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መልሲ ነቲ ብስም “ዳግመ ርክብ ተጋደልቲ ተሓኤ ነበር” ዝወጸ መግለጺ

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Review overview
  • halengi January 30, 2014

    ai nekefeta tekebilka mesel megemeria mesel seb zeihalekum niskatkum ikum etom negebha tihleku kendey seb zetfu ane kea mitheraf gigedfo eye lekekum gin genegrekum ter ter aytibelu

  • eritreanmilitary movement January 30, 2014

    The dictator is fearing the quedeta that is going to be operated in eritrea in 2014.He is agetating saying there will not be a quedeta in 2014 in eritrea as conducted by study.But the reality is the other way.the eritrean military movement operation has gone beyond theexpectation of the dictator.

  • Dibe Kulu January 30, 2014

    Those who do not recognise history for what it is and fail to learn from it are doomed to fail. Today’s young Eritreans unfortunately, tend to brush aside the heroic past history of their fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers & sisters. we always need the older, wiser and more experienced members of our society. We need to respect our elders not because they are always right but simply because it is the right thing to do!

  • mussie January 30, 2014

    This was good. Anyone can struggle the it wants, but he or she must state it openly.
    No one needs to play hide and seek,
    I support all the points written by Kubrom.
    These people must stop trying to climb many trees at the same time.
    I have seen the “Meglexi” they have written. They have totally mispresented the real identity of ELF and themselves.
    The leadership of the ELF for whom they were top cadres was a corrupt and incompetent leadership. ELF was rotten within. And these people who have written the “Meglexi#`” were top actors of the system.
    They have not stated their role correctly. I myself was a fighter in the ELF, but this should not stop me from stating the real content of the Organization and myself.
    I will try to write my opinion on their”Meglexi”.
    Bravo Kubrom!!!!
    Mussie Dagnew

    • Lilay February 2, 2014

      Nice written Mussie,

      I realy appriciate you because they believe that they were absolute rigth all the way. Because of the missmanagment of the organisation JEBHA was defeated not beacuse of EPLF were stronger. Jebha was much more stronger but they could not survive. Their ideoligi as well as political goal did not incounter all the Eritrean people that is why the Eritrean people did not want them that is the eritrean youngesters prefered to join EPLF instead.

      But they blame only ISSEYAS. What is ISSEYAS? He is a single person. EPLF was led by many veteran heroes and ISSEYAS was advantegous who exploited apportunities to climbe on the tree while the others fighting honestly.

      Most of them are martyres who led the KUNAT HIDHID and some are alive.

      But this people the x- JEBHA become problem for the new generation and they are doing all their best to get the chair and don’t bother about the eritrean people oppression. They are creating obstacles the new generation.

      Who are they. Whether you are honest and god person or not it is the people who evaluate you not by sayiing ” I am honest trust me I did good or the likes”

      I read your comment and is absolute right. Thank you Mussie. I was EPLF joined in 1987 as a teen ager and I hade a leader who was JEBHA exact like you. He was telling me all the faults of JEBHA I remeber that. He was a very good person who martyred in MASSAWA naval base 1990 while was fighting and leading a BATALION.

      I am sorry I don’t like this people. In 1988 they accepted RAS GEZ and joined DERG. I am one of them who took Place to eradicate their members who were arrount HAGAZ and ADERDE in 1990 and took some war prisoners from the battle. It was between JEBHA members who accepted RAS GEZ and based near Hagas – Aderde and Abdela Idris came to KEREN 1989. I became very disapointed by that. We were a yard away from independence but they prefred to do such rabish things to join DERG.

      So they would shy instead of to come out on scen and try to tell that JEBHA was best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is non sence for me!!

  • fithi February 3, 2014

    You people!what are you talking about? The author of the article is trying to show the writers of the MEGLEXI, that they went beyond their mandate. Otherwise he is not against the political stand they took on different political issues.
    In addition these people did not say any thing about the history of the ELF in that MEGLEXI!! Don’t try to take this apportunity to talk about issues that disturb you from inside.
    One important point!! ELF is not the organization of the Ras Gez people like Abdella Idris or Hasan Kalifa!

  • Tezareb February 5, 2014

    The comment reminds of what ZL once wrote in asmarino:

    “Why the double standard ? The ferocity and militancy to stamp out any signs of disloyalty carried on the Kunamas and others were not matched with the hand-in-glove treatment of the Rashaida Arabs. Is it because the people suffer from an inferiority complex towards the Arabs, whose hegemony manifested itself under the Egyptian empire of the 19th century?”