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Review overview
  • Cambo March 3, 2012

    The cartoon in itself is a great work of political art; make a larger copy to preserve it one day in the National Museum in Asmara.
    This is a turning event in Eritrean politics. Our cultural values are normally very conservative regarding death but Naizgi was not really a normal one, be it in status or shall we say mental state.
    His parting shots are so laud, one wonders what kind of time bombs Naizgi Kiflu may have left behind and where will they explode?

  • ghezai March 3, 2012

    isayas is he from this planet by the way

  • KERMAHMAH March 4, 2012

    Bye Bye Naizghi Kiflu.. Eritrea is belong to IssayASS. He domain eritrea for his own benefit.

  • mekonen March 4, 2012

    Very expressive . One who talks with dead is only dead.PFDJ is done just a small kick.

  • Samir March 4, 2012

    Aye wedi Gerahtu -Ab Sahl abti fetani gize keman kitketit hamime semime tebzh zineberkas yae ab lieli RESA Gigna konka sibah temeles tibil aleka

  • rahwa March 5, 2012

    those who had any doubts about the pfdj regime are now clear on many fronts. eseyas is a complete idiot and a devil. only they better have not waited this long to find out. the time of his departure is over due.
    down with him and his gang
    victory to the oppressed people of Eritrea

  • rora March 5, 2012

    high time we stopped tolerating degradation. zero tolerance is what we need. naizgi kiflu may not have used his intelligence, but we need to be more humane because we are fighting dictatorship (evil). we are the good guys. we are morally superior to our oppressors, because we are the oppressed, and we are all for liberation, freedom, justice, equality, rule of law….. so we can afford to show mercy. and great program Asena! keep it up!
    victory is ours