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መስከረም ኔት ንእተእንግዶ፣ንደላይ ፍትሒ ህዝብና ዝንዕቕን ዝዘልፍን ጽሑፋት መልስና።

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Review overview
  • Hagerawi August 3, 2015

    I as one of the contributor of struggle to freedom and experienced Eritrean in diaspora is very happy to see this kind of mass demonstration. I Very thank my people. I tell you are not the only ones to demonstrate. Majority of people is with you. But due to: 1. Have to visit his country of previous investment or assets in different reasons. 2. Family related problems and in need to travel his country. 3. Due to the other dictators like Esayas left to the worst war behind them. Definitely he is working hard in a lot of reasons. 4.Due to hesitation of divisional or religious difference. 5. Being hopeless of the opposition parties which they do not know the parts they do not know. They only think their supremacy. 6. Some are believing the propaganda of the EPRDF with honesty and luck of knowledge.