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Review overview
  • Hakim July 11, 2014

    I think everybody have the right to go anywhere they want to Gyla or any other event they wish to participate it seems the writer have a problem with this particular family why are you surprised that they pay so much money to leave the country well for your own information everybody is doing it people are paying $5000 US to go to sudan once they get there they dance with the devil so what? instead of attacking individuals why don’t you try to explain to them what they are doing wrong but if you keep writing garbage article like the one you did everybody will run away from the opposition camp & this is the reason DIF is still in power. I am sure you were blind supporter of DIA everybody was give it time they will come around.

    • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

      Enjera ezgi bilae Hakim.
      They say they are fighting for the rights of Every Eritrean, and yet they neglect basic Eritrean rights, and sentence people without knowing their crime. We have Issayas that does that, why need a new government that continues Issayas’ actions.
      If this are the actions of the next system, then let’s tell Eritrea that justice is very far away, it is going to be all the same, except that the oppressed will be the oppressors.

      • Tes July 12, 2014

        Hakim & two Crook!,

        How do you define right? For your information right comes with responsibilities and following rule of law and other common norms. Those criminals they don’t deserve right nor toleration but to speak to them with the language they can understand. They are pain in the back and better harm them where ever possible feel. Zombies are always zombies they can not change and don’t understand right and obligation. Their behavior are irresponsible and reckless. If you are one of those crook you are in a wrong place go to where you belong and say they are agame sheyeti adom …or CIA agents… As for tactic of scare mongering, it doesn’t serve you this time. We know very well who are our enemies and we will not leave you in peace until justice being served. There will never exist another regime in Eritrea like HGDEF and will not scare us advocating like you headless individuals to accept rule of HGDEF because of uncertainty in future. So go to hell Two-unstable-head.

        • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

          Thanks for the reply. Don’t be emotional. Try to present your case in a convincing way. Insults and calling names does not help.
          You don’t seem to understand the concept of right. You said, “…Those criminals they don’t deserve right ….” You call yourself as a fighter for the rights of Eritreans, you want Issayas regime to respect the rights of Eritreans, and yet you say “SOME ERITREANS DOES NOT HAVE RIGHTS”. In a democratic system, everybody, even a criminal have rights. Your name calling and insults show that you don’t tolerate differing views. Two people can not always have the same view on every issue, if so then it is just like PFDJ’s “HADE LIBI” where every official and follower is expected and pressured to think and say the same thing on every issue.
          I want this regime to go and be replaced by a democratic system, not by the same system which does not recognize Eritean rights.

          • illBeExposingYou July 12, 2014

            Oh please ,how about a taste of their own medicine,you flee the country and live your life in the diaspora but then support the government you fled from and prolong the government injustice therefore Eritreans back home don’t enjoy the rights that YOU have in the diaspora to hate or like this government .you are hypocrite .and twowaystreet you are just an undercover Hgdf puppet .jeez practice on your skills .you are bad liar.

    • Sorobeti July 12, 2014

      Time of toleration with a mafia regime that is working to extinct our people has gone. Fascists and their supporters must be exposed by all possible means

  • woldino July 11, 2014

    Hakim, are you joking or serious to oppose exposing to those who took the opportunities of real asylum seeker Eritreans? You can argue even if they are leading their life peacefully but those people working to prolong Eritrean evil regime. Even I advice to deleyti fithi to give the information to Germany government even to hire a lawyer,

    • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

      Very shallow way of thinking. Their asylum case and their support for PFDJ should not be connected. What you have to focus on is convince PFDJ followers to support your struggle for justice. It is their right to support PFDJ, as long as they don’t commit any crime we have to leave that to their conscience.

      • Tes July 12, 2014

        Two too slopy,
        You try too hard to difend undefedable. If you are that concernd about the consequences why don’t you go to those who act recklessley agains our calture and norms, they dance on the dead of our brothers and sisters. And here you are telling us it is not wise to expose to those selfish individuals. To me you are either one of them or to niave to understand the real issue here. They choose to dance with the murderer who didn’t give a damt about our lose while the entire world shocked. You are trying to blame to the vicims rather than ask youselve why the justice seekers choose this way? But I don’t you are genuin person but a twisted person. The time for forgive and forget is long gone. If this guys find themselve in problem due to their action then so be it. I don’t have sympathy.

        • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

          Tes thanks for the names again,
          In the mid 1990’s the Eritrean regime created a special court and appointed judges, these judges did not have articles on how to sentence the so called criminals. They were sentencing them as they wish, a person with a lesser “crime”(in their idea) would be sentenced to 15 years while a person with a worse crime would get 2months.
          That is what I am seeing in you, your emotion is driving your judgment, not your reasoning. We all have emotions, we get angry, upset about the actions of the current Eritrean regime’s actions, but if we let our emotions lead us them we will make a lot of mistakes.

    • Sorobeti July 12, 2014


      Indeed, this is the least they deserve

  • Hakim July 11, 2014

    I am not opposing to expose to them but not this way there were hundreds & hundreds participant at Bologna why only this family targeted by this writer? let me tell you a story this guy came to USA through Sahra to Malta after so many years he immigrated to USA the story he was telling me what happen to him & other Eritreans is a nightmare I still can not believe the horror story he told me after a few month he ask me to find a job wich I did after a few month to my surprise he ask me to show him how to pay the 2% to DIA after all the hell he went through he just want to pay the 2% because he think it is his duty to pay it I just gave up.

  • ahmed saleh July 11, 2014

    Myself , I prefer to go after the loud
    mouth players than blind followers .
    When you hit the head then the tail will shake nervously .
    At places we live we know who is who behind the curtain in their activity.

  • hadish July 11, 2014

    bravo Anker that’s very nice keep going again

  • Josef July 12, 2014

    ኣብ ኤርትራ ሰልዲ ከፊልካ ምውጻእ እኮ ሃድሽ ነገር ኣይኮነን ፡ ደኪ ሃለፍቲ ፡ ደኪ ገንዘብ ዘለዎን ሰባት ብኮማኡ አዮን ዝወጹ ፡፡ ፋና ሳሙኤል ኣፈልታ አየ ሃንቲ ዉኤቲ ሰብ ኮይና ብዙህ ናይ ቦሎቲክ ዘይ ዘይርድኣ አያ ።ስለዚ ኣዛ ሰብ ተረዲኣዋ ኮነ ኢልላ ትግብሮ ዘላ ኮይኑ ኣይስም ኣንን

  • Josef July 12, 2014

    ኣብ ኤርትራ ሰልዲ ከፊልካ ምውጻእ እኮ ሃድሽ ነገር ኣይኮነን ፡ ደኪ ሃለፍቲ ፡ ደኪ ገንዘብ ዘለዎን ሰባት ብኮማኡ አዮን ዝወጹ ፡፡ ፋና ሳሙኤል ኣፈልታ አየ ሃንቲ ዉኤቲ ሰብ ኮይና ብዙህ ናይ ቦሎቲክ ዘይ ዘይርድኣ አያ ።ስለዚ ኣዛ ሰብ ተረዲኣዋ ኮነ ኢልላ ትግብሮ ዘላ ኮይኑ ኣይስም ኣንን ። ዝዋረዱ ዝግብኦም ሲ ንሰን ዘይኮናሲ ኣቶም ደቆም ኣብ (ኦሮባ) ሂዞም ደድህሪ ኣዚ ረሳሕ ህግደፍ ዝጎዩ ዘለዉ ንሶም ኤዮም ፎእ ክብሃሉ ዘለዎም።

    • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

      I know a friend who does not have that kind of money and had no connection with PFDJ. Somebody paid a deposit of Nfa200,000 on his behalf. The friend did not return back to Eritrea, so he collected about $4500 from families and friends in the diaspora and sent the money to the person who paid the initial deposit. (at the time $1 was about Nfa45).

  • Teclay July 12, 2014

    Comment n0 2
    Two way,Tes ,Yohannes and others
    Two Way thanks ,,you used to oppose my comment and now you support it ,that shows you have a free mind not WALA,, TINFER ,,TEL,, IYA
    Tes thanks ,,you declare a war but you told me TIALE;DEM ;KEY ;NETREKA ..and the others who oppose me also thanks it is a matter of understanding

    Do You remember our fathers saying “ዘይወግሕ መሲሊዋስ አብ መጥሓን ትሓርእ”

    -Look !you declare a war against Guayla HGDEF participants , Very good what about your Guaylas ? You have to be consistent.Do not call us tomorrow Wegah Tibel Leyti with Wedi Tikabo. Do not forget 1 st of September the day when the Shifta Awate started the war is coming ,,new year is coming.Are you going to fast(Eritrean opium)? Let us wait and see.
    -You are crying about the Lampedusa .Why do not you cry about your selves ?are you living ? Do you think we are living ? The whole Kebessa are dying, the country as whole is dying .’what is different the Lampedusa death form all the deaths that have been happening for 50 years.Cry about the ppl who have been dying 10 times in Sinay in the hands of barbaric Arabs, Cry about the ppl who had been arrested in Sahil caves for decades.
    -You declare war on your own compatriots.One thing is missed, Sahil .You want to create your own Sahil in N America and Europa.It is laughable. The foreign police of those countries are gong to laugh on you.
    – Do You want to play wit fire ? What about your own refugee case how old are you? What is your name?

    Think twice!

    • Tes July 12, 2014


      I won’t reject you comments here out right because I agree with you on some of it. As for Eritreans are dyeing every day every where is completely true. The miseries are continuous as far as there are people like you indecisive who thinks it is alright to belittle the tragedy of Lampadusa because there are many more who were perished and buried on unmarked graves. To your information, what make Lampdusa different is still fresh and the very government who has never acknowledged the loss while the entire world was shall shocked, to say it is fine and they have right to dance with the evil regime is simply dis-speakable. You are simply outrageous.

      I don’t condone gayla whether it is with Wedi Tukabo or else but I can understand why the do Gayla those justice seekers. Because those HGDEF supporters are addicted to gayla so if they provided them with the same platform they may come to their sense. I personally I don’t agree with that. But I don’t have the monopoly and I am happy to support them in any way possible and wish them success.

      As for my asylum don’t worry, I am true refugee flee from the most repressive regime in earth and I don’t associate with HGDEF in any way. I know my enemies. You want my name is Tesfaalem if that help you. I am glad you didn’t call me Agame. But don’t get me wrong I have respect to Agame I don’t see them as our enemies or inferior than me or other Eritreans.

      • Sorobeti July 12, 2014

        Eritreans I Australia were demonstrating against PFDJ fests long ago before the tragedy of Lampedusa.

    • Mahta July 12, 2014

      Teclay, I share your point too. I don`t see any point of naming all the participants and treating them like criminals! They can be ignorants but not neccessarly criminals. having said that, it is also their right, we have to respect that! beside, they seemed all are happy to dance in front of the camera, so what is the point of exposing them??!! as oppositions we have to make sure that we make sure our voice heard not threatening people as this can only bring a civil was among Eritreans in Europe and exposing ourselves to the system. If someone is saying like the bible, guayla is forbidden! he has to make sure that, that guayla should not played anywhere. Mind you, in order to support their famlies most of the Eritrean refuges I meet live a double life, they don`t live by the law, some they work in illegally some marry illegally or divorced illegally etc. If we go too personal, what goes around will come around! so, lets be rational not emotional!

      • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

        Thanks for differentiating rights and crime, and for pointing out
        “If we go too personal, what goes around will come around! so, lets be rational not emotional!”

    • TwoWayStreet July 12, 2014

      Of course Teclay,
      Eritrea can not do with “HADE LIBI”, We have to have upto 5mil + views of every issue. We have to respect that and tolerate each others’ views. Our stance should not be general but done issue by issue.

  • Justice has come finally July 12, 2014

    To All ,

    PFDJ supporters must be identified by thier real name and location . And this information must be provided to thier respective country

    for further investigation . Based on thier new countries immgration law , appropraite action will be taken.

    If they will face deprotation or other action , it is upto them .

    Assenna’s work must be to disclose the relaiable information with concret fact .

  • goitom July 12, 2014

    selome nski delayit ftehi zeykonkis delayit seldi(gezeb)eki serahtegnatat asgugki welfer beynki kitbelea hamed bilea elamakum fulut eyu bshim shekitka genzeb migbar eyu nay men dea kitwesdi nay ameki ember ezi gin hilmi eyu ambahukin kiterfa ekin