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Review overview
  • Fanco May 1, 2015

    I support and encourage the much needed belated discussion on the issue of “unity and discussion” among Eritreans including the stakeholders in the region, however, I am befuddled and discouraged by the multiple symbols, emblems and Banderas or thread fabrics used. Either use one thread-fabric/bandera to represent the one land or stop using any of their likes, because this is uninviting and redundant that has become a hindrance in itself.

    Wouldn’t the name – Eritrea – in itself be enough to represent the people and land in question? …

  • AHMED SALEH May 1, 2015

    Yes in deed it is discouraging if you blindly dismiss the so called
    stakeholders symbols .
    Meadi zete nieritrawian hadnetawi fithi neberti Swiss belong to
    genuine natives responsibility to fix the broken promise their people fought and sacrificed for . And I don’t think they need
    people like you who do damage in their circle .