celebration. thus saith prophet wikipedia, kkkkkk

    • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 15, 2012

      Thank you , CAMBO,

      ኣነ ግን ከንሻ ስለ ዝኾንኩ, ስጋ ከም ጸላኢ ክሕይኾ እየ ቀንየ, ስለዚ እቲ ልጓም ከም ባባ ኢሳያስ ቀደም እየ ፈቲሔዮ.ኣነ ግን ከም ባባ ኢሳያስ ,ስጋ ቆልዑ ኣይበልዕን የ.ርሑስ ኣውድ ኣመት ንኹላትና . ሓደራ ,ናይ ባባ ኢሳያስ ርኢኹም ንፋስጋ ወይጦታት ሓሪድኩም ከይትበልዑ

  • ahmed saleh April 14, 2012

    Happy holiday to all of you our christian brothers/sisters!

    • SINGAPO - ERITREAN April 15, 2012

      You are a human being, brother Ahmed ,we need more citzens like you .Love of people is way greater ,than a piece of land. Peace unto you & your family

      • Ahmed saleh April 15, 2012

        Thank you ” KUBUR HAWEY” . I thank God to have humble
        parents who raised us to be humble and pacifist in life.
        God bless you and family, ASELAM WO ALIKUM, respect.

  • semere April 14, 2012

    Happy Easter to all the faithful of Christianity!
    May the Risen Lord bring lasting peace to our country!

  • semere April 14, 2012

    Happy Easter to all the faithful of Christianity!

  • Selamawi April 14, 2012

    Happy Easter, Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ to all. May this Easter mark the beginning of Eritrea’s resurrection from the shackles of PFDJ.

    Assenna: Christians would appreciate it more if you would kindly put the Cross and its radiating light…rather than the above picture which symbolise nothing for the Christian message of death and resurrection of our Saviour = Medhanie Alem Iyesus Kristos.

    May we rise before we are completely annihilated by the destructive satanic, divisive PFDJ core group (not the simple peripheral pfdjistas).

    • April 14, 2012

      Happy Easter to All…..I know god is always on the side of the good, the wheels of justice might be slow but it grinds on, don’t give up hope, might is not the size of your police or army or propoganda. Isayas will be defeated by the might of the truth. The most lethal weapon in anybody’s arsenal is the truth and the truth will set Eritrea free.

  • Abnet Tesfai April 15, 2012

    happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ahmed saleh April 15, 2012

      Happy holiday. You are missed in this forum. Stay strong and keep it up, you are needed my friend as respectfull ex- tegadalay in here.

  • Mr. T April 15, 2012

    This Easter (Fasika) is what Christianity is all about. Jesus was borne, preached, crucified and risen. All these things happened for just one purpose and that is to cleanse humanity’s sins. Thus Easter is the holiest holiday of all. Let us stop calling each other names on this hallowed Sunday and celebrate its true meaning with our families and friends.

    Wishing you all the best Easter Celebration!

    • ahmed saleh April 15, 2012

      Mr T
      Try to be a good CHRISTIAN from the heart as you are preaching now.
      Happy holidays to you and familly.

  • mikael tekle April 15, 2012


  • smollai April 15, 2012

    Ries Awideamet means aboveall holidays. Maybe you have remembered, Amet Awideamet yighiberlina, which is for Chudus Yohanes. Thats one of the holidays. So Awideamet simply means holiday, beal. Infact for any holiday that we celebrate we say lomi awideametina iya. It is great that you are interacting to each other with gentility and understanding. Above all I admire our Moslem brothers and sisters congratulating their Christian brothers and sisters on the occasion. We have always been like brothers from one womb. As an elder guy, I know how much we used to enjoy eating and drinking together when an either/or holiday comes. It is the good old time. Sons and daughters, lets keep on strong and determined to see our blessed country once again enjoying the fruits of Independence like the old time. Eliminate Isaias. That’s the only solution.

  • ወ/ገብርኤል May 3, 2013

    ኣሜን ንኩላትና ይግበረልና