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Review overview
  • L.T February 5, 2014

    I do not understand why all Tegaru visted and established in our site,why they have to put so much money and forces unnecessary service?it’s not painless for this old duck man to come to Sweden and is preparing for information sessions,to whom?they are like a cat when they steppes on the plate goes bure..Filimon Gebreezabher or wedi Shanbel,Ibrahim wedi Dej Mahamud and Osman A.Ruhman are all from Tigria so who will want to be there?not a single Eritreans any ways.They should be talking alone and there those who will listen alone!,they are singing to empty rooms and there are none that will give them a round of applause and cheer them. singing and music to old dance..

    • Tes February 5, 2014

      You idiot have you been kicked out of or you got pay rise to work full time here and there to decimate false propaganda of HGDEF. Who are you to insult an honorable person like wedi Vakaro and those grate artists. You and like you few consumed with identity crises jumping from website to other website to insult and trying to undermine the work of grate men. You crab idiot Tegaru don’t visit Eritrean website as you trying to claim. Tegaru are doing their business and building their country while you are stacked in pity job to serve a tyrant. There is a proverb in our language ” Habal beliya ketkdimeki” you are probably wedi/gal Ethiopian solder or wolad Deki Arbia and trying too much to be more Eritrean than Eritreans. Your time is over to be thrown to dust bin of history.

    • abdu February 6, 2014

      You ; yourself definitely you have identity crises. What you r trying to do is ; because of eating you inside; you trying to loosing it by taking it out to some one else idiot. And ; I would like to each that been tigiraway is not a crime ; you don’t chose to an origin of in one part of group you just born you stupid.
      And tigaru is the people who are ruling ninety million people democratically; unlike your stupid master like yourself.

      • abdu February 6, 2014

        Read it as teaching u. Not each please.

  • aster February 5, 2014


    • kidane February 5, 2014

      Kabakatkum mushmushat demhit yihushuna zeybekenalkum inber bedinkom ikom .resiani tibel derafit ERITREA resiewa chaw chaw

    • Suleiman Salim February 5, 2014


      QeCH abilatki do anti quraS woyane!!!

  • Kalighe February 5, 2014

    Dear compatriots

    Before replying to a divisive comment, think for a while who could be doing this dirty joke to us ?

    Do you think there are nowadays ordinary Eritreans out there, so stupid to wish a civil war for their own people ????
    I don’t think so. Comments of that nature are either coming from people who hate Eritrea (such as a rootless element who is at work for some time, trying to capitalize on current crisis of dictatorship to instill hopelessness), or an operative of the regime who want people to stick with DIA, because the alternatives are too scary (the devil you know is better sort of conspiracy theory). In either case they are not doing it out of naivete but on purpose.

    Please do not tolerate comments that are divisive, sectarian and try to spread hopelessness. It could be the work of an enemy that want us to remain under the yoke of dictatorship, or go back to square one under an megalomaniac neighbor.
    If you want freedom fight for it, using all possible peaceful means, and above all stand for unity of your people and in honor of your country, because that is the only one you have, and if not you who will do that ???

    • Suleiman Salim February 5, 2014

      “… try to spread hopelessness. ” …….ha ha ha ha

  • L.T February 5, 2014

    Swedish parliament complete its that all Eritrean living in Sweden to legitimize theirE-tax(2%)to our people down there and this day is useful day for all who love their country Eritrea”Enqie’eaka Eritrawi konku”Smart cards..huh

    • Tes February 5, 2014

      You dreamer! who cares about Sweden gov. It doesn’t matter , No one will pay to HGDEF Medef!! You are thinking to get pay rise again hahaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa

  • L.T February 5, 2014

    Seeking Selamawit..I’m single and looking about you as girlfriend for serious loving relationship..I’m 179 cm:72 Kg,well-trained,like to play sports and keep me going and is calm and gentle,stable,secure and established,cuddly,charming with good economy with nice appearance and has many interests like long walks,music, You Mawit,you need to be problem-free.your appearance is quite important and I wish you that you must be a completely clean Eritrean..there is nothing to say about Agame,Weyane,Amaharit,Aduwa,EPLF,Isaias HGDF…,the shit we are in!!

    • Tes February 5, 2014

      Mother F…get lost. No one insane mine we go out with you.

    • Metkel February 5, 2014

      Liver taker (L.T), You forgot few items on your attribute:
      Welfare recipient
      Extremely Lazy
      Wedi 40
      bend backward for boss, isayas

    • FitHawi February 6, 2014

      Don’t you feel shame when you write nonsense staff, which is against your consciousness? Please listen to your real soul. Please wake up and be on the side of the oppressed, the betrayed, the victims of oppression, the neglected, above all to those whom their life changed to hell, living in underground dungeons. Leave the Ethiopians alone, leave aside the issue of identity, and concentrate on the core points of your people and country.
      May God lead you to the right way.

    • abdu February 6, 2014

      Oiy ! we thought we dealing with a human being . I think you are a wicked devil who doesn’t have a feeling and a kind of boyish

  • Hzbawi February 5, 2014

    I wonder why some people who are Eritreans has never think serious.
    And never talk and write serious about their own people and country.
    When we see, ( what is going on in this World ) any country, if one person
    got breakdown his/her rights by the administrator, the whole people stands
    for the single person. But we? Please better not to mess around our own country.
    So much as we could, we all must stand against the gang brutal pfdj thanks

    • aster February 6, 2014

      Hzbawi, good question and analysis.

  • Dawit Meconen February 5, 2014

    Dr. Tewelde Tesfamariam,

    You are doing a good job, but please remember, going forward will prove a lot harder, a lot complex , because laying the foundation that is all inclusive, durable, democratic, strong, solid and dynamic organization of all season that can withstand covert and overt hostile reaction from alien forces etc. is not an easy undertaking……………………..

    Of all the constituents of an organization, the quality of the leadership, in terms of their intellectual acuity,unimpeachable moral character, Eritrean patriotism, concretely proven Eritrean ancestry of long duration, proven leadership quality, diplomatic honed with experience at the UN or comparable World Organization , uncontaminated by the evil, treacherous faithless woyane etc. is absolutely an essential ingredient that ought to be taken seriously…………..

    It is my firm belief that the organization ought to indorse the already ratified Eritrean Constitution. It has many practical advantages, among which are : the impostor Isaias Afewerqi and close his cronies can be legally tried and convicted in Eritrean Court of Law for violating the Constitution for decades. It saves time and unnecessary controversies etc. And since it has a provision for Amendment, the Eritrean People can change all or part of the Constitution through proper debate and deliberation as mandated by the Constitution…………..

    On temporary phases, I recommend the following offices be started:

    1. Website where development of all sorts can be presented for the world community to observe and for Eritreans to read, learn and follow

    2. Office of Research and Dissemination

    3. Office of Diplomacy , whose job is not only to expose through concrete documentary the vicious savageries the impostor is perpetrating on our people wearing various masks; ostracize him before the eyes of the world community as anti human the world has ever seen but also gain the confidence of the world community that the organization is a genuine, democratic worthy of their assistance in its journey to relieve our people from the brutal and inhuman regime.

    A word of advise for EDA, PFDJ, YPFDJ,

    Probably, it is now sinking into your minds that what each of you had thought of the Isaias Afewerqi and woyane was totally wrong. Yes, as I have said so many times, Isaias Afewerqi and woyane are not enemies and never been one. Their purported enmity was theatrical drama, a classical manifestation of the Libi Tigrai Twi Twai, planed and executed to dissipate the unity of Eritreans built over the long years of Liberation War by setting against each other as a prelude to their extinction and over their ashes, to build their cherished Chicken Dream of Abai Tigrai.

    We must resurrect ourselves from our twenty year of folly. As we all know, Dr. Tewelde was PFDJ. Bitter experience taught him that, like many other Eritreans, he was unwittingly being primed to be an individual without a nation by unscrupulous impostors of tegaru. He is now working hard to turn his country around from a brink of demise. We all must join him, not out of haphazard choice but out of historical necessity.

    • Metkel February 5, 2014

      My best advise to wedi Vaccro would be to not associate with people like Dawit. I wouldn’t.

  • selamawit2 February 5, 2014

    to l.t.:

    thanks, no interest.

    but you know what? If you make a therapy and understand that you sold your soul to the devil and develop a deep lowliness like a wise man, you could find you a person with same experience like you: two slaves of iseyas wake up, rue and develop their selves to high level of individuals with deep lowliness, that would be a great pair!
    it would be similar to the „lost son“ – do you know the story from the bible? god can forgive you, when you ask for forgiveness and when you are ready to accept and respect the charges you deserve.
    maybe your ancestors were really people of integrity – i can not judge this. but you are not. you took not only a bad but a demonic path.
    My advice (it is not meant ironic!):
    start with taking xebel (kind of holy „sand“) and remember your real eritrean heritage (it is not pfdj) and pray for forgiveness!

    • selamawit2 February 5, 2014

      by describing your self the superficial way you did, you “put up (yourself) front for sale” or “place (yourself forward” which is the etymological meaning of prostitution. sorry – but that’s true, check it!
      have a little pride, stop so sell your self to political criminals and to every stranger in internet!

  • Godamat February 6, 2014

    Isn’t this guy old frail person now? Why are you fools using an old photo of his while he was younger?

  • Truly Truly i say to you February 6, 2014

    Dr. Tewolde Tesfamariam (Wodi Vacaro )has a healthy gin in his blood. This is why he different from others of with dirty blood affected former PFDJ officials. Only a healthy person has a courage to ask apology and repents. In sight of Almighty God a person who ask apology and repents like wodi Vacaro is worthy, as King David in one of his Psalm poem says, “The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will never reject a broken and repentant heart , O God. “like said, (Psalm 51, 17)
    But in sight of wicked evil people soul, a person who ask apology considers as a criminal. I wonder when i heard many people honorable Wodi Vacaro only because ask apology when considers him as a criminal and defaming him. Actually Wodi vacaro when asking apology not because like others blood suckers criminals because has blood in his hand or committed great crime, but unknowingly because he did many good for our land cooperatively in business aspect with the mafia regime served it was. So normally not he suppose to ask apology to our public, but those for a lot of innocent citizens imprisonment and bloodshed cause responsible former PFDJ servants should be. Anyway as i said, only an honorable humble decent person knows what to do just and right. This is why many of our citizens with healthy mind trust, respect and love Wodi Vacaro.
    But others deceitful persons without asking apology first, by disguising themselves if tried to be an angle of light, preachers of justice and democracy, we say them, “there is no wonder even the servants of the evil regime leader also disguise themselves as servants of just and righteousness.
    My self Ato Andebirhan and alike for starting to do right i do not blame them, in contrary. But i strongly ask them why they do not follow Wodi Vacro and work with, instead of they formed own new organization? What is its necessity? Did Wodi Vacaro different say or motive has as their own???? I telly anybody against Wodi Vacaro who doesn´t respect his unity call, and rebuke to work with him is against truth, justice and the liberation struggle.