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  • Samir March 4, 2012

    Kem Mariyam Milano sinuuu ember

  • tesfay haile March 5, 2012

    LETS GO AND JOIN THEM::::::::::: VIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiflom March 11, 2012

    Dear members of the “Eritrean Youths Movements for change in Germany”!
    Greetings from the Horn and East Africa! Your endeavor to call a grand demonstration, in favor of change in your beloved birth place and country Eriteria, is one of the recent great activities observed throughout Europe. Your attempt to organize and coordinate the youth of Eriteria is backed and defended by all forces for democracy and peace throughout the world. You do not have to question it. Please do your best to include and motivate our sisters to be active participants. I am one of those who is with you in spirit if not physically. The territory called Eriteria is your property. You are the ones who have to inherit it. Hence, there is no question for you to do your best to get coordinated and do what is expected form you. Eriteria is your life, your cloth, your house, your shelter and your property and when the time comes your burial place although Kiflu is denied this universal human right!!! You have to get a lesson from this inhumanity and barbarity of Isaias Afeworki who could not trust even the dead body of his former comrade-in-arms. I wish you all the best!!! Do it and show the world and others how far you are determined to change the system of your country! bless you all!