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  • habrom September 12, 2013

    Well ejel I know you are a stupid person. Do you understand my english now. I hope you do. Thanks. I will pray for you to be a normal person. Our next meeting, I am sure it will be productive. Do you got me Mr. Dummy.

    • Ejel September 12, 2013

      habrom Jigna

      what u wrote is like a traditional doctor prescribing a medicine to a heart surgeon on heart problem. but i can sense your limit and your background from far. i guess u went to school at a very very late age so u failed to consume the knowledge. the same way like giving a raw meat to an old man with out teeth to chew.


      aboy habrom from 1940tat

  • habrom September 12, 2013

    Ejel you right my brother but you need to understand starting school as the age of 18 years old , what do you expect. I guess I am good. Anta denkoro….be wise. If you are smart enough use it for good. I am wasting my time with mind disable person . I might be an old fashioned person but cab mhros aEmro anta meskeb……for sure you are taking welfare somewhere in Western countries. Dey eritreawi and for sure you are not pure eritrean. Sorry ejil arkey whatever happened b/n us still we are brothers. Just I need you to work hard. Show me your effort..kem zen ansti nay kedem tserfi aytfto.

  • ejel September 13, 2013


    still i have a problem with understanding your English, but be informed i live in Africa and i have never dreamt of living in the West like u receiving welfare. alhamdulilah i am African and i live and work in Africa

  • dekibat September 13, 2013

    thank you Suleiman Salim and Ahmed Saleh with great respect for you both for me.
    Assenna need to correct its wording “ Yegberelkum to yegberla” . Hegdef website and tv eri and shaebia media were better in reporting our Kudus Yewhannes.

  • habrom September 13, 2013

    Ejel nebsi, you make my day. I am glad you understand the welfare part…that was the main part. Thanks. Lol. Now take ur ass out off walfare. Oh happy day my brother.

  • habrom September 13, 2013

    Ejel let me correct your grammar ” you receiving walfare” say you are receiving walfare. And what is the meaning ” dreamt”? Dream. Ejel nebsi. Little knowledge is very dangerous. Lebam kun alem hugus konka kthalfa anta denkoro.

    • ejel September 13, 2013

      habrom arkey

      hhhahahahahahahahha!!! terasinki lomis.

  • habrom September 13, 2013

    Mrsan zbahal yelen anta shekem

  • ejel September 14, 2013

    anta mesleni mis nay amiro tsgem zelewo seb ye mesleni zizareb zeleku. haki yini’ekeka aleku lomis. sirah yeblikan dika na’a nab Botswana sirah.