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ምምሕዳር ዞባታትን ምምቕራሕ ጸጋታት ሃገርናን ብመንጽር ጽገናዊ ለውጢ? ታደሰ ኪዳነ በርሚንግሃም

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  • akal October 16, 2014

    Brilliant, Patriot Taddesse. If some cannot swallow this bitter truth, let them go to hell with! “Tell the truth and lie down in rail track,” as the old saying goes. Don’t you worry about some of us who will cry wolf. What is sensitive material here that endangers the sovereignity of Eritrea but the ruling power? Nothing! It is sensitive for the new Tigrian Eritrean elite groups such as Issayas, Yemane Monkey, Yemane Charlie , Mesfins and their few corrupt few Eritrean generals, colonels of some regional cliques. This is not a sensitive issue for the regular Eritreans be it Akeleguzetay, Serewetay, Hamasenay, metahitay, Denkelay and so on. You calling a spade a sapade, so brave of you. truth, though might be bitter, has to be told. That’s what you are doing. Fear no one except your creator, brother Taddese. I have been following your articles personally, brother Taddesse and I am not disappointed but impressed by your genuine patriotism and love of Eritrea and Eritreans though some PFDJ mafia grough members try to besmirch your reputation. Just ignore them and keep telling the truth. Trust me there are a lot who read your articles enthusiastically and learn from you. Day to day brave patriots like you, Tesfay Temnewo, Yemane(in Asseena interview, Wedi Liya and so on are teaching us and raising awareness of Eritreans. Hopefully all Eritreans who love Eritrea and its people equally, specially the young generation, will rise up and end this corrupt, murderous, mercenary, brutal, backward mafia group of PFDJ in Eritrea and burry it once and for all. Hopefully we replace with a healthy system of a constitutional and institutional government.
    I laud you for coming forward and tell us the truth by being genuine and brave patriot. I hope other Eritreans follow your foot steps. God bless you, brother. Remember, a pen is mightier than 50 thieves together. Just keep using it the right way and be answerable to what is in your conscience, God Almighty.
    I wish you full health and longevity, brother. I am impressed.

  • meron October 16, 2014

    mskinay tadese. mhret yewrdelka.

  • Mengis October 18, 2014

    It is not about truth guys it is about necessity. Whether Taddese is telling us truth or his emotional feelings, we don’t have any concrete evidence to verify it at this stage. But let’s assume it is clear truth. What do we get from this? The whole country is down the drain because of evil actions and sole decisions of Isaias. No one, be it a general from Hamasien or Hirgigo have any say or leverage to influence the current affairs of our beloved country. In fact the government of Ethiopia has more power to change the state of affairs in Eritrea than the so called top Eritrean generals. Let me tell you one simple example – During Forto incident the Ethiopian army moved in to the border for fear Isaias’ regime would collapse accidentally. The reason at the time was that, the Ethiopian regime did not want any force to come to power without their knowledge. Because they assumed the would not have any control of the future government as they have now. So we, as people and country, are herded by the Ethiopian regime for two reasons. 1. After the incident of G15 Isaias try to adjust himself by cooperating passively with the Ethiopian regime as he was aware they can destroy him any time they want easily. 2. Isaias has never ever dreamt Eritrea’s independence without him. So if he is threatened from inside he always had a second plan to destroy the country as he is doing now. So what will be Taddesse’s input in this equation? Either directly or indirectly such articles are welcomed by Isaias and Ethiopia. They never hurt him personally in fact they are complement to his evil deeds. Most of the time we are talking about the handful elements surrounding Isaias but could not see the whole picture. Those so called criminals are very very few. Because of very few people we are taking our country to an endless civil war. Isaias will die or flee the county any time soon. The Eritrean people will live for years to come in harmony. When ever we think to write, let’s put our people on the headline not the evil ones. Thank you.

  • mahta October 19, 2014

    Nay jeganu jigna nklu zey felali bmare bhgawnetn bfkrin knserho ena kulna teredienayo alena. Ajokum tray.

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